MMA Fight Picks #UFCPhoenix: Ngannou vs. Velasquez

You’re listening to the one man show network. Welcome to the MMA fight pics podcast with your host, Aaron Weinbaum…. Hey kids, and welcome to the MMA fight pics Podcast. I am your host Aaron Weinbaum and today we’re going to pick some fights for UFC on ESPN Ngannou vs. Velasquez the very first card on ESPN, not ESPN plus, not ESPN minus, not ESPN 2,,3..4 or whatever big ESPN so you don’t have to be a big streamer. You can watch it just like a regular cable, satellite, you know all that good stuff and this honestly could have been a pay per view so they’re pulling out all the stops here for this particular card first card we’re going to pick Jimmy Rivera vs Aljamain “The Funkmaster” Sterling Obviously Sterling a friend of the podcast, former roommate of Al Iaquinta, a man I emulate on the Twitter often. And like I said, Before I get into these picks, feel free to chime in on the periscope. And if you’re on YouTube, go ahead and hit the subscribe button. Or maybe it’s there Eiher way. Uh, so yeah, let’s go with Jimmy first. He has a win a decision over john Dodson, last time he got starched by Marlon Morales then wins Thomas Almeida, Urijah Faber, and Iuri Alcântara which was way back 2016 and you got the Funkmaster. Wow he really about tore Cody Stamann’s leg off with a modified knee bar I think he called the – Ahh I butchered it Sorry I can’t remember what you call it there Aljamain but it’s Funkshway something like that I butchered it but before that decision over Brett Johns Johns is super tough And before that he got knocked out as well From Marlon Morales – lost that one, um, I think either one of these guys come back and win here and win big , they’re right there That 135 pound division full of killers, and this puts these guys right back in it, especially if TJ is locked up with Henry Cejudo or whatever. So you don’t care about all that. You want me to pick a winner, and a winner I shall pick I shall pick THE winner. Listen, both these guys have similar strength of schedule. Aljamain Sterling. Yes he’s a friend of the podcast, we we picked the famous card where Al Iaquinta stepped in except for we picked it before all the changes were made so I’m pretty sure that every fight we picked, not one of them happened so there’s that gotta go with Aljamain He’s young. He’s on the rise, he changed with the Serra Longo team. He’s gonna win, I think he’s gonna win decisively I think this is gonna be it’s gonna be like is coming out party before he gets into contention and maybe, maybe if TJ is log jammed it butts right up there with when Dominick Cruz comes back, I think that would be one hell of a fight and Aljo has wanted that one for a while Next up we have Andre touchy Fili I just got to pick this fight because I think he has a cool nickname Against Miles Jury. Alright, Andre touchy FIli lost a split decision to Michael Johnson which he may have won but it doesn’t say that he won in the win/ loss column beats Dennis Bermudez before that beats the goat Artem Lobov and loses to Calvin Kattar way back July 2017 Miles Jury, his last loss was to the now retired Chad Mendes.. Last Julythat beats Before that beats Rick Glen beats Mike De La Torre loses to Charles Oliveira but everyone does no way – I was gonna say no way Oliveira made weight for that no he didn’t – that was way back in 2015 oh man …you know…. I think I’m gonna go with strength of schedule here – I think Andre touchy Fili takes Myles out Now, this is a good fight I don’t care what you say Alex Bruce Leroy Caceres vs Kron Gracie Ok, Alex Caceres a has not had the most impressive career he’s had a lot of wins and losses you know alternating here and there last fight he wins against Martin Bravo don’t know that is losing to Wang Guan, not sure who that is wins against Rolando Dy Loses to Jason Knight, Jason Knight no joke loses Yair Rodriguez, is also no joke but he’s got wins over Cole Miller Ah, man, okay, not the greatest record, like I said, a not the highest caliber opponents, and when he does fight the higher caliber opponents, he loses, except for Sergio Pettis, who came up to 135 pounds. I believe this fight takes place at 145 pounds. So we got Kron Gracie, okay, he’s never fought in the UFC, obviously he’s got a pedigree is for him, you know, being of the Gracies Yeah, he hasn’t done MMA since 2016. professionally. He’s never been in the UFC it comes down to one thing and I do believe I have this phrase coined It comes down to “Fistance” Can Alex Caceres keep him at bay with kicks and punches…. and avoid that take down because if Gracie gets him on the ground it’s all over. I would say it’s a pretty quick and easy submission but I got Bruce Leroy winning this one based mostly on experience James Vick versus Paul Felder This was a fight that could have happened a while back but didn’t . I believe Paul had called him out at some point. James was too good for him. I’m paraphrasing here… until all of a sudden James Vick ran into Justin Gaethje. A KO punch back in August 2018 I picked James Vick to win. I thought he was a big 155 pounder. Justin Gaethje, you know he just will take three to get one off – and I was wrong. He got he got the one off that counted and beat James Vick Before that, James. Vick was on a tear. Yeah. Abel Trujillo Polo Reyes. Joe Duffy, Francisco Trinaldo, Then you got Paul Felder you know he came in short notice against Mike Perry broke his arm kept fighting the whole time Got a win off the real hot Charles Oliveira wins over Stevie Ray ooh ooh you know I think I’m going to go by strength of schedule and the caliber of opponents these guys both fought I’m going to have to go with man James Vick on this deal. And you know, I’m not sure how it gets done. I think he’s too long, too strong. And he got caught last time and you know, the thing is, either one of these guys could fight at 170 so I yeah, I got I got James Vick for sure. Now, the main event of the evening Francis Ngannou vs Cain Velasquez the returning Cain Velasquez who has not fought since July 2016 that’s almost three years so it’s you know little over two and a half years ago wow Is ring rust a thing? I don’t know I don’t know when you’re training with killers like Daniel Cormier as your coach every day um. You know Daniel Cormier the champ champ is Cain’s wrestling coach let’s look at let’s look at the last few fights for Ngannou here wins against Curtis Blades I thought Curtis was going to take care of business but 45 seconds – boom you can’t run into a Ngannou punch that lands flush and walk away before that Ngannou loses a decision to Derrick Lewis which is I don’t even know if anyone did anything it was a terrible fight. Dan Henderson said he scored it 0-0 Loses to Stipei. I think that broke him a little bit and why he was so hesitant in the Derrick Lewis fight? Um. Yeah Stipe took it to him that whole fight for that he knocks Overeem knocks Alistair Overeem out of Alistair Overeem basically beats, Andrei Arlovski, beats. Anthony Hamilton – beats, beats, beats,everyone all right? Hmm. This is a tough one. I got Cain Velasquez who is beaten the best of the best Sanders gonna win. I don’t know you’re talking about dude. Sorry, a beat Travis Browne he lost to Fabricio Verdum that’s no shame in that got caught in a submission round 3 defending his belt pummeled Junior dos Santos beat Antonio Bigfoot Silva pummeled Junior dos Santos again uh. Yeah he hadn’t lost since the 2011 before the running into Verdum. And that was just that flash KO I you know you’re going to go the ring rust against the hot streak of Francis Ngannou Oh Cool Luke Sanders is going to win I didn’t pick that fight. But you got it. You got to pick. Thank you. James Taylor 78 that of course was a periscope. chime in. I’m back to it. Ngannou on a hot streak. Okay, and does Cain have ring rust. I don’t think he will. I think he’s going to come back. He’s going to handle much like Stipei did. Maybe the boxing isn’t quite as good as Stipe but the wrestling sure as hell is and he’s going to come back he’s going to be a contender in the heavyweight division Now this only if he shows up only if he shows up because this would not be the first fight he’s had to pull out of days before the event it has happened before I don’t want to wish that on anyone that happened last week with Robert Whittaker and Kelvin Gastelum Of course after I picked ,after the Weigh ins, even I thought it was safe but NO and I so wanted see that fight – that was last week this is not the MMA recap fight picks podcast it’s just the MMA Fight Picks Podcast Cain Velasquez gotta win back in the division for sure um, as a winner and that’s it thanks for joining us on the periscope sorry I didn’t pick your guy. Sorry. didn’t pick that fight. But if you like what you see, hit subscribe. on the YouTube wherever that might be, and you can listen to podcast basically wherever you want., Spotify, Spreaker, iTunes – you name it on there and until next time…. Shalom Remember to support the podcast by visiting the affiliate links on Are you looking for a permanent home for your podcast? Well, Spreaker can do it all Spreaker will give you your own RSS feed that you can submit to other platforms including iTunes Spreaker’s mobile app will let you record from your smartphone, or you can use their web based console with everything you need to record Their podcasting plans include being able to host the multiple shows at no extra charge Got a YouTube channel? Spreaker’s got you covered. You can effortlessly upload your podcast audio to your channel. You can even move your current podcast to Spreaker without losing any of your iTunes subscribers. Try any plan 30 days for free. Using promo code a s w

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