13 thoughts on “MMA Fight Scene – Ferocity IV

  1. This is my feedback Philip 😉
    During the dialogue in the first part, there were a lot of other sounds and the music was a bit too loud. These things were distracting. Maybe you could clear out these sounds next time? I do like the music, it really suits this Ferocity.
    I'm looking forward to Ferocity V and Good Luck Bro!

  2. I am gracious for your honest and useful feedback, and will take this into consideration during the editing process. Thanks for the views and support! Ferocity V is coming very soon!

  3. Thank you RECUTx! I am going to continue in this style and beyond in the next Ferocity! I appreciate the support.

  4. Philip, if my apartment-mate was still around, I'm sure he would TOTALLY be into being in your great shorts. Joe Law, a Master at Kung Fu.. He actually trained w/Bruce Lee. He saw us on our porch at Plattsburgh, and asked us if there was a room available, YEAH, JOE!. Nicest, mildest person I've EVER met. But, if somebody messed w/us or his trainees, it just became WAY MORE than the unfortunate dolt could EVER ask for! Besides my weight-lifting and squash-playing abilities (no one beat me)MFS

  5. Philip cast and crew! Great work love its full circle arc on the plot! Choreo better and better Juan and Phil! Real time right? Looking forward to Ferocity V sweet work guys! Mind if we share?

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