33 thoughts on “MMA Fight Scene – Ferocity

  1. i think it is very interesting attempt and i am looking forward for the next ones!!There are a few doing these stuff so keep going!!Why do not you try and an action short martial arts web series …but fight scenes are a nice beginning!

  2. Ok yes nice try see how that is going and go ahead!!And the film Seed i found it excellent!!I am fan!!!!keep up the good work…hope that you will upload often videos with fight scenes!!cheers

  3. Heck yeah, like it says inspired by Donnie, my favorite choreographer. I hope one day to be on his level of intensity.

  4. Yes, good job man, it is very inspiring, and I think you will be a great actress/director/and martial artist like Mr.Donnie Yen.

  5. Very entertaining, not very often you find fight scenes on youtube without the cheesy moves or ultra slow choreography but this was great =)

  6. Thank you markingflash! i appreciate your compliment, I am working very hard, glad to see someone is enjoying it!

  7. Wow this is the third video I am watching and I'm having a very good time. As I said in the other video you guys are so passionate what you do please do not stop ever. Although I think this video could use some groin shots, still a great watch. 🙂

  8. Holy shit!!!!!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!! You do have a bit of a "Scott Adkins" style in your high kicks! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool man! COOL!

  9. pretty intense fight scenes in this, the energy levels in this are great.
    like the rest of us you're probably your own greatest critic, but trust me the adrenaline flows just watching this.
    i'm looking forward to watching the other Ferocity vids, so the do not disturb signs going on the door for a while 🙂

  10. Kinda wanted this to end like that Family guy peter vs the giant chicken fight where Peter stops and says "Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. What are we fightin' about?"

  11. The Phil Up before I read the title again I thought to myself "self, there's a lot of western boxing, wrestling, TKD, and BJJ. Not much Wing Chun until after the – climb out of the loading dock throw 1 gal growler scene". I get it now though. Cool MMA film!

  12. Not bad, not bad at all! Although your WingChun is not at the expert level yet, but your overall martial arts background making this video very impressive, together with your acrobatic opponent scenes are really great, way better then professional hollywood movies (!). Like someone mentioned before me, yeaah 🙂 hongkong – donnie yean choreography style 🙂
    Man, but the stunts are GREAT 🙂 !!!!
    Take care.

  13. Damn this is pretty good for the time considering its 5 years ago you should try doing a Ferocity `REMAKE` sort of

  14. This was amazing I'm trying to get in shape and my third eye is opening and I'm trying to understand it all I need guidance.

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