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MMA Fighter Beat By Ex-Girlfriend?

MMA Fighter Beat By Ex-Girlfriend?

this is really hasn’t and i’m jackie
gray now let’s get to this week story health historians really funny or really sad i had come to a conclusion but maybe a
maybe you well after hearing the details who’s a bs in yardley six five hundred
eighty five-pound cage fighter but the professional record as of twenty seven
in eight with allegedly battered by his
ex-girlfriend former ice skater and television
reporter a lot of gold during a domestic dispute apparently gold obvious in our cheating wasn’t and was not about to
take it lying down gold reportedly drove to the using yours
albuquerque home and from her car window pulled string out of his critics lecture
took his garage door opener and her friend refused to return it apparently in new mexico that’s qualify as a single count barry
and larceny to top it off to gold apparently called
listener fifty times into what hours before please arrived and saw her
intimidating lee waiting outside his home so you ready for the kicker because gold standard every bit he’s consumed a five feet tall kimbo slice she is not like me maybe curious how a five-foot
tall woman way hundreds of pounds can be intimidating but we’d adjudged because maybe she was
wearing her ice dancing threatened said triples al cowlings left off i don’t
know back no one knows that there is a shock that’s unheard she was when i think when
i get it but mean either way this is enough people out for a living
and claiming pulling whose during bruce ledger is battery like really new mexico annie i mean i
get its annoying miniature bareback and everything but it’s a far cry from bodily harm and yelling to ask you un would you are have you ever janet
intimidated by if i could tell by men who may or may not have assaulted your
fletcher no who have the thing is is compound was trying to find a way c worries come from because of course it
could be like the whole bill you know that the society how much
we want to say are goddess when we came in she battered me kazan the first though
we think is this guy could be a and where do you think automatically
this guy’s going to ask is you know he’s a is a raging fighter buffet soul but
that the compound which are finally defender mum i’m sorry for the rest of
my presidency is good for you cassie was intimidating outside of his
house was writing a gun amid association can be really hasn’t cried here now and
a strengthening already yet so i mean so but the things will cease fire for once
and he’s worked money five at that it doesn’t make much sense but then again he’s that this is all
that uh… as a friend of the divorce attorney ok he says the things that
couples get into a safe is like a babysitter at the time also dot just all go buy a house at all
it is mad about something to happen is of course use cheap are some ideas this
particular case so then another step is to start like it
fiza well she pulled my draw string out of my head foot almost loses get back
drought without trying that without showing that you do anything else fiscal
companies like i’m going to jail for us live riding sizzle so she said look results are given their
yeah but the same time i hate the term sometimes to collect may
come down and you actually call the king bed around and it did i’d telling review
he needs to make sure you’re not gonna get himself in any trouble i mean it she sent a small but ideal target because when and you know i’ve been cheated on i’d
never done anything like this but we got mad that are usually like to just move
on i mean understand helms gary a mad woman
can be but anemic it if your job is to fight
people i’m not saying you know knock her out of never say that but i need at
least you could like restrain her amazed at the latest
exhaustive sometimes question that sometimes on the test no dot and
you can be out of the five pounds and you still have global points cuba
lack of expertise what i have heard who was mentioned bruiser our county it
you know this actually said enough about that so acute at a fund that immediately and he called please split off look at this hahahaha it also but i i i couldn’t consumers
come this issue with too far with matt almost took my arm amie unified something mainly from
initiative combine clyde adam and allegations that with mister huffington
if i expect and though for the progress of inside
for predatory you can put it right without address some units that i think
that the government elements he death and i thought it would not comment on
maybe segment of the most into the malls realistic thing it was she takes a mess
is a more apartment anytime if you have a stocking yeah but the little creeping out in the
way less than to say our sinatra see starting heaps column in the chest with
nothing to say we starting with his physical she harms
you it took steps to for yeah i don’t have a
shoes trapping thus getter apres properties college day window with the battery
charges but the bottom line is these obviously
got caught with his pants down entire prime gold for intimating a case by
their we premiered presidents so we can either found the biggest and
the eleven-day or we just found the poster girl for the
best face absolutely i’m type or and i need a friendship for exchanges to be that’s there is anyone the system and
president because you find it is finite issues like off i have to do things that i hope we get
somebody nobody answer abut let me take on and do it or process it
on the site to five foot and she has the senator from work smaller woman’s point of view businesses this crazy yeah i think it
could be all heartbreaking mine and every woman has that really scary in her and i think it’s changed for ever i don’t know what it is like with her
drugs is heating up in the front of a lot of women but i have never find nine hundred i think
there is a breaking point to where we get two are scary and that’s why we get labeled bitches in my opinion x’s it’s now let’s let’s
never had any kind of experiences whatsoever i don’t know i mean i i kinda understand
or playing the piano you know here she is andy and we know
that what their relationship in tailed it could’ve been here isn’t monster weeks i think coming up likes being cheated on
bhai i definitely would never fifty advise someone to go to their
house and repeatedly call not i would probably just a heads go find somebody

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41 thoughts on “MMA Fighter Beat By Ex-Girlfriend?

  1. he didn't do anything back because she would have been able to take him to court and get all his stuff. I think he will just use this to finally get her out of his life. He could have been cheating or she just didn't get that it was over between them.

  2. Cenk would you please post a sign on Jacki bray's back? Make sure it reads "insert brain" with an arrow pointing at her head.

  3. @westernbaconburger No assumption here guy…listen to her and her sexist remarks. This isn't 1910. Its never okay for anyone to put their hands on another person regardless of stature or some blonde chick's sorry attempts at justifying the act.

  4. A man shouldn't start throwing punch after punch if a woman hits him first, but at least stop her from attacking you (grab her arms, keep her on the ground). Yeah you're a dude and she's a girl, but you still have the right to keep yourself from getting hurt.

  5. Is she only here because of her looks? It's your job to understand this material and bring forward some competent commentary. I don't want to be mean but some of things she says are so blatantly foolish i cringe when i hear it.

  6. Not sure I agree with the opinion on this topic, TYT.

    If he "restrained" her, you can bet she'd be suing him and there would be no sympathy for him as he's a trained fighter. He can't do anything to defend himself without getting absolutely slammed. I'd imagine that's why he's gone the legal route, and I imagine bodily harm is easier to prove than harassment.

    That said, lay off the lawsuits America. No one comes off well at the end of the legal proceedings.

  7. he's trying to cover his ass because if anything happens in the future he has a record of her being aggressive so he doesn't automatically get accused of being a raging cage fighter who abused her.besides the fact,i like smokin' joe

  8. Wow, is this girl a dumbass. Did she even graduate from high school? Ana got her Master's Degree at 23, but then yougo and employ a high school drop out just because she's blond?

  9. This is so obvious. The woman stole something from the guy and was harassing him. Rather than man handle her to get it back or threaten her with violence he called the cops to handle it so he wouldn't get in trouble. Imagine how bad it would sound if the girl called the cops and said "my pro fighter boyfriend attacked me." Its best just to call the cops and let them handle the psycho bitch. These reporters are critisizing him for handling the situation like a man rather than beating her ass.

  10. 'sissy' lets be honest if this was a woman everyone would be calling this dude a wife-beater, etc and he could obviously beat her ass…also the only reason this host got the job is because she's attractive. she literally brings nothing to the table…i prefer that obnoxious arab looking dude. at least he has unique opinions

  11. i hate the way people are overlooking the fact she went to him looking for trouble and was lucky to not get dropped .. how stupid is she ! thank god he had morals

    a guy who hits a woman is the lowest of the low, but a girl who hits a guy is acceptable !? gotta say tho if a girl punched me in the face i would just walk away but if she came at me with a bottle and tried to scar my pretty face i would drop her like a sack of spuds

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  13. ok maybe he didn't want to beat her ass and knew she wasn't going to give up so he decided to call the police instead of beating the shit out of her and was just telling the police what happened and that's what they charged her with and if his job is fighting then his hands are most likely deadly weapons and will really be in trouble… sheesh. I know you guy wish he would have laid her teeny weeny ass out huh? People don't decide the charges the police do!

  14. So if you hit your girl you go to jail. But if you get beat up by her and you don't hit her back, then people make fun of you for the rest of your life.I'll take the jail time please.

  15. umm maybe its because no 1 wants a crazy bitch standing out front of there house. Can't stand this girl with her double standard here. If he would have touched the girl, she would be singing a whole different tune here.

  16. @guitarable2  First things first you need to know what mistakes you have done
    to her to gave you an idea on how to win her back and apologize to her deeply.
    Then, thats the time you act on the things that should be acted upon to bring
    her back.

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