manager and a day in the Philippines
featured a guy flaunting his opponent and then as you would probably you think would
happen at the end result he gets knocked the fuck out video Cup K couponing K so yeah he came upon everything grave
nightmare i would tell you yeah he’s doing great
and then is the best part we’ll also be equipment what did you do fair-skinned saving is threatened of yeah like game stupid memory by Algeria’s knocked out
on the ground here it is again: 0 of roadhouse rather yeah I mean look you just don’t do it I was just like
Mayweather you know do it you know you don’t count your opponent you really go
in the other guy love the other guy make quick he’s over in the corner and
his ballot yes you know so we’re speculating on Friday ass all I what they say I just admits he’s like
nah missed a I saw your comment had thomas de it
something you do it the interview go to class missed a I okay happen I like but kwan Klein yes but yeah he just don’t tightly you know don’t get offended just prove
that you’re good by winning yeah I know you expect here’s my
mentality with the entire like talkin shit think
whenever we play basketball I never ever ever talk shit chairs the
King talkin shit except he backs it up how did you end yeah he wins yeah he’s a
basketball player my feeling is just leave it on the court
no matter what it we were so amateur I’m such an amateur player the only time I ever talk shit is a JR
make start talking shit to be flip that’s fun our response sometimes
but like my thing is just let your game do the talking I was and
that’s what my mentality drought-like my entire totally totally
totally amateur half ass a sports careers yeah the the one sign
you get up there and you start like I’m the bad as I missed our timeshare a.m. you know it did then time you get
out there and do that you’re gonna get knocked out black net you’re not down here gets
stored on you get beat in the head and yeah just don’t do it don’t do it was
like I’m here do the talking karma’s a bitch except the only got to
get away with it Jimmy can back me up on this Floyd
Mayweather is the only one that talks shit and winds every single time undefeated thats he is
the only one but also I don’t know about you but even if
you’re the guy who talk shit inning whens I just me most similar to root for
that guy I want to root for the guy with the
steely eyes who gets on the corner in the rain or whatever and he just focused like he just like a badass you
know what I mean like I’m videos public who value and kg Kevin Garnett how he talks a ton to
share the big issue 2 I’ll yeah sure he doesn’t much like 10 rebounds
license yet did you get it did do you back this is
Blake in 2004 five or whatever he is on clay needed
like a 11 I prize pack kinda fire on our test yep that’s true but might just get on the court and me
you know play a game and I like it whenever the players just
get on there they get that look in their eyes and they just like do and get off I
give me an example there their gross and I know that like
this is a hometown thing for me read he doesn’t talk shit like you just
he just doesn’t if anyone does bring it to my attention I would love to see whatever video you cast in whatever game
it was blank yeah you talk about this type you talk about
like ice water in his veins there

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