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MMA Fighter Wins By Farting

MMA Fighter Wins By Farting

What is one of the funniest things that
ever happened at the gym? One time I was grappling with one of my friends before I Went pro and this is when I Used to lift a lot of the you know I
Used to lift a lot of weights therefore I ate a lot, lets just say ate alot of protein
And a lot of protein shakes a lot of a Lot of you know a lot of carbs and so were… I Can’t Believe I’m Saying this anyway so me and my buddy or
You know we’re grappling and you know He’s in my guard and he’s putting a lot
Of pressure on my stomach area that Oh man! Wasn’t feeling too well and
And I don’t know what it was but it and We had been rolling for a while so you
Know we’re breathing heavy and he Happens to inhale at the same time that
I end up releasing some gases and ran to The trashcan and ended up throwing up
You know he ended up inhaling one of my farts and he yacked right there on the
side of the mats into a trashcan. That is Hilarious! There’s an embarrassing story for you!

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