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MMA Flooring | Methyl Methacrylate Floor System

MMA Flooring | Methyl Methacrylate Floor System

Hi Craig Doty here for
High Performance Systems. In this video we’re going to take a look at an
installation that was done for the commissary of the Fort Hamilton army base in Brooklyn New York the entrance and exit vestibules at the
commissary were slated for new flooring and a methyl methacrylate flooring
system was specified because of how quickly it cures because the commissaries only closed on
Mondays a fast-drying material was needed to get the job done in the
shortest amount of time possible because of its extremely short cure times
we were able to do the prep in the cove base on our first Monday and we returned
the following Monday to install the entire five coat system in one long day
A 5 coat Chip broadcast system like this one when done with an epoxy would
generally take about five days to install because the epoxy needs eight to
12 hours cure time in between each coat whereas the MMA dries in about one hour
first go to go down was the MMA primer and like I said this coat will dry
within 45 minutes to an hour after application. Nexte to go down is the
first broadcast coat this goes directly over the primer and then a layer of
vinyl chips is broadcast into the wet resin. Once the first broadcast layer is
cured, all the excess chips are swept and vacuumed up. Then a second broadcast layer is applied and once again more chips are broadcast into this layer. The second
broadcast layer is again allowed to cure and then all the chips are once
again swept and vacuumed up and then two top coats are applied to finish off this
five coats system. This MMA chip flooring system is designed to provide a terrazzo
like appearance with the benefits of a seamless floor. It is a nominal sixteenth inch
overlay system composed of the five coats I just mention the primer, two
broadcast coats and two top coats. This type of system can be used for indoor
and outdoor applications because its UV resistant it also has resistance to
chemical attack and meet USDA and FDA requirements and is suitable for use over
a wide temperature range even below freezing. These features make MMA
flooring suitable for pharmaceuticals, laboratories, clean rooms, manufacturing,
locker rooms, restrooms, grocery stores, retail and much more. If you’d like to
find out more about MMA flooring, epoxy flooring or any other type of resinous
floor coatings please give us a call at 1-800-928-7220 or visit our
website at

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