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MMA Grappling & Takedowns : Shoulder Throw Wrestling Technique

MMA Grappling & Takedowns : Shoulder Throw Wrestling Technique

In this throw I’m going to show you is a little
upper body throw. It’s some overs and unders. It’s a real common position. You’re pretty
neutral right here. Let me explain the footwork before we do it. You’re going across, just
like the arm throw. You’re going across, back, pop my hips. Across, back, throw and I’m looking
down at my own knees. I’ll try it with Leon here. Across, back, and I’m throwing my hips
through there. Want to do it again? This is a real tiring drill as well. Take turns with
your friend. I hope you enjoy it.

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38 thoughts on “MMA Grappling & Takedowns : Shoulder Throw Wrestling Technique

  1. on the contrary, the point of jui jitsu was to take down and manhandle larger opponents. Being as big as I am it's hard to tell someone size doesn't matter because it kind of does help in a lot of ways. But, for the most part skill wins. You HAVE TO TRAIN with someone tho and then spar to actually get better. Watching doesn't do much

  2. techniqual term is o'goshi judo/jujitsu throw, easyer to throw bigger people if you bend your knees more then throw to get more power

  3. at the end if youd swing a leg over his waist a second before he hitss the ground youd even have full mount

  4. its called a lateral drop/throw in wrestling. Thats not a shoulder throw. The important thing you have to realize in this throw is that you only do it when the other person is pushing into you, otherwise when you step over to change your hips, you will get thrown and be and horrilbe postion. So only do this throw when some body is pushing into you.

  5. yes it does… step back in the lateral drop to change the postion of your hips and to set him up for the throw……

  6. You may want to check with your coach or at least do a youtube search. You'll find there is practically universal agreement on what a lateral drop is and it's not this.

  7. This is not a lateral drop. This is a hip throw.

    in lateral drop you do not turn your back to your opponent. You just flip him over your chest/side.

  8. well for one, the other guy could just drop his hips and mat return you. another thing is that you want to keep your head up cause thats most important in wrestling

  9. @BlueM0nk Ure right… But at the same time most judo moves are wrestling moves… For example this move is just a variation of a hip toss and is extremely common in wrestling… its done the same exact way. The only difference between Judo and Wrestling that I have noticed are that Judo involves a lot more trips, other than that the takedowns are basically the same… The only other difference is the rules for matches (submission vs. pinning)… Takedown wise: Judo = Wrestling pretty much

  10. @BlueM0nk It looks like freestyle wrestling i wrestled for four years, and practiced Judo and Jui Jitsu… I was a heavyweight… and was also very uncomfortable with shooting… I would actually implement my judo as my wrestling style… I would use trips in matches.. this was actually my favorite technique… and i still use it to this day… and actually some judo schools are incorperating shots into their style… Judo basically took wrestling and jiu jitsu and combined them into one style

  11. thanks guys, you do a nice job. Since i watch all your videos i´m going better. my coach ask me where do i now all that and i say well Charles Bishop explain very good, and he who is CB ?????? I say he is my Online Coach

  12. In wrestling this is called a Hip toss. A shoulder Throw instead of the hip your under hook arm goes across to the other armpit and wraps around the same arm your over hand is controlling.

  13. @BIGRSO10 You are right that is a variation of a judo hip throw. There are 3 levels of the judo hip throw. Low level is arm around the waist. Mid level is arm and hand at the shoulder blade like you see in this video. Hi level is throwing and arm bar and then taking down with the hip throw. That is what Professor Wally jay taught me.

  14. how would you set this up for wrestling? i've tried this before but from my experience the other guy is usually either too close for me to backstep or too low for me to load up.

  15. This is good, seriously. Free training. Some might say that it is not one on one but hey, it's free, what do you expect?

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