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MMA Grappling & Takedowns : Under Hook Throw Wrestling Technique

MMA Grappling & Takedowns : Under Hook Throw Wrestling Technique

The next throw that I’m going to do is from
an under hook. First we’ll actually work the same position that we’ve been working before.
I like grabbing the wrist. The whole part of this throw is I want to turn my feet so
I can get my whole hip involved. If I don’t turn my feet I only get half of it. This way
I get my whole leg to kick out. I’m turning my feet and I’m cutting them right here at
the hip. When you’re turning your foot, right here, kick at the hip and I’m getting my throw.
I’m going to do it from square one right now. You’re taking side. This is more of a Judo
oriented throw, but you can pull it off. I’m going up, cutting up the leg. I’ll do it for
you right now. Sometimes I like being here you can look for an arm bar right away or
another submission. We’ll do it one more for you at a different angle. You’re coming in
kicking, taking side. This is a real common Judo throw that you can use in other forms
of MMA and grappling.

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