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MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to Counter into an Arm Bar

MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to Counter into an Arm Bar

JASON JEANETTE: Hi. I’m Jason Jeannette. This
is Daniel Klapheke from Elite Martial Arts of Middle Tennessee for Expert Village. DANIEL
KLAPHEKE: This is a counter to an arm bar defense. All right, an arm bar from the guard,
we’re going to first hold one side, pin one arm to his, in the same side I’m going to
put my foot against his hip. From here I’m going to turn my body 90 degrees, bringing
this leg up to pin him down, to keep him from stacking on me. From this position, I never
did made, I never let go of this grip. I only do it for demonstration, but I’m going to
pull this leg around, pinch the knees together. From here, I might, instead of doing this,
as a lot of people do, you can’t pull it down. I’m going to pull it down this way so I can
clamp him down to keep him from stacking me. If he were to grab and prevent this arm bar
by holding on to his own arm, all I’m going to do from here is I’m going to reach around
as high as I can on my own leg like this. Because from here all I have to do is push
this down and crank my elbow up and I’ve choked him.

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21 thoughts on “MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to Counter into an Arm Bar

  1. @uc7mr4km Yes, but the title of this video is MMA Ground Fighting for SELF DEFENCE. This is far from street applicable. It makes no attempt to assume multiple attackers, no attempt to assume that the attacker will bite you or stab you. Fine execution of the technique in a sporting context…but not life or death self defence.

  2. Biting is always a possibility in a self defense situation. I would probably add a knee strike to the side of his head or a heel strike to the back of his head when bringing my left leg over his head just for a distraction. If he grabbed his arm to stop the arm bar, this is when they start to bite, add eye gouges or a slap to his ear to redirect his focus, depending on their intent an eye gouge may be used with just enough pressure to losen his grip on his own arm. Good technique

  3. If this isn't a contest with lots of rules, so people don't actually get hurt (LOL)… but rather REAL LIFE… just let him position himself however he wishes… while you repeatedly GOUGE HIS EYES OUT. He will scream and have no eyesight left. Then theres that whole pesky "bleeding out of your eye sockets" thing…

    SUICIDE in real life.

  4. @laughingtiger I really agree with widugeist, I think you are a kung fu practitioner. I had a guy challenge me to a fight that had studied kung fu for about 8 years. I, having studied Krav Maga for a year and a half, ended up watching him pass out from a choke in under a minute after it started.
    EFFECTIVENESS in real life.

  5. @laughingtiger123 sounds like what someone who had never been in a "REAL LIFE" fight would say, do you think that people who practive bjj cant eye gouge in a fight too? your a moron. stick to the keyboards.

  6. @widugeist yeah man, lol plus if someone tries to go for a nut shot or an eye gouge while their opponent is in a dominant position then their gona get it back x10 or end up dying, because its really hard to stop choking someone who had their finger in your eye earlier

  7. Having studied many systems including wing chun, bjj, the tachiai of daito ryu aikijujutsu, muay boran, judo, combat sambo, Iwama ryu aikido, silat, etc I think any martial artist whom just specialises in stand-up is extremely vulnerable to a proficient grappler. If you are not used to groundwork, a novice in a grappling style could beat an advanced practitioner of a stand-up system such as karate, taekwondo, etc. If you want to be able to defend a grappler whether that be a wrestler, judoka,

  8. bjj, combat sambo, etc then it is essential to study those arts. One has to know the tactics and techniques of those systems, if you want to defeat them. Certain systems of Kung fu are very good at stand-up, but for whatever reason, if you are taken to the ground against an expert grappler, it is very likely that they will submit you.

  9. @MBFencer if he has a weapon its a diff story its only really dangerous to you if the weapon is a blade. blunt force ones wont do much from such short range. if he goes for the eyes he has just GIVEN YOU the armbar

  10. I hope this works because I got head locked by my 2 feet shorter friend and all I could do was pin him on his back.

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