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MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to do an Anaconda Roll

MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to do an Anaconda Roll

JASON JEANETTE: Hi. I’m Jason Jeanette. This
is Daniel Klapheke from the Elite Martial Arts of Middle Tennessee for Expert Village.
Here we are with anaconda roll.
All right, here we are with one of many head-and-arm chokes from, say, a failed takedown attempt
or just a scramble. I will slide my hand in, we’re going in at the neck through upper cutting
if I have to, shoving it through. Now, I’ll connect, grab my bicep. This one will just
lay on his back, nice and tight. I would love to just take him down on this side, but I’m
not controlling his arm on this side. I’m only controlling this arm, so he can post
the other one out, to keep me from me taking him down over there. So, I have to go through
here, but I don’t want to just flop down, I don’t want to lay down on this connection
and loosen it up. So, what I have to do is roll all the way through. The big mistake
most people make here is just flopping down on their side and pulling a bunch of weight
down on their skull. I wouldn’t be teaching this if I couldn’t possibly do it on the parking
lot, so here we go. I’m going to forward roll this way, my head will never touch the mat.
Then I’m going to walk around to him, try to hook a leg, and squeeze everything tight.

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17 thoughts on “MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to do an Anaconda Roll

  1. sorry davidgard53 I just watched a fighter take the fight with this technique in the UFC championships taking place in the middle east for the first time. I agree with what you are saying but most people don't know how to think in such situations they are just desperate to attack or degend themselves uncontrollably.

  2. @boonie1994 good point. but it would much cooler plus no chance of breaking a hand. people break hands all the time from punching in mma and boxing and they have gloves on. it's just a good option to have.

  3. if you were the grandmaster of the zen you claim to be, you would know that a choke does absolutely no permanent damage when applied right, it will make them unconscious for 15 seconds or so as well, giving you the chance to run/call the cops. Also, It isn't uncommon for a guy who attacked you to file a lawsuit, especially if he's the one walking away with the cuts and bruises from you punching them in the face repeatedly, but if you choke them out, it wont leave any long term marks or evidence.

  4. @davidgard53 but it does show how if the fight does go to the ground how to at least get in a position where u have the upper hand

  5. fact is you don't always know what situation you will have to fight in and what is on the line. So its stupid to say "this isn't good self defense" or this won't work on "the streets" i find people over enphasis the supposed deadly streetfighter. this idea of all fights are gonna be on a pavement filled with nothing but broken glass & aids needles while being surrounded by tons of multiple opponents ready to pounce the moment it hits the ground is preposterous . train to end it wherever it goes

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