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MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to Escape a Mount in Jiu-Jitsu

MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to Escape a Mount in Jiu-Jitsu

JASON JEANETTE: Hi, I’m Jason Jeannette. This
is Daniel Klapheke from Elite Martial Arts of Middle Tennessee for Expert Village. DANIEL
KLAPHEKE: This is a Jiu-Jitsu style escape from the mount. In this mounted position,
there’s a few things I want to take into consideration before I try to escape. Number one, I want
to make sure I’ve got my elbows in his thighs. If I don’t do this, he is liable to slide
up on top of me, which is going to make it much harder for me to escape and easier for
him to hit me. So I point my elbows over here to keep him from riding up. The next thing
I want to consider is him posting if I try to roll him over. If his foot goes out, I’m
going to have a hard time rolling. So I’m going to also trap his foot here with my right
foot. This is the side that I’ve decided I’m going to go for. My hands are in front of
my face to block punches this way. So I’m pretty–I’m safe for a moment. So the next
thing I need to do to get him off of me is I’m going to throw my hips forward as I push
my elbows in. My hips I’m going to throw up in this way. When he goes to catch himself,
I’m going to reach around, pull his arm to me, pin it here. I’m going to keep his weight
move forward by extending the bridge a little bit more, and then I’m going to turn over
onto my knees so I’m in a better position.

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100 thoughts on “MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to Escape a Mount in Jiu-Jitsu

  1. theoriticly…..yes but you didn't thought of the pain he feels when his eyes are being pushed deep in…that would make him grab my arms on instinct but if you're faster than him and push his eyes in than his head goes backwards(where the head goes there goes the body with it)than you're in the same position like in the video( execpt fingers in eye :P) but its just the easier for me like this you can do it the way like in video but takes much time and on the street those few seconds might count

  2. well I never thought this move is slow but hard to pull of cauze most of the people watching it are not martial artists so it is hard and slow for them to pull it off …. I just told this basic defense against this cauze if they are slow and try tu make this move in the video in a fight than they are going to end up beaten up I just told this ''eye poke'' as an alternative if the escape fails

  3. Agree with Teddybear except you should block is leg.. classic upa escape in BJJ.. block the same side leg and arm. I just be able to be in opponents guard all the time with this tech. Quick bump up so they post and grab the arm quick and bridge over. If you cannot trap the leg and the post then you can shrimp crawl to the side and pull 1/2 guard and then work on the other side to full guard like Teddy is saying.

  4. "lol when someone was sitting on my chest I found it much easyer to poke their eyes…I know its not as flashy as this one :/"

    Too bad you can't reach the person in the mounted positions eyes when they're postured up more or less strike effective. And I doubt you will go for the growing when someone is pounding you in the face. your priority will be defending your face..

  5. All of these MMA/ Self defense videos are just recycled BJJ tapes that the Gracies produced back in the early 90s. They just call it MMA self defense because all of the noobs who watched UFC once spike started televising it. Its unreal how many tapout stickers and shirts you see in So Cal and I bet 1/2 the people have been into MMA for more than a few years. I think MMA has been played out thanks to spike and UFC's every month with shitty fight cards to sell tickets..

  6. "bbj is almost da same ting as mma, mma means mixed martial arts, and cover bigger range, u dumbass"

    BJJ and MMA almost the same?? haah BJJ is PURE grappling with no punches just submissions and chokes.. Please explain how MMA is almost the same?? MMA is a combo of BJJ and muy thai, boxing or other stand up.. MMA is not a martial art but converge of more than one traditional martial art.. You cannot say that a combo of BJJ and boxing = MMA as MMA is a martial art because its not. nice try tho

  7. I love how people say that "MMA" is a martial art when really its a mix of 2 more TMA (traditional martial art) serious people should read up on the history of NHB before posting idiotic comments because NHB was going on on in the early 1900s by the Gracies who imigrated (spelled wrong) to America.. The ONLY reason UFC was created was to prove that the Gracie's style of fighting (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was superior to other styles) watch UFC 1-5 to see see real style vs style..

  8. Once fighters saw that standup alone wouldn't be the key to winning fighters trained in wrestling/grappling hence the term mixed martial arts.. Its almost impossible to see a style vs style as you must cross train to compete in NHB fights nowadays because you have to be well rounded as a fighter.. NHB history lesson is over for the night nubs..

  9. One more thing.. This technique taught is something you'd learn the first day or so if you trained BJJ. its called "upa escape" I believe.. it is just a traditional BJJ mount escape and it works well if you can time/bait your parter right. I used to be able to transition into my opponents guard countless times when rolling/sparring. If you can get this down properly it almost never fails as an escape into guard..

  10. It's a very basic escape. Hardly effective against a veteran fighter. Unless he's fatigued and not thinking clearly enough to not have his weight positioned right.

  11. Why are you morons having a debate on what MMA is???? MMA stands for MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. How self explanatory does the name have to be more then it already is!?!?!!!

  12. Jusan you have to remember this technique is probably against an unskilled fighter and is actually one of the first escapes I learned within the first 2 classes of training BJJ. With the right baiting technique I used to be able to roll alot of blue belts. Very simple and basic technique that is very effective if done properly.

  13. yeah but theres a step missing in this video that i need to do, your supose to bear hug his torso and then lie on your back, and then thats where you put your hips up and do the rest, and yes im a badass mma fighter.

  14. hahaha yes your hand are in front of your face to block punches….yep you gonna block A LOT punches with that kind of guard. cmon man you can't use only your palms for blocking….I've think that every one in expert village are some regular people doing stuff that they ware told to do.THERE ARE NO EXPERTS IN EXPERT VILLAGE. I saw a video bout how to do splits and stuff and the instructor that was teaching,couldn't do it.What a ROLE MODEL.

  15. totally usless when ya being smacked fast and hard, u wont have time to think. its easy with ya mate on a nice soft cushion in the warm.

  16. dont be retarded of course is useful dont be ignorant. i m a jiu jitsu and mma practicioner and is very useful in fights donsent matter how fast and strong he hits thats a basic escape you dont have to thing so much and is fast to set it up

  17. mabe yeah but u would av to bee quick cos one blow to the head could daze u straight away, but spose there,s other moves that can prevent a first blow.

  18. well it is, cause if you pratice enough it is going to be a reflax when being attaced this way and you will do it without thinkin about it!

  19. well, I'm sure couse i thought the same when I went on kung-fu "this is useless in a real fight", but my teacher told me: it is going to be a reflex of your body. And guess what, it's true. Now when someone is doing somthing that's to close to me on a immenent way I just handel the way I leard wy tequenics! ;-p

  20. Its the little intracacies that are the key to this. Knees to the thighs and legs on the outside. All has to be done in perfect timing

  21. "My hands are in front of my face, to block punches" HA!!…..that will def not work…..considering i can just punch your hands, causing you to hit youself in the face. Oh expert village, how you are trash at providing good information

  22. @mmafighter2727 well, against very heavy opponents everything is harder, but if you in general gotta be quick, once you throw your hips up they're outta balance, no matter how heavy they are, if you let them stabilize, it will be harder to rollover.
    I'm not that big, at 180lbs and I can escape almost any mount.

  23. i cant escape when i go against this 100 kg guy soo hard all i can do is get half guard lol im 80 kg i dono what im doing against such a heavy dude lol

  24. @sarge727 hands dampening the impact and possibly deflecting punches are def better than taking a straight blow to the face like a wuss like you prob do

  25. @cheek1a2x1 What i was getting at, if you were to think outside the box is that your hands will do little to nothing to help stop/deflect/dampen a punch. You are better off using your forearms to block, it will be more effective. By holding your forearms against your head/face to protect yourself, you are effectively negating your opponents strikes.

  26. @newman84newman your retarded and obviously not been in a fight, much less a fight that has gone to the ground, probably because your a little bitch with no heart. also you sound homophobic. please get some education.

  27. hay umm the way i get some1 off of me i use my legs to come up and come over his neck,klinch thn pull down thn all i have to do is klinch nd its a choke lol

  28. @MAYORCARDIEL do exactly that….your legs are strong enough and by trapping that arm and leg he has nothing to stop it. Remember that you dont roll to the side, roll towards your shoulder and up

  29. Thank you, In my MMA fights i use similar technique, but i only manage to pull it off when I'm close to the opponent. This rocks, I will add to my training program. You can see my fights in my profile 🙂

  30. @lycourisDE92 Not necessarily. Our MMA gym has had 30-odd fights and lost 3 or 4. When you enter their classes they teach u BJJ, Wrestling or whatever else you may need. A lot of guys that went there didn't know anything in the beginning and they turned out OK. However I do agree that having a jiu jitsu or wrestling background would help a great deal

  31. @254Blacksmith Check out the vids BRAZILLIAN JIU JITSU MOUNT ESCAPES and SIDE CONTROL ESCAPES by uchideshi. They are some of the best JiuJitsu videos on YouTube, as are all of his vids and they should help you immesuarably. Much more than this video. Happy rolling

  32. Could you not thrust your hips forward and then grab the body before hooking the foot so you dont have a second or two of punches raining down at you?

  33. @lycourisDE92 Sambo, Pankration, and American Wrestling are all styles that give the fighter knowledge of ground fighting. Though in general, you're correct. Jiujitsu's ground focus allows the fighter a great advantage when the fight reaches the mat. However, ground focus is a double edged sword, in that your opponent will likely have a better standing game than you, leaving you at a disadvantage from the start. In my opinion, Jiujitsu is strongest when paired with wrestling/grappling.

  34. @k00lkane Possible, but there's more chance for them to post their leg before you get a chance to hook it. If they feel you toss them forward, they know what's coming next if they're a fighter. After that they'll just re-establish mount.

  35. It's actually pretty good, & slightly more comprehensive than some of the over complex versions I've seen.
    Since most people are right-handed, it would also help to attack that side first when drilling. Takes there power punch away!

  36. @mrperson722 good question since you sound like an experienced fighter and your sound like you do it for sport I'm gonna let you in on a secret of why this doesn't work for your situation. You yourself in a match just like me like to stay on your feet but if you do get downed this doesn't work because the other person is also experienced!!!??? they will instinct put there body down on you no experienced fighter fights from an upright position on purpose.

  37. This bridge "technique" only works on people who have no idea of what they are doing. Any real jiu jitsu guy will take your back every time you try that crap because they are looking for it. dumbass on the street it might work on anyone with a few months training never. Either way its no escape for you are still in the guys closed guard which is no good if your fighting a real Brazilian Jiu Jitsu guy. You don't have his arm/foot trapped both can be pulled out anytime, your the 1 on the bottom.

  38. yeah as is punching and clinching/takedown .. I hate how ppl stress the ground factor of MMA so much, everything is equally important, thats the beauty of MMA

  39. What if the guy on top is actually swinging and punding the hell out of u instead of just sitting there like that.. That's what I don't get bout these videos

  40. You ever notice how whenever you are on top, you always take a second to sit yourself strongly so you can start punching? That's when you can defend. But even if he does start punching, you can still do the technique.

  41. He didn't randomly fall forward, the hips bump him forward. Works even better when they're punching.

  42. 1 his hand protect him from punches
    2 he doesnt just fall he bucks/pushes him so he falls forward
    3 if you are good you can apply other things to make it more effective

  43. "Number one: I want to make sure I've got my boner placed directly in-between his butt cheeks so it's nice and out of the way."

  44. don't try this in the street, told you by self experience…
    is better if you turn around giving your back, and then you stand up. is hard to get rear naked choked by an street fighter…

  45. Nice post, Thanks! I disagree with the previous comment, never train to give your back!! I will add covering your head & shielding punches with your elbows is much more effective then slap blocking…Especially off your back

  46. Military hand-to-hand combat systems avoid teaching grappling because it's useless and foolish. The emphasis is on lethal blows, and if you're ever brought to the ground, you're taught to sink your teeth hard and deep into any part of the opponent's body with the intent to bite off an actual chunk, while simultaneously reaching for the eyes/testicles/throat/etc. When it comes to self-defense, I'll trust the battle-tested US military techniques over MMA.

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