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MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to Escape Bottom Guard in Jiu-Jitsu

MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to Escape Bottom Guard in Jiu-Jitsu

JASON JEANETTE: Hi. I’m Jason Jeannette. This
is Daniel Klapheke from Elite Martial Arts of Middle Tennessee for Expert Village. DANIEL
KLAPHEKE: This is escaping the Bottom Guard Jiu-Jitsu style. In BJJ this was known as
a scissor sweep. What I’ll do is control an arm. If I need to, I’d put a foot down on
this side, but in some people, that’s not necessary, but I want to shrimp to my left
side, try to drop this down as low as I can and slide my right knee through, so that it’s
pointing down and my foot is hooked in on this other side. So I have good control over
him. From here, I don’t want to try to kick him over yet, because all his weight is still
on his knees. So I need reach out, grab a lapel, pull his weight on top of me, so it’s
not on the knee anymore. And from here I’ll just need a round kick towards the floor,
follow through and so I’m back into the mount.

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13 thoughts on “MMA Ground Fighting for Self Defense : How to Escape Bottom Guard in Jiu-Jitsu

  1. back of the arm/arm pit/ shoulder. you dont have to be a jackoff just because it doesnt show it regarding MMA. use your damn head

  2. wait.. im the gracie bjj guy? look at you! fuck.. you should be doing the video! you know everything. this comment WAY more helpful than the whole video! thanks dude!

  3. couldn't he just circle counter clock wise toward the head with no gi. In the gi we grab the collar. But i seen a person choke them selves out due to the collar. With no gi it's seems like an easy counter.

  4. There are like 1 bilion escapes from this, the most important thing is to keep your brain working and analysing the situation. There are many ways which will lead you to orgasm. Our orgasm is to be on top ; )

  5. The knee should be pointing UP, not down. If it points down you'll be sprawled on and passed. Watch Saulo Ribeiro do it. Whatever Mr Jeanette is a "third degree blackbelt" in, it isn't BJJ.

  6. alright got all this down but how do you counter when someone is on top of you like there whole body how do you get around that if you ant got the strength got any techniques???

  7. @TrueDominguez ah yes good question. well what you need to do is push your body upwards grab the back of there thigh and roll over.

  8. Military hand-to-hand combat systems avoid teaching grappling because it's useless and foolish. The emphasis is on lethal blows, and if you're ever brought to the ground, you're taught to sink your teeth hard and deep into any part of the opponent's body with the intent to bite off an actual chunk, while simultaneously reaching for the eyes/testicles/throat/etc. When it comes to self-defense, I'll trust the battle-tested US military techniques over MMA.

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