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“MMA: Love Never Dies” (Official Trailer)

“MMA: Love Never Dies” (Official Trailer)

Tell me all you know. I don’t know anything. But I can tell you what I think. I think clandestine bets
are being placed. Hey, Superman! Young people today
only want to get high. They want drugs, not fights. When you see
one of my matches, you’ll see what getting
high means. The real way. We are not only dealing with a dangerous
drug trafficker, but a psychopath. You must find her,
right now! – Let me go!
– Shut up! Where is Maya? Nico wants me to fight
in an underground match. – Otherwise he’ll kill her.
– That piece of shit. Claudio is too close to this case.
I want you to take it over. – Edo, we have no alternative.
– They killed my son. You can ask anything of me. Claudio, you can’t go
back to fighting. I’m not training you
for a sports fight, but for a battle
without rules, one where your life,
and more, is at stake. The Magliana people
wanted to take over Rome. Instead, we took over… Rome, Magliana and all of Italy. And now, get ready.

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