MMA Myths? – Fred Mergen

Hi my name is Fred Mergen from Mergen Mixed
Martial Arts and I’m going to share some of the MMA myths with you today. One of the MMA myths out there is will MMA
make my child violent? No! Remember MMA stands for mixed martial arts. Martial arts is based
off of respect, discipline, courtesy and if you go to the correct MMA school they’ll work
on those things for your kids. It won’t be about beating a person to a pulp, some schools
do that, don’t get me wrong but most MMA’s schools are about effort, concentration, courtesy,
respect and that is what your kid is going to learn there. So that’s one of the biggest myths. It does
not make children violent, they just learn Karate skills. You know a rear naked choke
is in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a leg kick is in kick boxing, a reverse punch or a jab cross
can be taught in Karate from your reverse punches, your back knuckles. There is nothing
violent about it. One of my favorite myths is that MMA came
from brutal street fighting. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If you look at
it, there is a gentleman on the internet, Kimbo Slice, who did a lot of street fighting
and then when he stepped into the ring with one of the gentlemen from Orlando Florida
he actually knocked him out. So the whole thing about MMA being brutal
because it’s street fighting, it’s not. MMA is very technical. You know when you train
an MMA figther it’s take downs, or punching or boxing, or kick boxing and kicks, so it’s
a very very technical art. So it’s not just get out there and swing and hope, it’s actually
you have a plan behind what you do. They say MMA is more dangerous than any other
contact sport. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Because if you think about
it, with a contact sport there’s going to be contact, you’re gonna get hurt no matter
what. Look at football, people have gotten paralyzed
from banging helmets together. They’ve broken legs, torn knees, there are more injuries
in football then there is in MMA. Yes we get a little bruised up and bloodied but that
heals up right away. You know you tear your ACL your miniscus on your knee, that takes
forever to heal. You know shoulder surgery, hip surgery and you hear about that in football
all the time. Soccer is another one. A lot of people get
hurt in soccer, get hurt in cheer leading. So, MMA being more brutal than contact sports
is so far from the truth. They say that boxing is more refined than
MMA. Well if you think about it, boxing is in MMA, because if you watch they do a lot
of jabs, cross, and hooks, they throw their uppercuts they throw a lot of punches. They
throw the wild overhand, the wild overhand is one of the best punches I believe anyways. If you look at a boxer all he has to worry
about is two hands, a jab, a cross, a hook, an uppercut and that’s it. An MMA fighter
has to worry about getting taken down,about getting kicked, about getting submitted on
the ground, choked so it’s a lot more than just throwing a jab, a cross, a hook and an
uppercut. MMA has a lot more technicality it’s a 3D
version of fighting. It’s more 3 dimensional, boxing is more 2 dimensional because you have
a right arm and a left arm. In MMA you’ve got left arm, right arm, legs, takedowns,
sweeps, throws, so it’s a lot more technical than boxing, even though people will disagree
with me. If you have any questions or comments, leave
them below or even if you disagree, write your story.

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