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MMA Pro Fighter vs Bikini Fitness girl

MMA Pro Fighter vs Bikini Fitness girl

Hi, my name is Victoria Sprlo and I am bikini fitness competitor I decided to try MMA training with professional MMA fighter Omar He will show me how MMA training looks like and I will try to do my best. Hi, my name is Omar Today Viki will have the chance to try a dynamic MMA training, which is a different from fitness trainings, so we’ll see how she reacts and whether she likes it, but I believe she’s going to do well. So let’s get started. Ok so we got this done. It was sort of quick MMA lesson, I think she did very well considering she is a beginner. How do you feel about it? Well for me it was a real fight. I haven’t done anything like this before, and I have to say it’s very different from fitness trainings in the gym I definitely hat to put much more effort into it. I’d say it was a great diversifying of a training process for Viki and I think everyone should put something of this kind into their training plan. To get more sweaty and so more healthy! I agree with you. Thank you for the training.

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