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MMA Program- Octane Fitness Advanced Training Program

MMA Program- Octane Fitness Advanced Training Program

Are your clients ready for a more advanced
workout, try the MMA program. Want the body of an MMA fighter? That’s no
easy feat. The Mixed Martial Arts program from Octane is a variable resistance program
that is sure to be one of the hardest workout you’ll ever do on an elliptical machine. This program won’t swing back, but its definitely
going to uppercut your cardio workout and most likely bruise your ego. Designed like a fight, (5 minute rounds followed
by short recovery intervals) this program will give the user a taste of why being an
MMA fighter is being amongst the elite. Warm up, and follow the prompts on the console.
Fight lingo like “size em up,” “punch and move,” and “take em down,” will scroll across
the screen, and should directly relate to the intensity level of the user. What makes
the MMA program so unique, is that the machine is now “Iso-Kinetic.” The harder you punch,
and the faster you run, the more the machine increases resistance like its fighting back.
It’s takes shadow boxing to a whole new level. The MMA program is sure to humble even the
most seasoned cardio fanatics. NOT to mention — it’s fun! If you want more, try the side step platforms
to isolate upper body during fight mode.

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  1. Knockout your next workout with the MMA program from Octane Fitness! Not sure what the MMA Program entails? Watch the introduction video and get Fueled! #mmatips #mixedmartialarts #workout  

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