Mma Ramotswe No1 Ladies Detective Agency

Hi every one! I am Winnie from Gaborone Daily Life Chanel. Today’s episode, we are visiting the number one lady Detective Agency’s house in Botswana.
Reporter: Dumela, Mma!
Mma Ramotswe: Dumela! Reporter: Your house is beautiful, the thorn tree, the bougainvilleas and the garden, everything are lovely and peaceful. Mma Ramotswe: Oh! Thank you. This house costs me a lot of my savings but I am very proud of it. Reporter: Can you tell me a little history about your home? The house was built in 1968, when the town was close by the shops and the Government Buildings. As you see the house is located by the corner, which is very good; but sometimes I was frustrated when people just stand under the thorn tree and throw their rubbish through the fence. I was fortunate to buy the house before the price went so high that honest people could no longer pay for them. Reporter: This verandah, I have heard this is your favorite place. Can you tell me why do you enjoy here? Mma Ramotswe: Yes, I love to sit here at this verandah every morning and every evening to see the sunrise and sunset until the mosquitoes come out to bite me. Reporter: Do these plants need water everyday? Mma Ramotswe: yes, I have my gardener helps me to water it everyday.
Mma Ramotswe: Now, let me take you inside the house. Let’s go.
Reporter: Is that Queen Elizabeth II on the teacup?
Mma Ramotswe: Yes, she is. I respect her very much for what she did for Botswana, and she loves Botswana and she cares for our people.
Mma Ramotswe: Do you see the plate with the picture of Sir Seretse Khama? Everytime I look at this, I feel like he is smiling at me. Reporter: Who is that in the picture?
Mma Ramotswe: Oh! This is my dad. This picture had been taken in his 60 birthday and I know at that time he was in pain and he died shortly after that. Reporter: I am so sorry for that. Mma Ramotswe: Now, let me take you to the kitchen.
Reporter: The floor is so shiny. Do you live alone or is there anyone to help you cleaning up? Mma Ramotswe: Yes, I live alone but I have my maid, her name is Rose, she helps me to cook and keep the house clean. She is a very kind women and she has a tough life raising her kids. Mma Ramotswe: There is one of the kids has been sick for a long time and he can not breath and has to use the inhaler. Mma Ramotswe: But, Rose is always lively and she really likes to sing.
Reporter: Well. Thank you for joining us. I wish you health and happiness and I will
see you again. Mma Ramotswe: Thank you. Thank you for having me here in this episode and I also wish to see you sometimes in Botswana.

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