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MMA Shoulder Workout – How to Get Shoulder Strength & Endurance for MMA

MMA Shoulder Workout – How to Get Shoulder Strength & Endurance for MMA

good let’s get for you re not on my way home
from the gym and I wanted take a minute to talk about what would
make a good MMA shoulder workout now history here and view the video
because I’m actually gonna give you a brief cameo want you can actually go to give it to
yourself but you mediated alice is not bad the basics now a billion in total workout really my
needed accomplish three things the first have
to be strong you know things being equal a stronger
fighter is a better fighter you can never go wrong with being strong
a good image work at justice to you gotta have a
model localized my shoulder and turns you must learn you know there’s a lot of movement
activities on the mat during did take place around the shoulders you
hold my hands up one strikes going for different you know
standing on the ground and a mission that sermon that noted that the balls in
one way or another round should receive have a lot of children book localized
muscular endurance great good should work has just keep
your children’s health job because Obama activity under can get
worn out on ya they can give over use internet
server that so should hobby legitimate children Heights healthy just rehab
stuff like that now watching perhaps that stuff my you know I get that question what
honestly it doesn’t happen that complicated candidates for you you’ll find out how
to get a brief but mainly uses worry about getting
stronger and you want a guy in threesome rehab movements in there that’s fine
hard to keep hair healthy let I keep wanting a lotta guys make it
work is this whole thing about how you can
improve the shoulder insurance you know you is very easy to manage and to make
you better on the matter in the arena ever you know it’s the best thing you can do
just a few skills were judge many of cellmark hitting the bag
haha your focus mitts whatever you actually do when you’re going to your Ma’s skills
are that’s the best you can do for that white muscular endurance mister actually
just training at to adapt to Jax specific activities
should be doing when you’re in the ringer indicator or
whatever it is so when you go to the gym all you really
need to do is focused on getting the shoulders strong keep you healthy and thats you
all there is to it now if you will I’m at a stop sign your
soul arm if all up let’s hope I don’t you get much
traffic that’s what you want to see one in I now alright if you click on the link
under this video your you wait a second you know peeling
pop up somewhere around here on the screen out of nowhere near Valley
right there may be it’s been like that click on Add now take you to another
page I use out what to put video there but you’ll
find out how you can get free sample workout hope mine used using
the very next time you go to the gym so you shrinkage doing but I’ll also show you
what time asserting common strange doing really or i’ma make
mistakes %uh give that a shot do me a favor hit that someone his
videos you like it and %uh was seen that video
alright very hard pressed hard play hard do

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