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MMA Tip: The Plum

MMA Tip: The Plum

Hi I’m Trever Sherman and this is an introduction
into the mixed martial arts. Fred if you’ll come here for a second I just
want to demonstrate really quick, the plum. The plum is when you go from stand up to the
clinch, however you got into the clinch. You wrap your hands around your opponent’s head
and over lap them, don’t interlock the fingers. Ok we talked about that, interlocking the
fingers is seldom a good idea when you are fighting. wrap one hand and then the other hand, I want
to bring my forearms together and I also want to use my forearms to brace against his clavicle
if he tries to come in. Now from there I can throw my high knee but it’s better to throw
a long knee from redirecting because the defense for this is if he puts both hands against
my hips to stop me from coming back. Or if he puts one hand on my hip and he starts delivering
uppercuts, something like that. What I want to do is I want to redirect him
by taking one step and redirect his body and as soon as he’s redirected his hands will
come off my hips and I want to throw that knee. That’s basically what we want to think of
when we’re doing this drill, even in the air, when we’re working back and forth or when
our students are, whatever combination or if you’re just shooting knees, you can shoot
a do and we can actually do the plum but every time you do the plum, that hypothetical plum,
take one step 25% of the clock, one quarter of a turn. Turn and throw a knee. Turn and
throw a knee. Turn and throw a knee. Always stepping with the back leg and whipping using
your lats to whip him in place and then throw the knee. So really quickly, just to summarize, there’s
the long knee and then the high knee and when we practice those we want to make sure we
have good proper form. When we’re doing it just in the air you want to make sure that
you’re extending your body back as you push that knee out. Pointing the toes down and
throwing the knee.

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