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MMA Training & Attack Techniques : Crab & Arm Bar in MMA Training

MMA Training & Attack Techniques : Crab & Arm Bar in MMA Training

Alright, this is some more Spike and Crabs.
Crab position here, keeping my chest tight remember cause we just went over. This time
I’m going to grab my bicep, alright; I’m Under Hooking right here. I’m putting this foot
across to block his hip, right here; I’m pushing away. A lot of times I’ll take an Arm Bar,
but I’m going to discus that earlier. But we’re in that same Arm Bar position, but I’m
grabbing the wrist coming underneath; getting pipe. I probably want to put my blade across,
I’m figure fouring my legs; I’m coming across side and I’m driving my weight across, and
pointing his head that direction; alright. So we’ll go back and do that one more time
for you. So we’re in that Crab again, I’m Under Hooking; I’m going across this last
hook should keep him turning into me. I’m getting the Under Hook, I’m pushing on his
head coming in the Arm Bar position; but instead we’re going to take the biceps place. Boom,
right here; keeping that tight, figure fouring; flattening off my weight driving it across
his body, alright. This figure four is real important. And also the tighter, the tighter
I get it on here the more weight there is on his bicep; alright. When I come I want
to put my blade, I’m not putting my meaty part I’m putting this blade across and I’m
turning it down right there to get the submission; alright.

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