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MMA Training & Attack Techniques : Knee Tap & Arm Drag in MMA Training

MMA Training & Attack Techniques : Knee Tap & Arm Drag in MMA Training

In this clip I’m going to be using a knee
tap and an arm drag. I’m going to be grabbing the wrist, I’m going to use this hand to touch
his knee; so he pulls back, I’m faking a shot; alright. Grabbing the wrist, I’m coming in;
he pulls back. The same hand that tap is the one that I am using to drag my. I’m putting
weight down, grabbing the wrist if I can; as I’m using this force when he comes up to
spin me behind to finish the rear naked choke. Boom, boom; elbows together, there’s the submission.
One time. I’m grabbing the wrist, this hand makes the shot. A lot of times I’ll have to
do this many times and then cup. This hand tapped, the same hand that tapped is the one
that pulls you on by; putting weight down on my chest to his back, grabbing this hand;
as he comes up I’m using that momentum to swing around, grabbing my bicep; putting this
hand behind his head, squeezing my elbows together to get the submission. I’m going
to do this one more time in fast pace, so everyone can see it. Alright,

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7 thoughts on “MMA Training & Attack Techniques : Knee Tap & Arm Drag in MMA Training

  1. That would be to establish credibility. If these vids have no practical application to you and you don't feel like explaining their effectiveness from experience, why are you watching them and dissing the guys who could do this to you in real life? They give background on themselves so others know if they say it works, thier word can be trusted. Did you really need to type your hate shit just to feel better about yourself?

  2. You can also take his back and or arm triange, flying triangle. Its a newbish move but arm drags are good in the jiu jitsu game to pull full or butterfly gaurd but against good guys it wont work but good none th eless.

  3. Few nights ago, me and my buddies were play fighting and I just realize I did this move.. lmao but I failed in a submission choke

  4. What is it with homophobic boxing fans and MMA? Put ANY boxer up against a mixed martial artist in a cage and watch him get tapped out, better yet but them on the street and watch the boxers arm get broken.

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