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MMA Training & Attack Techniques : Monkey Roll Variation in MMA Training

MMA Training & Attack Techniques : Monkey Roll Variation in MMA Training

Alright, this is another monkey roll variation.
This time we’re just going to go underneath, I’m grabbing, going across, grabbing his bicep,
and grab my own wrist. I’m going to do that exact same monkey roll, I’m going to drive
my head down and take him through my legs, right here, this hand, this is like really
quick submission, because it’s already underneath, and just bring it up immediately so you, it’s
less time, alright? I’m going to do this really fast, fast paced for you so you can actually
see it. Alright, you go underneath, grab my own wrist, rolling over and then slipping
that right in. Alright.

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18 thoughts on “MMA Training & Attack Techniques : Monkey Roll Variation in MMA Training

  1. lol the guy in the green is risking his ass for letting this master of disaster toss him around like a rag doll! I am taking these courses and it does hurt to get thrown around all the time =)

  2. kk seriouslly forget about that its just to show u if some1 would be in a self defense situation, and if your wrestling with ur friends nothing will happen

  3. anyway you need a lot of practice … in dojos fights ..
    and maybe this videos can help you ..
    and for self defense ground is not good idea..

  4. the fuck are you talking about?? If you get taken to the ground and someone mounts you…how the fuck are you gonna get him off and stand up?? You may not end a fight on the ground…but you need to know ground work if someone takes you down!

  5. yes you are right but .. i just say .. you take the fight to the ground is not a good idea .. obviously if you are in the ground you must know something for stand up again..

  6. well i box alot and i am now going to go to mma classes and i dont know a single thing about ground game so i kinda wanted to check it out.

  7. @wrestlingnewbie dude don't try to educate that loser, he has obviously been brainwashed by all the brazilian BS, telling everyone that bjj is unbeatable. but in MMA alot of their techniques go out the window because no one is wearing a gi. there are good and bad in every form of martial arts and what MMA practitioners are doing is taking everything that works and putting it into a practical fighting form.

  8. Easier to do if you pull your opponents elbow in. Anyone who sees this coming will just extend their right arm or stick out their right elbow to stop the roll. The guy on bottom is just co-operating and not going to work in a competition.

  9. Tried this move the other day and it worked great… It makes it easier to get the rnc too cause you can slip your forearm in while you roll..

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