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what on YouTube we’re back here again at
KO zone gonna go over just a basic that stuff and I’m just gonna do some
basic drills movement drills to sway a little bit and hit the back some power
stuff some speed stuff drills that you can do at home that’s the whole point
for today and obviously they’re nice guys remember Diego de Vera Killzone
gyms owner they know four-time world striking champion so I’m playing Anakin
mistakes he’s told me a hundred thousand times already all the mistakes that I
made in training with him for 15 years so there’s certain things about boxing
that as a fighter mix much like whatever it is you’re gonna have different styles
when you get tired yes you’re going to lock your hands I can show you tons and
tons of clips of some of the best fighters in the world and here in MMA
UFC which when they fight they drop their hands with a punch what’s gonna
happen I want you guys to always take that it to a court okay it’s not man
I’ll keep your hands up keep your hands up keep your hands up the whole bar it’s
not gonna be down that way alright so you know just little things like that I
want to point out before we get this into it because I know there’s gonna be
an 350,000 fucking trolls gonna be trying to correct my for Minaj though
right little bit of background I have been training in mixed martial arts
since even yeah so it’s I’ve been training and doing
this for quite a while and I’ve been fortunate enough to train with some of
the best in the world world champion UFC fighter in the gym right now is raining
wanna hear uh people one is fights so I’ve been around been done a little bit
of here and there all right not that I’m not always open to criticism but you
know if you’re gonna tell me that I’ll keep your hands up and you don’t even a
fucking pro fighter you know have a couple world champions on your belt
don’t waste your fucking time okay just letting you guys know other than that
this have a great training session let’s get ready alright guys so the next or just do some
card work with Diego basic stuff fundamental stop jab cross hook my whole
goal here is just to move around I want to keep moving at 240 pounds everybody
calls you stand and remote during all this bullshit okay is to be able to move
move move move move move three or four rounds constant movement constant
striking not to sit there and just take everything get me a sauce although today alright guys so we did a couple of bucks
with the ones rules lead hand hold e regular stance and then we switched over
the southpaw leave hand holding so I switch stance is a lot during sparring
and fighting himself so I like to be proficient both my hands right and left
and the goal today was will move one hand only Bam Bam beat beat lead come in
uppercut look keeping guard up obviously very important yeah so everybody talked
about haha twenty seminar Tony Seeman ah what he do is crazy healthy shop how he
lived who is the motherfucker – Holly push man
and the body showed undressing me bitches sitting good how many how many runs have
we done three or four rounds already so feeling good that ones do some movement
stupid up our shaking alright guys so I thought we were gonna
be doing some movement drills this is gonna be the movement drills while be
moving right and left angles out to his attack someone’s even doing defense on
top of that I’m gonna have a resistance bands busy right here it’s gonna be
going to my thumbs and it’s gonna force me to keep my hands up and then parry
off to the right or your left okay and um it’ll it works in regards to keeping
understanding you always keep your hands always to be handle when you get tired
you’re gonna put your hands down it’s just natural to do that okay it’s gonna
happen but you want to try to avoid right um
but like we said earlier you know I you’re out here I don’t know we fucking
done so many goddamn rounds already today I’m gonna drop my hands it’s only
a matter of time you know so you’re not perfect you’re human this but they fucking sucks now being able to hit
back well you were just fucking running around the ring away from the person
move move move and you can’t hit back it just like any fucking tired fuck and you
have a 150-pound midget chasing you alright guys so we just finished up on
some pad work with diego de vera we did some power some speed we also did some
movement I wanted to move around because the movement moving back and forth like
for those retirees me out the most we did that just basic stuff poking out the
fundamentals nothing crazy and now I’m gonna do some bag work
alright this first drill is pretty much one minute of constant striking tried
literal as dressed as possible so it’s not really so much for being powerful or
speed it’s just a constant constant strikes constant constant the whole
entire time one-minute rest for about 30 seconds in one minute rest for 30
seconds alright we’re gonna be doing it on the waterbag one for yourself you
guys alright so I just finished up my
training today I did a lot of striking with Diego how to work some bad work
this movement work just basic stuff that I usually go through on a regular basis
you know it’s a lot of work when you’re 240 pounds so it’s a lot of endurance
lot of cardio a lot of stamina feeling a little better lost little
weight down to 240 I started off at 252 really files were not powerlifting so
now I’m feeling a lot better when the cardio and they’re inside of it I think
I did like maybe 12 13 rounds today in total we’ve been here two or three hours
already obviously took some breaks in between each drill you know working on
technique and all that but I hope you guys enjoyed it any questions or
whatever Hulme in the comments subscribe like let me know how you feel about it I
can do more boxing stuff more striking stuff I can do more tutorials if you
guys want right now I’m just showing you just some basic drills for you guys to
do on your own I hope you guys liked it on to the next one

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