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MMA Training & Techniques : Guillotine Variation in MMA

MMA Training & Techniques : Guillotine Variation in MMA

I am going to show you another guillotine.
This is a guillotine that I learned awhile ago. Some people call it the Philippine. The
same thing as before, I’m snapping the head down, coming over, grabbing my hands together,
this time I kind of want to, I want to, instead of finishing with his head on the side I’m
finishing with the head right underneath my chest and I’m putting my chest forward to
get the submission. A lot of times the hand will be down and I’m not trying to pull up.
I’m putting my chest, rolling it down on his head to get the submission. One more time.
I’m snapping the head forward. I’m coming across grabbing the head. Remember, I’m not
finishing on the side. I’m finishing right with my chest forward. Now I’m driving my
chest on top of his head. That’s a Philippine or a guillotine. Remember, I want to keep
my elbows tight in and drive my chest forward into the back of his head. That’s a standing

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