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MMA Training & Techniques : Standing Guillotine in MMA

MMA Training & Techniques : Standing Guillotine in MMA

In this clip I’m going to show you a guillotine.
This is from standing. I’m just going to be grabbing the wrist again. I’m pressured down
on top of his head, coming up over, going across. I’m going to grab my own hand and
I’m arching my hip forward. I’m not trying to use all my leverage in pulling. I actually
want to keep my base low and I’m coming up. We’ll start. We’re going underneath, I’m snapping
the head down, then I’m coming over and I’m grabbing my own hands and I’m submitting from
right here. I want to use the blade of my forearm right here. You don’t want to use
the meaty part right here and here. You also can try using the thumb because it’s further
up. We’ll try with the thumb. I have the guillotine, coming over, grabbing and putting the thumb
right in here. That’s a guillotine from standing.

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4 thoughts on “MMA Training & Techniques : Standing Guillotine in MMA

  1. a more effective way of this is when your oppenant is in the Guillotine position you step throgh him with your leading foot and leaver up in a twisting motion also using your hips… lol chokes em streaight out

  2. He's doing a choke which is not a Guillotine, a Guillotine is basically a neck breaker. Putting a cup on his chin then doing a pull and a push with your armpit will pressure the neck into a tapout.

  3. this guy is a dumb ass…first of all, thats not the right way to do it.. your supposed to push your elbow straight down to the ground while squeezing your shoulder blades together… never arch your back, you dont get enough leverage to finish… This guy also has the wrong defense for it too. your supposed to break the knee, not try to get your fingers in between your throat and his arm… guess thats the difference between gracies and anyone else

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