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MMA Training & Techniques : Tripod Guillotine in MMA

MMA Training & Techniques : Tripod Guillotine in MMA

I’m going to be showing you another guillotine.
This guillotine comes from up. I’m snapping the guy down; all the way down to his knees.
I’m coming up. I’m tripoding. I’m stepping over his head. As I sit down I’m popping this
other leg over his body and then I’m pushing forward, looking for the tap. I’m going to
do that one more time for you. You’ve got to make sure that you tripod. First of all,
when I tripod I’m putting it over; this leg over his head. I’m coming in, I’m snapping
him down, boom, I’m tripoding up, step over his head and I sit back down. This other foot
goes over his head and then I squeeze forward looking for a tap. That’s a guillotine that
I use a lot.

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17 thoughts on “MMA Training & Techniques : Tripod Guillotine in MMA

  1. … poor ol Leon looks like he is tired of getting smashed during th making of these clips ! : )
    … thanks for th tips my friend , been training th groundwork for only a year and I have picked up some good things from your videos …

  2. @Thesniperseth he doesn't stepover with both legs so that he can't be flipped as easily but the two moves are very similar

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