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MMA Tucsonans impress on national TV w/ big Fight Wins

MMA Tucsonans impress on national TV w/ big Fight Wins

and finally fans in the fight world are still talking about the bouts over the weekend at two Sands Casino Del Sol seen live internationally and a number of MMA fighters from Tucson came through very very big in the co-main event former Salwa Neath the wrestling standout of former world champion Anthony el Toro berchik took care of business against Adam Martinez in grand fashion his opponent had only one professional loss coming in and get this for checks TKO victory in 51 seconds was the third fastest stoppage in combate America’s history and wasn’t the only to Sona to impress in his professional debut Tucson native Levi Escobar duped it out with Joshua the outlaw Valentin and Levi Escobar showed no nerves in the ring dominated much of the bout and asked about one by submission in the second round meanwhile former ironridge standout and Ibanez went toe-to-toe with a previously unbeaten fighter parish Stanford the Oro Valley resident who has overcome tremendous odds to make it to this point came through with the split-decision victory and afterward Andy Pettitte has opened up with me about overcoming his rough childhood and Catalina to this blessing from God if you guys look at my history man I’ve had my ups and downs it just shows you that you could go through whatever you’ve been through you could be a drug you go to prison as long as you stay strong you could overcome it man I have my ups and downs and I’m just a small-town boy from Tucson Arizona I’m actually the first pro athlete from Ironwood Ridge I don’t ridge high school and all the Tucson of course represented big time in MMA we’ll be right back with last look at your weather

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