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MMA: UFC on Fox 24 Betting Preview and Picks

MMA: UFC on Fox 24 Betting Preview and Picks

UFC on Fox 24 is upon us and gives us a nice little treat at the top of the card with a title fight between flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson and Wilson Reis, now this might not be a big deal for cord cutters like Justin over here but for dedicated cable subscribers like myself we’ve had this one circled on the calendar for a long time now. Johnson should close as one of the biggest favorites of a year in the UFC, as some books have him as high at -850 so my question to you Justin is are you ready to risk it all and put your entire reputation on the line with a pick on the underdog, because I am NOT. One, I don’t know how big my reputation is, and two, I’m willing to wager exactly as much as I pay for cable per month on this. Wow. It’s absolutely zero on that guy. Mighty Mouse is just so damn good at everything and all aspects of the game and he’s especially great at transitioning all of his things together. He’s so fluid and fast and his footwork is impeccable he’s great in every aspect the only chance I really give Reis in this one is in that transition game, cause Mighty Mouse depends on it quite a lot, melding everything together. Reis a world champion Brazilian jiu jitsu guy, maybe he catches sub, maybe he pulls something out of thin air nobody else has been able to do, but I am not laying any sort of money against Mighty Mouse until I see him lose a lot, unless he fights Dominick Cruz I’m not betting against Mighty Mouse. Smart man. Moving on to a huge middleweight fight between Jacare Souza and Robert Whittaker. One of my favorite strategies when I do a fantasy baseball draft every year is to target players who are in contract years as this often gives them extra incentive to elevate their games. So what the hell does this have to do with this fight, well Jacare is in the last fight of his UFC contract and he’ll be looking to land a big payday which makes me like him even more as a -230 favorite. I like him to finish Whitaker on Saturday night, do you agree? Well, I do agree that Jacare is going to be chasing that paper you would normally deem. But I don’t know if it’s as clear cut as these odds say. Jacare, obviously very aggressive, maybe the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu guy in MMA today, if the fight goes to the ground you’re basically screwed you have no hope and Whitaker’s openly admitted that. He said, “if I’m on the mat I’m in a bad way” but Whitaker has a ton of power in his hands. Jacare is 37 and there has started to be maybe some questions about his chin, that’s the first thing to go in these fighters. But when you watch Whitaker’s last flight against Derek Brunson, he was on his back heals a lot. Brunson was pushing the pace and really in his face. I didn’t think Jacare is going to be as aggressive as probably as heavy hitting but he is very much an aggressive fighter. He likes to push the pace he likes to control the Octagon. So if he can keep Whitaker on his back heels and get tat clinch I don’t know if Whitaker can overcome that, so I do think Jacare wins this one but there definitely is a path to victory for the Kiwi. So very, very chalky so far but my favorite underdog on this card is Michelle, the Karate hottie, Waterson we takes on Rose Namajunas in a very pivotal fight in the womans strawweight division. How do you feel about Waterson at +110? I love Waterson at +110. I think that she is constantly getting overlooked and I think it has a lot to do maybe with she didn’t come out of that UFC machine. She kind of made her name elsewhere so I don’t know if people just don’t get behind her as much but a plus money I love it. Obviously she’s gonna have difficulty dealing with Rose’s size. Again she fought at Atomweight and this is at strawwight so she is going to be the small fighter. Rose is very good at keeping her distance now. She’s very technical sound, finally kind of containing her aggression, but Waterson is so good at everything, so is Rose but Watterson is just so experienced so well-rounded, I love her game, I love her game plans, going into flights, this is a tough call, but I do lean to the experience of Waterson and again Rose, great fighter, she’s still only 24 she has the world ahead of her. I think Waterson right now is more motivated than she’s ever been and I think she takes thisone. Thank you very much Justin. That is it for our look at UFC on Fox 24 but you can find more coverage in the UFC section at including Justin’s complete preview and analysis of the card. Also it’s playoff time so for all your NBA, and NHL betting needs be sure to keep it locked on the pound for pound king of sports betting news.

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