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MMA Vlog 07 – Welcome to my Crib

MMA Vlog 07 – Welcome to my Crib

You’re here this early?
What’s up. Morning.
I was just drinking coffee. And now we’re going to train. What are you doing?
Are you filming again? Markus, how about
we switch places. Why am I always
being recorded? Give it to me. So how do I turn this thing on? Now you get to see
who is usually filming. What am I supposed
to do now? Show us the gym. Move.
More drama baby, more drama. Come on, Markus. A wonderful morning,
Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the next
episode of “Wir leben im Gemeindebau” At the apartment
complex Alt Erlaa. Come in and take a look.
Ok, so let’s see. I am doing this way
better than you. Here we have
our entrance. It’s a little early
but maybe someone is already training.
Ohh, everybody is on steroids. In case you’re
wondering this isn’t his training gear, that’s what
he is usually wearing. I saw him in
the train like that. Darko, you have to
make everything seem dramatic. You know from
a low angle. A little drama.
Like a real movie. Follow me, I’ll
show you something. Take your shoes off. By the way, I
only wear Nike. They’re very expenisve.
You got them as a gift, man. If someone from
Nike is watching and wants to sponsor
us, hit me up. The first ones
are already training. You can witness
something special. At our morning class,
our grizzly bear. We call him
that not only because he looks,
acts and smells like one but also because,
and only a few know that, he ran away
when he was 3 so he can
live among bears. Why should I
lie to you. Hello, Darko.
Hey, Grigor. Grappling Sparring. We are starting in
a standing position Without punching. Which is really
not my thing. But I feel better.
I’ve had worse. Do you want to
pet my bear? Your bear? Kiss him. I said kiss him. He said kiss him. So many people
are preparing they are all fighting. I am usually thai boxing. I started off
with thai boxing. But on the
16th of June I’ll make my
MMA debut. Yeah, I have this
fight in Sweden, Stockholm against a very good
opponent from there. Amazing organisation,
I’ve been there before. I love to go there,
Sweden’s like my second home. I’ve been living in
Göteborg for 2 years. But I have a lot
of friends in Stockholm. Sweden is such a
nice, warm country. The weather is cold but the souls of the people is warm. I really love to go there. I am glad I can visit
them from time to time. And now my
new home is here in Vienna, Austria. I feel super good here,
it’s a great team. Look at these guys, they
train hard everyday. I can’t wait to show
my best at the event. WFC I am coming. My voice, it’s horrible. Selim, you’re doing an
interesting pose there. Markus, what’re
we doing now? Now that we’re all alone. This is our new MMA spot with our own wall of fame with a few beautiful
shots of our fighters. Nicole, our boxing champion. That is not Nicole, Darko.
Come here. Sorry. That’s Nicole, our boxing champion. The next picture is from then fighter
and now camerman, Darko Barnovic. Lazily laying on the ground. Don’t worry, he
is still fighting. If you’re filming then
I have to say it It’s going to be a
tough fight for Darko. And of course we
have Alex our UFC fighter. One of the most
ambious exerciser who isn’t here today. He is very strong
and good looking Such an attractive guy, no? Not many know
this but, he recently got an
offer from GQ magazin for a swimwear shoot. But they realized that
only one thigh would need a doublepage
so they declined. Technically, it’s not possible
to take pictures of him. Thoughts on Darko vs Lemmy? Darko is a machine,
our own mighty mouse. He is the mighty mouse. The next picture is
also very special. You can see Rene Hackl. He appeared some times
but we never mentioned him. He told me, he was a
bit sad we never mentioned him so we’re doing it right now
although he isn’t here. Did he cry? A little bit. So here he is, Rene Hackl. Rene, this is for you. Live from Vienna. He isn’t here today,
because he is in Miami with Dominic Schober. On their honeymoon
or something. And on the picture
Rene is on his back as usual, because
he isn’t training wrestling. Because he hardly trains
wrestling and never show up. The sad truth. Markus, what’re you doing
here all alone. I am getting her number
what do you want. Come on, let’s go, it’s enough. New facebook profile picture. I am going to tell you a
story not many know of. Michael still lives with his mother. Yeah, my mother is the best. And not because he has no money but his mother loves pickels and she eats two glasses per day and she cannot open
them on her own because she has
problems with her hand. Your mother has
problems with her hand! She could do it but she
carried me for 9 months close to her heart. I think she deserves that
someone opens them for her. I think so too. Lastly some words about
me being a cameraman. I have to admit that I
did a lot better than Markus and you can vote on
Instagram who did better and we’re just going
to throw out Markus and I am continuing with the vlogs. Voting was the word I was looking for! It was good, no?
Markus, it was good.

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  1. chaos videos mann! schnitt, musik alles top! ich freue mich schon jeden donnerstag auf was neues.
    haut rein burschen

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