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MMA Vlog 15 – Drilling Day, Foxy Night

MMA Vlog 15 – Drilling Day, Foxy Night

Did you fall from the
bed right into the gym? I slept here. *closed area* Everyone is so motivated.
This area is closed. Can’t you read?
Only barefoot is allowed? I know where my beard went.
Where is it? Just look at Rene. Look closely at Rene. What do you want from me? Be gone! Joey, bro! Do you want ? ?
Come here. Come here. Shisha. There’s no punching today. Bro, it’s so early and you
have to be dick already. Today, we’re doing MMA drills. Which means we punch eachother, do take downs,
kick one another, do things on the ground. Today is Jiu Jitsu class. You know, with me, a brown belt. Now we spar. Come with me. Today we are
sparring with gloves. I have a brown belt. I am going to help,
because I have a brown belt. And I am going to
help prepare these guys. Look here. Latere on when wearing
gloves, don’t do this. You go around
and grab him. Exactly like that. It’s great, the guys
even train without me. Grigor is that kinda guy. Asshole. I have a bump there. One moment. Yeah, put a little salt into the wound. What’s up? Come here.
Thanks Markus! Thank you man.
Dammit! I texted you I have
a kids class at 11. I talked to him before you,
you useless trash! Then why are you talking to him
without asking me? Why should I?
You want to ask the viewers who’s right? Do it again I dare you. Man, I forgot my
shoes because I should’ve done Grigors class
but I also forgot my wrestling shoes. But in the end I didn’t
do Grigors class and that’s why I left my shoes on my locker.
Gongratulations. That’s our wrestling coach.
I feel like this is Walking Dead. Matthias, hurry!
Dude, I only just learned how to tie a shoe. Training should’ve started 10 minutes ago and Matthias hasn’t even
put on his shoes yet. Everyone’s waiting for you.
You bit my foot! I swear you won’t
get your foot back. I’ll take it home with me. I don’t need it, look. That’s bad sportsmanship. Your socks smell, dude. Can, tell me again why you’re
not wearing wrestling shoes. I was at Sports Direct
to buy wrestling shoes. But then I saw these football shoes
and they were super cheap. And I can’t play football
wearing wrestling shoes but I can wrestle wearing these. Wow. Wow. That goes right into my heart. Handstand and over him. And the next one.
Can you do it. Look at him, now
I have to do it. Ok, watch me doing it. You’re good at Thai Boxing instead. Do the bridge, and go over him. I have wrestling class. Look what he’s doing. The games called “X1Z1”
spelled like the bird flu. I am busy right now.
Darko, you’re training. I am very unprofessional right now. Darko, you’re training!
I am training right now. Dude. “X- H1Z1”, “H1Z1”.
Bye. I will takes this. Your mother can come
over after class to get this back. Mario is so distracted. Brate! Did you do the doll? Do you mean, like, dirty things? Yes. I’ve got two dolls at home, Markus, please. You don’t have to explain spinning to ME. Come on, Mario. This doll right here is
older than I am. When I was 9 years old,
this doll was already wrestli- Do you want to see a cool technique?
When you’ve got an armbar like that and he doesn’t let loose
you just do this. That doesn’t look good. And suddenly you’ve got his arm. Just the arm bar doesn’t look cool. I am getting bullied.
Hopefully, the police sees this. Is it normal to get smacked
in the face by the doll? Almost! Mario, did you even train? Yeah, I trained a bit.
But he’s the worst coach. Damier ? These are great!
20 Euros! Those cost 45. I am going to eat a Doner Kebab. Kebab and a Big Mac menu. Thank you, Damier. And again. Again. Then you get a hammer hand. Darko, who’s going
to win the World Cup? Me. Albania. Tell me a story from school. I’ll tell you something.
I never liked going to school. I always said “Only the rich like to read”. Hey, Baki! What happens when it’s raining
but also sunny? The gypsies are getting married. What? When it’s raining but it’s also sunny, the gypsies are getting married! Look at him, he is 42 and
stopped fighting last year. Next time I swear,
there is a saying. You take a stone,
press it and water should come out. I did that at 26 years of age. I swear to you. Now I am 42 but still. Now look at this.
Can was bragging with his football shoes
and he already forgot them. What does he say
in his defense. Too many punches on
the head.

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7 thoughts on “MMA Vlog 15 – Drilling Day, Foxy Night

  1. Seit dem der Markus gekündigt worden ist und er jetzt gezwungener Maßen vor der Kamera steht ist die Folge nicht mehr so Gut🤨

  2. Markus, du hast aber richtig super technique, mit deine Fuß direkt in gesicht 😀 Aber ist besser wnn es schwitzt. Who te Fook spielt noch h1z1 ? Leeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmy ist viel besser, sicher er spielt fortnite oder pubg.

  3. Haha, die werden immer besser! Was mich allerdings am meißten fasziniert ist, dass der Markus net mehr auf die Fresse kriegt… 😉

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