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MMA Vlog 20 – Nie ohne mein Team

MMA Vlog 20 – Nie ohne mein Team

It’s a premiere.
For the 20th Episode, here at “Zentimeter”. Obviously you want to
know why we’re here? In full lenght.
Yes. The meaning of the reunion
is to show our appreciation as a team.
Everybody, everybody is the head of the team.
There isn’t one head of the team. And we want to
congrat you, Markus. What? For what? For Mixed Martial
Monkeys, for the extra work.
You come everyday, you do extra work,
you stay super late. Because of that, we want to give
you two things. First is this from everybody. We collected something
to support the camera you want.
So everybody put something together to help you,
to support you. Why are you doing this? Thanks guys, I don’t
know what to say. Best coach.
Don’t trust your coach ever. Don’t trust. Today, we tried
to suprise you because you’re
putting so much love into Mixed
Martial Monkeys so we thought
“Markus probably wants a new camera”. So we collected
money from everybody and tried
to contribute a contribution. Back in the days everything
was better in Vienna. People were talking
german and didn’t paint on me at “Zentimeter”. Excuse me,
excuse me I am a native Viennese. You’re a what?
An Austrian. No really, I am.
What are you thinking? Who is
team Connor? Team Connor has
to do something if he loses. I take responsibility
and cut my hair if Khabib loses. I also cut my hair. Me too. Roberto, are you drunk?
No, not yet. Roberto is crazy but
this time we will pass coach. Come on guys. If Khabib loses I’ll let my
hair grow for 3 months. If Connor loses I’ll cut my
hair and let my beard grow. What are you going to do?
Who are your rooting for? For Khabib. And if he loses? You hair will?
Tell us. One year chest hair
and everything. I won’t cut my
hair for 3 months. I don’t want to bet
with them because I don’t want to
look llike an idiot. I am still rooting
for Khabib I think. I think Khabib
is going to win. I’ll cut
my hair when Connor loses
if he loses. But you’re always cutting your hair.
No I’ll go full on bald. Such as this Gentleman
right here. So no matter what happens,
half the team will look like idiots. If Khabib loses I
will cut my hair and beard.
I’ll cut my hair bald, that’s no problem but
that’s not going to happen. I’ll cut all
of my hair and beard
for 3 months. No, for one month.
No, it’s 3 months. You’ll all look
like babies. No shave. Oh, bald but
with a beard? Roberto has
my bet and I’ll shave my legs
and Roberto will choose my shorts with which I’ll train.
But for a month. Yeah, for a month.
Wait. And then you have
to walk on Gudrunstraße. You have to lose
weight dammit. I know. What did you get?
Chili con carne spicey. How much do
you weigh? 100, 101 kg?
No. My first fight
was in Linz. And I couldn’t do anything
while standing, a young grappler
with big dreams and I choked
out that dude until he was unconscious. And I got paid. It was a great night. My first Thai boxing fight I didn’t know what’s
going to happen. And he beat you up? Nah bro.
How did it end? I won bro. I can’t remeber but I won.
When was that? 15 years for sure, man. 2003 was my first fight. My first fight was
at Gudrunstraße. My mother. Dominic, Dominic. What about the sauce? Why are you
mocking him? Because I
can’t reach Marko. Now I got both. I remember, it was
at the tennis center. Right.
Arbi had his first fight and they interviewed
him in English but Arbi didn’t speak any
so I had to translate. I was talking bullshit
so Markus changed it. The fight was KO, right? Yeah, in the second round. I lost the second and
third fight too due to submission. How was your first MMA fight? My first MMA fight?
Yeah. I smoked cigarettes,
had no condition but I somehow survived
the second round and then I went to the toilet
for 40 minutes and threw up. That was my first fight.
So bad. What was your first fight?
Karate, Kickboxing? Yeah, Karate
when I was 12. I lost.
Everytime I attacked him he punched me straight
on my body and after the third time
I couldn’t handle it anymore. That was my first fight. My first fight was a Thai boxing
fight in Linz at a gala from
Thaikibo Linz. And MMA, my first MMA
fight was in Freistadt which
is also around Linz against a Czech. I won with a TKO
in the first round. How much MMA did
you train for that fight? Hardly anything,
I only played UFC on my playsation and
watched youtube videos. For the first 3 MMA
fights I trained 3 or 4 weeks combined.
I remember that. You do, that was at Fox Gym. After that it got serious
after my Loss. I had to train
and since then I am training with the
best fighters in Vienna. My first fight was against the national champion
from Asia-Vienna in 2008 in in taekwondo.
He was good fighter It was a draw. But it was
great experience and the other 3 figths I had, after
that, I won. Thank god.
It’s time for MMA. It’s time.
I have tor train more wrestling with our coach
Markus but we can do it. My first fight on
the streets or in the ring? The ring.
Okay. Which fight is more
rememberable for you the one on the streets or the ring?
The one the street. That was a cool one. It was ike 15 minutes first then a break and
I went back home It was a nice fight.
It was a relly good fight. Brawling but it was a good one. Who won the fight? You want to know
how it ended? I connected a lot of punches
I took him to the ground I was good.
I was doing karate a lot. But the fight ended when
he punched me in the middle of the nose
and my nose bled. I think they saw so
much blood they said stop. And then he came
to shake my hand. We were friends. We played football
a lot together. 7 or 8 years
something like this. It was a very nice fight. That was the first one.
And after that came many other. Hey, are you all
drinking no alcohol? And the first one in
the cage was a good one. We were talking
about that guy. He’s a 93kg guy now. He is fighting
in BFL. He won by KO in 15 sec
two days ago. Very good guy. Luckily I fought him
two years before he became a
beast like that. It was a good fight. I learned the
No side choke Nobody knew that move. The one I showed you today. Yeah, that one. Grigor, how- Tell us about your fight. My first fight was My first fight was in the 23rd district at “Nachtwerk” at
the parkinglot. I did-
Something stupid. I had a big, very
big fight. The guys from
Gudrunstraße were there. And that’s how I got
into martial arts. From “Nachtwerk” to
Gudrunstraße, from Gudrunstraße to
the 23rd district. To Gym23. Yeah, and that was
my first fight. My first fight was
when I was 14 years old. I trained kick boxing
for a year. It was in Graz at the
national championship and I won after
2 rounds due to submission. That was my
first fight which was about
12 years ago. He was like “Due to submission”
and Christain was like. It was a long time ago
when I was like 16 or 15 years old. I started doing
taekwondo and fought at
Viennese championships. I won the fight. It was a fascinating,
amazing feeling. I had my first boxing
fight when I was 36 after I had to take
a 8 year long break because of injuries. It was in Hungary. Because I had about
200 taekwondo and kick boxing fights I had a lot of experience. The first fight however was still overhelming after such a long break, speaking in terms of adrenalin flash which I hadn’t experienced
before or after the fight. I don’t remember. The first was against
Marcello or something.
Marcelino I think. I got some points
but I was sick unfortunately. My first MMA fight
was in Braunau. That somehow was a very exciting experience because I stepped
into the ring and after 10 sec I couldn’t
breathe anymore. I swear I did dsomething while warming up. I was warming up and
adrenalin took over A lot of my
friends were there and I felt like tearing
up the world but my breath was
gone after 10 sec. And then it meant
surviving and fighting for two rounds. But I ended up winning. It was very,
very exciting. Now I have to greet
all of my friends in Ried, I couldn’t
have done it without you. They were cheering so much and had fun which gave me
so much motivation for those 2 rounds.

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