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MMA Vlog 31 – Fight Night XFN 16

MMA Vlog 31 – Fight Night XFN 16

For me, as a coach, the event was very stressful. We started all the warm-ups very close to the actual fights and that was bad… but, thank God, we did it. With structure, you know… I´m just very good at this We lost, what, two fights? Unfortunately Alihan and Fatih, both had their moments. Alihan won the first round, but got tired… no idea, what happened there Muslim fought a very calm and clean fight, mostly thanks to our other Muslim in the corner. The situation was well under control, very good job! Did you see the fight? Violence is not a solution! I´m up next, and I´m just getting my hands wrapped Everyone was like this today Who is that boy? Do you know him? Who is that guy from Salzburg? This is our Isi, the Wonderboy Machaev is perfectly warmed up The cage is big, he will warm up more during the fist round. But don´t forget XFN belongs to Machaev! Yeah guys, one more victory, 7-0 undefeated. I´m happy to have fought here in Vienna, my hometown. It was an awesome event! What about your father? Is he here? When I picked up my opponent, I thought where should I slam him? Then I saw my father, and he always says that I´m not training hard enough. So I slammed him next to where my father was sitting. Machaev, very confident, lifted the guy, presented him to the crowd, and, the best part…slammed him right in the guy´s own corner like a Palatschinke (Austrian Pancake)! Fatih also started stronger, defended the takedown well, landed the better strikes standing…but it´s MMA, one mistake will cost you the fight Who is up next? Ayub Gaziev against… some guy Some guy!? Yes, I don´t know his name but I think Ayub will win. I´m sure. Congratulations Ayub! Thank you brother, thank you. How was the fight? After a long break… it was a little hard. A lot of emotions. But, alhamdulillah… High Kick, followed by a Flying Kick. Easy, huh? Yeah, easy Did you try to sneak a Bosnian flag in there, Darko?! Yes, but they noticed. Bosnia is not in the EU. You didn´t even look Darko…No, that is the women´s bathroom! I was a little worried about Arbi´s fight because he suffered a cut in the first round and couldn´t see from his left eye. He also told us during the break that he couldn´t see. I was worried whether he could fight the 2. and 3. like that but he did a really good job The first one of those hooks… everything went black, I couldn´t see. Now, I still can´t see. Great experience, though… you fought with only one eye! I thought I was done after the first but you have to fight on Watch the Takedown! He is going to shoot! It was a bad fight. You always say that! If Arbi landed that uppercut, he´d be gone But he didn´t throw it! He did, once. I threw at least two! Three… Look how many I threw, brother But the guy took a lot of punches Yeah, he was like a heavy bag Were you nervous because you were the main event? I felt that, whatever god gives, victory, defeat… in my heart, it was most important to fight well. It wasn´t that good, but thanks anyway. Brutal fight, those were fireworks! That´s how it´s supposed to be! This is MMA! K.O. would be better… Yeah… the guy was really tough Right, he ate those punches That´s the thing about small guys they can take a punch! He fought two rounds with one eye but he fought like a guy with three eyes! Really tough. The doc is coming to examine the eye now But it´s probably fine, just the cut that will need to be stitched Esko has that construction worker strength Incredible! Once he grabs that left underhook, you won´t get free. Like a truck! How is it to see and meet your opponent before the fight? In the ring, he is my opponent. Outside, we are friends. I have nothing against the guy. I´m not nervous, I say hi… I just saw the guy I lost to last time, I greeted him, he greeted me back Everything is fine. In the ring, we have to be hard, it´s a fight, a battle. But outside, we are just regular humans. Grenades! What are they talking about? Is that true? A little… during sparring, coach always says… Darko, don´t duck like this but how am I supposed to not duck away from those haymakers?! But I will find a way, just wait… Arbi, you look amazing, like always. The guy from Salzburg… Who is that guy? I heard he is the guy who always gets the bonus… the bonus hunter! On sherdog, it says bonus hunter What a great fight name! Who? Who is that guy? I don´t know him We´re going to the hospital, right? Can you see better now? Not a thing… Money first, then hospital! I´m just taking care of Arbi´s pay so he can give me my 20% cut You get 20%? For what? It´s 20% with the friendship discount!

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25 thoughts on “MMA Vlog 31 – Fight Night XFN 16

  1. Gratulation an alle Gewinner und sowieso super Leistung von allen Kämpfern. Ich hab Markus im live Stream mit der Kamera gesehen und mich ab da schon auf das Video gefreut 😄

  2. Kannst du mir die 3 zahlen erklären das eine steht für sieg das andere für niederlage für was das 3 te ?


  3. Endlich🤜🤛 hab mich schon sehr auf das Video gefreut! Gratuliere allen Gewinner und diejenigen, die verloren haben, Kopf hoch, ihr lernt daraus und werdet dadurch stärker💪

  4. Hey!
    Wie groß ist der Mochamed Machaev? 🙂
    Super Kämpfe!!!
    Was bedeutet eigentlich "pro record" also wann ist man pro? Und wenn man noch nie gekämpft hat, wo sucht man sich dann am besten einen Gegner für seinen ersten Kampf?

  5. Super Video Jungs, wie immer!
    Krass Leistung und verdiente Siege! Eine schnelle Genesung, dass ihr bald wieder trainieren könnt.

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