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MMA Workout – Reuben Duran Workout Secret to Tapout UFC Victory!

MMA Workout – Reuben Duran Workout Secret to Tapout UFC Victory!

AthleanX has given me the ability to build
a strength, power, stamina and flexibility to 30, 40 minute high intensity workout. I get all my strength and conditioning during
this workout so it allows me to have more time in my other trainings: my wrestling,
my jujitsu, my striking. It just gives me more time to concentrate
on those parts of my game from the fights. We do a lot of stuff that’s on unstable, mainly
we do our stuff on our feet, and we’re not gonna do so much leg extensions. You’re not really working your styloid muscles
when you do leg extensions or stable exercise. We wanna do unstable exercises, so we can
work our core, we can work our stable line muscles, because that’s what’s gonna use
in our fights. I use the AthleanX BAnd which help me make
my shoots for my take downs a lot much closer, I do juloju net bands,so this makes my shoots
just more quicker, I wanna be able to change my levels a lot faster, and get that take
downs. My goal now is getting the USC, it’s my
main and only goal now, Athleanx is going to help me get there because the workouts
that we do are structured from me to be strong, explosive, have more stamina, gimme all the
tools I need to get there and continue to be aggressive and doing what I do to win my

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20 thoughts on “MMA Workout – Reuben Duran Workout Secret to Tapout UFC Victory!

  1. Reuben Duran is a tough fighter and has a lot of potential in his division. He had a great fight on Saturday and pulled of a nice submission.

  2. Reuben Duran signed a 5 fight contract with the UFC early this year just incase anyone was wondering…


  4. @omgzitsmilk You should be crying that fellow americans lack of basic grammar… Well,you'll probably laugh your ass off if you look up vids like "Why are americans so stupid", "Funny americans" and so on.

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