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Monday, September 23

Monday, September 23

Live from New York City, It’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ (upbeat music and audience cheering) ♪ Feeling, feeling, feeling ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ Come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doing? Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheering and upbeat music) ♪ How you doing? ♪ Welcome to Monday. (audience cheering) Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. (audience cheering) Thank you for tuning in today. How you doing? How you doing? I’m doing okay. Let’s get started. It’s time for hot topics. (audience cheering) (upbeat music and audience cheering). Welcome to fall. Even though it’s fall, it’s gonna be 90 degrees today, here in New York. Another summer day, but it’s fall y’all. So, the Emmy’s were on last night. Norman called me, like, eight o’clock to tell me to turn on the red carpet. I turned on Fox, and I saw football. (audience laughing) I don’t care about the sports. I stayed with the Giants. (audience cheering) Look! (audience cheering) Congratulations, you guys. You did it. So, we’re off to a good start. Anyway, the big winners last night at the Emmy’s, Fleabag. I’ve never heard of Fleabag. (audience laughing) Look, everything isn’t for everybody. (audience laughing) The start is Phoebe Waller-Bridge and she won a whole bunch of stuff, including lead actress in a comedy series, outstanding writer for a comedy series, and comedy show. I don’t know who this is, but congratulations, girl.
(audience laughing) Anyway, Fleabag does air on Amazon. Billy Porter. (audience cheering) I love his outfit, okay? He just style steals everything that he goes to. He’s like the Lady Gaga of the moment. Well, he’s the first openly gay black man to win outstanding actor in a drama for his series, Pose. (audience applauding) You know, and I liked his speech. If you didn’t see it, take a look. I am so overwhelmed and I am so overjoyed to have lived long enough to see this day. James Baldwin said, “took many years “of vomiting up all the filth “that I had been taught about myself, “and halfway believed “before I could walk around this earth “like I had the right to be here.” (audience applauding) I have the right, You have the right, we all have the right. (audience cheering) During Fashion Week, I went to The Blonds Fashion Show and Billy performed. First of all, it was a stunning show of epic proportion. I brought my sister with me, we sat next to Martha Stewart, and it was just amazing, but he performed at that fashion show. He’s just wonderful to me. Anyway.
(audience cheering) (audience applauding) So, the Kardashians presented for outstanding reality TV show, and people laughed. I never find laughter offensive. If you laugh with me or laugh at me, I don’t care, as long as you laugh. You know?
(audience laughing) Anyway, Kendall looked pissed, I think Kim didn’t know what was going on, (audience laughing) but no, not in a bad way, but in a good way, you know? And I’m gonna tell you my thoughts on what they said and the laughter after this. Take a look. Our family knows firsthand how truly compelling television comes from real people just being themselves.
(audience laughing) Telling their stories unfiltered and unscripted. Here are the nominees for outstanding competition series. (audience laughing and oohing) Well, and here’s what I think. I think that the people laughing at them are jealous, and I’ll tell you why. I’ll tell you why. You take your big education, going to a drama school and all that other kind of stuff, these girls make more money than the whole building, okay? (audience applauding) Oh, my gosh. The shade in the front row of it all. (audience laughing) Mustache one and mustache two. (audience laughing) The shade of it all. No, but here’s what I’m saying, right? People are upset because you study drama, you wanna be an actor, an actress, you wanna make money, you wanna be famous, you wanna honor your craft, and all the sudden, this family comes along, called the Kardashians, years ago, and they stole everything in terms of fame. I don’t mean steal, like bad, I mean like in a good way. Norman, you know what I’m saying. I see what you’re saying. I think the people are jealous. You’re jealous.
Yeah, right. You’re jealous. So, they laughed at them. Look, Kim, Kendall, Chris, and all you all, don’t be mad at them for laughing, because people are still trying to kick you all back in for doing such big things in such a short period of time with the only thing you have, which is love for one another, and the ability to make people follow you on Instagram and whatnot.
(audience cheering) That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. (audience applauding) I love Kendall’s dress. Anyway. Michelle Williams won for best actress in a limited series. (audience cheering) And you know. (audience applauding) I only know her name. I really don’t know. I never watch anything that she does, or maybe I have, but I don’t recall. All I know is that her hair, her sensible makeup, I think she looks beautiful. Like, really. I’m not a fan of the dress, but with that being said, she gave a great speech about gender pay gap. Take a look. And so, the next time a woman, and especially a woman of color, because she stands to make 52 cents on the dollar compared to her white male counterpart, tells you what she needs in order to do her job, listen to her, believe her, because one day she might stand in front of you and say thank you for allowing her to succeed because of her workplace environment and not in spite of it. (audience cheering) That’s a really good one. That’s a really good one. (audience applauding)
Anyway, my shady style squad is here to break down the fashions later on in the show. (audience applauding) Over the weekend, did you hear that Kenya Moore and her husband, Marc Daly have split? Yes. They were married for two years and they have a 10 month old daughter, named Brooklyn. Well, Marc is from Brooklyn, Kenya is from Detroit, but she lives in Atlanta, and I see these long distance relationships, they don’t work. That’s all I’m saying. I guess he wanted her to move to Brooklyn and help him out with his very successful restaurant business, but she wants to be on TV, but you met her that way, Marc. Anyway, sources close to Kenya say that they’ve been having problems for a while, and that Marc resents Kenya’s fame. Well, you know. Who was she before you met her? Famous. Why are you resenting now? Anyway. (audience applauding) Then, they say it was last Tuesday they got in some sort of huge fight when a fan asked to take a picture with Kenya. Now, they were both out together, this Marc and Kenya, but a fan came up and asked to take a picture, and Kenya’s probably the type, immediately, because she’s probably very needy. A lot of people. (audience oohing) I don’t mean that in a shady way. I watch through the TV. She seems like she’d be needy. I didn’t say annoying, I didn’t say not lovable, I just said needy. (audience laughing) Remember, she was a beauty pageant girl, you know? She likes beauty and taking pictures and twirling and whatnot. So, the fan asked for a picture, and I guess that’s when Marc was like, “that’s it, I’ve had it.” You know, in my mind. (audience laughing) Can’t we ever just have time with just the two of us? You know? Well, it’ll probably all play out on the show. Kenya’s got her baby. I’m sure they’ll be great co-parents. Kenya, you’re still young enough to get another. Good luck. (audience applauding) But I do feel like people are so obsessed with their camera phones and wanting to take pictures and stuff like that, that a lot of times you can be very intrusive on a celebrities life, and then the celebrities, sometimes you all don’t know how to pull back and respect you’re out with your son, or you’re out with your husband, or you’re out with your boyfriend or your mom or your dad. See, I’m the type, I will shut that down right away. Now, look. You know me. If you see me out and I’ve got company, I’m out, don’t do that. No. No, you can’t. You know? I do this for a living, but I don’t do this for life. You know what I mean? There’s a difference. So, they won’t be sending Joe back to his home in Jersey to wait it out to find out whether he gets deported. We found this out over the weekend. The judge denied his request to be able to go home and wait to see if he’ll be deported. He’s got the four daughters, he’s got Theresa, he’s got the MMA.
(audience oohing) Yeah, man. You know, school is back in session, one of the girls is away at college, the other ones need help with their homework, or at the very least a bedtime story. Just (sighing) Sucks. Well, over the weekend, Theresa said the most important thing is our four daughters, so I’m hoping Joe will be able to stay with us in the U.S. I don’t know. It’s not looking good. (audience moaning) I mean, if the judge doesn’t let him go home. So, he’s in the deportation holding area, which I hear is horrible. (audience gasping) Then, the likelihood of him being able to stay in the U.S. I don’t know, man.
(audience groaning) You know what I’m saying? Yes. Yeah. (audience laughing) I don’t know how your weekend was, but mine was good. (audience cheering and applauding) I got ’em! I got ’em! All right. So at first, I will not lie to you, I was gonna get one of those fancy cats where they mix ’em all together and then your cat can turn out looking like a leopard, or something like that.
(audience laughing) But I asked the chief to price them. Starting at $7000, going up to 20. I was like, “get out of here with that.” You know, I’m cheap. (audience laughing) And then also, with all the earthly disasters that have been going on, displacing families, human beings, but what about the animals? Animals are just out there. So, I got in contact with a rescue organization. (audience awing) Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I did.
(audience applauding) So, I wanted to kittens from the same litter, and that’s very specific. I wanted them to be girls, and so it’s called the Cat Care Clinic of Nyack, New York. (audience applauding) And those are my girls, right there. How you doin’, how you doin’, how you doin’? And they were really good. Doctor. You did a wonderful job with the girls. (audience applauding) Thank you. Thank you, thank you. You put those claw covers. They put claw covers on top of them. Yeah, so this is My Way, as in my life, my way now. (audience applauding and cheering) And the shady black one’s name is Chit Chat. (audience cheering) I love ’em so much. They came to the house. We immediately bonded. Chief brought ’em over with Michelle, who, Michelle right there in the blond hair. Okay, Michelle is a Wendy watcher. She wasn’t even somebody from the clinic, okay? Remember, I told you guys that I want cats and I was specific with you? Michelle’s been listening sometimes on the radio and now a Wendy watcher all the time on the show, right? (audience awing) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! (audience applauding) So, Michelle was watching that particular day, and you have cats.
Yeah. Tell what you did. You were over there at the place and you took that picture of them in the cage. Yes, yes. So, I’m a customer of Dr. Saunders, and whenever she has kittens in the clinic, I’m always snapping pictures and putting them whether on Facebook or telling friends. Yeah! And so, Monday the season started and I’m watching the playback. Yeah. And you mentioned, and I emailed, and she called, and Friday we were together.
Yeah, okay. So look, so look. (audience cheering)
I know! (audience applauding) So, this is the picture in the clinic that Michelle mailed the chief, and when I saw them hugging each other, I was like, done. I want both of them. Now, how do we prepare? So, the doctor, you took care of them with the shots and whatever else. And getting them spayed and vaccinated and leukemia, AIDS tested, and their stools and everything. Yep.
(audience laughing) They are wonderful. I feel like I have such a full life with them and they love each other. They don’t much bother me. Chit Chat, the black one, is quite shady. She’s the one
(audience laughing) “stop being so friendly. “We’re new here. “We don’t know her.” (audience laughing) And then My Way is like, “no. “We were found in the streets.” There mom was a feral cat, wandering the streets, right? Yes, yes. Right in Nyack, and we got her spayed and she’s actually back outside and people feed her, and it’s called a TNR, trap, neuter, release. She’ll have a tipped ear so people know that the mother was spayed, so we know that she’s been taken care of, and because the kittens were young enough, we took them in. I do a fair amount of adoptions, and we found them an unbelievable home, and all because of Michelle. Michelle. A Wendy watcher.
(audience applauding) So, they’re now. No, no, hold on. I’m not. Look. (audience applauding) So, they’re minding their own business, I’m reading the usual gossip that I love to read, and minding my own business, and I come across this. Oh! Uh huh. And I’m like, oh, gosh. What a life. What a new life that I have. Anyway, I’m minding my own business, and DJ Boof calls up. (audience gasping) Well. Good morning Boof. Good morning. So, Boof and Marco had an event at Sephora, and so he called me to ask me do I want any makeup, and I thought that was really thoughtful, Boof, because I did need makeup remover. So, he said, “all right, “I’ll bring ’em to you tonight.” I was like, “you will? “Then, you can meet Chit Chat and My Way, too. (audience laughing) “Now, I don’t have any food, “but would you like to go out for dinner?” So, we went down the street to the Palms for dinner. I love the steak. He’s grossed out. He doesn’t eat meat. (laughing) He had a salad. I’m stuffing my face. Right? So, Boof. Ding dong, here’s Boof. He’s got the little bag of makeup remover and stuff, he comes inside, and I say to him, I said, “Boof, “do you wanna meet my kittens?” And so, I took him to meet the kittens and what do we see? They took a massive, runny dump in a pair of Manolo Blahniks. (audience shrieking) Boof. (audience laughing) Look, a massive, runny dump in a pair of Manolo Blahniks. (audience shrieking) (laughing) Look, look, look. And then, they had the nerve to hide. (audience laughing) Look, look. But Boof was nice enough to help me clean it up, right? Yeah. So, we cleaned it up. (audience applauding) They’re like five inch ones. I’ll never wear them again. They were made of leather. I’ll never wear them again. They were down on the floor. I got a lot of shoes and stuff. I’ll never wear them again. We cleaned it up, I put the Lysol on ’em, threw them in the sink, watered ’em down. The leather dries nice. It’s like if you wear leather in the rain. You know, they’re just shoes. And then, we went to eat. Did I leave anything out, Boof? Other than the poop got on my hand and we were both yelling at each other. Right, right!
(audience laughing) The poop got on his hand. I’m like, “well, don’t touch me. (audience laughing) “Get out. “Don’t touch my walls. “Go over there.” We’re yelling, we’re fighting, the cats are hiding, but all in all, that’s life. Yeah.
(audience applauding) I can only wear these in front of you, ’cause my main guy, he hates these. (audience laughing) Oh, and the poof. Oh, please. The poof, the cat ears, like no fun. (audience laughing) He’s corny. Anyway, so Lizzo, everybody, might be getting sued over a food delivery. (audience oohing) The driver. All right, so this is what happened. We love Lizzo. Hey, Lizzo. By the way, Boof, have you lost the job with Nikki Minaj? Are you one job down now? No. She’s not retiring? That was a lie? I don’t know anything. (laughing) There’s no job loss, but no. Well, you have DJ gigs, plus this gig, plus Fabulous, so you’re still working. Always.
(audience applauding) I can tell by all that jewelry. (audience applauding) Anyway. So, Lizzo posted a woman’s picture and accusing her of not delivering her food, stealing her food, and that’s that. All right. This is what Lizzo says. “This girl stole my food. “She’s lucky I don’t fight no more.” (audience laughing) So then, Lizzo’s fans started slamming her for publicly shaming the driver. So, Lizzo took the post down, but the woman told TMZ, see, that she’s now afraid to leave her home. (audience moaning) You know, because people love Lizzo and she wanted her food, but here’s the thing, Lizzo, and we’re not gonna show the woman’s picture because we don’t wanna be in trouble. She’s a private citizen who didn’t ask for that. That’s the thing, Lizzo. I realize you just got really big and famous really quick, but you gotta remember that people wanna come for your neck all the time. They have nothing better to do. They wanna see celebrities get in fights with them so that they can sue, and so now, I think that this girl has a case. She was on Lizzo’s, you could see the girl, girl was right there, but this is what happened. It was seafood, first of all, (audience laughing) and Lizzo was in a hotel, so she waited for five minutes, and then waited another five more minutes, ten full minutes. The delivery girl, she was in touch with the concierge, she went up to the door, she knocked on the door, she went back downstairs, she went back upstairs, she was back, forth, back, forth with the seafood. Here’s the thing, Lizzo, and people who order food, as soon as you order something, it’s not the time to get in the shower. (audience laughing). You see what I’m saying. Or blow dry your hair with all that noise right here. When you order something, you virtually have to stay perched at your door, ’cause sometimes, there’s certain people who don’t even know how to knock loud, and if you don’t have a doorbell, they don’t even ring that, or they don’t see it or something like that. I don’t know. Lizzo. What you should have done, as opposed to post her, is call the front desk and ask about your food. Then, when they say the girl was here to deliver, but you were nowhere around, so she took the food back to the restaurant, then call the restaurant and say, well then, you want your money back ’cause you never got the food, then you get a new delivery from a whole different place, ’cause all the restaurant’s gonna do is maybe spit in the food. You know what I mean?
(audience applauding) And then bring it back over there. (audience applauding) Anyway. Oh, that’s it for Hot Topics, but we got more great show for everybody. It’s Monday! And our Style Squad is here to break down the latest fashions from the Emmy’s, so grab a snack and come on back. (audience cheering and upbeat music playing) (audience cheering and upbeat music playing) Oh, my gosh. All right. The biggest names on television, or whatever, the Emmy’s last night.
Yes, exactly. Okay, and here to break down the fashions, the hits and the misses are my friends from Bevelations, say hello to Bevy Smith. Hello. Yes, Bevy.
(audience cheering) And style guru and author, Lloyd Boston. Hey!
(audience cheering) Look, I don’t know who this is. All right? Hello, Monday. How diabolical do you look? Exactly. Ooh! Say hello to Robert Verdi. (audience cheering)
Yes. All right. Lloyd, Zendaya. I have a new name for her, Zen-slaya! Yes!
(audience cheering) I mean, she really brought the heat. Look at this. I mean, Vera Wang never looked so young, modern, and hip. She looks really beautiful.
She’s giving us some Jessica Rabbit, and you know what I love about her? Her choices always keep us guessing. She knows the power of having her brand be elegant and sophisticated because the more she puts into it, the more she gets out of it from a brand standpoint.
Yeah! (audience cheering) Bevy? I love this look. You know, I’m euphoric about this look. That’s how much I love it, and you know, the thing that I love most is that she started out as a Disney star, but with this beautiful corseted look and this thigh high slit, she lets us know that she’s leaving those little girl days behind. This is a grown ass woman right now. (audience cheering)
Robert? Love it. This is a real testament to how important the work of a stylist is. Luxury Law, who’s been working with Zendaya for a long time has really helped shape her public image, and she is a superstar, and if she does not get People Magazine Most Beautiful People in the World cover, I will cut a picture of herself out and glue it one.
Glue it on there. Shout out to Law Roach, her stylist. He’s amazing. Does she have a boyfriend ever though? No. You know what? She keeps us guessing on that, as well, not just from the look.
Yeah. Interesting.
Yeah. She does her dirt by her lonely, I suspect. Yeah, well. We were in Greece at the same time and I saw nothing. Really? All right, Many Moore Robert. Okay. So, I think that Mandy Moore looks amazing because she no longer looks like a teenager. (audience applauding) I love this combination of pink and red. It kind of nods to Saint Laurent’s famous color palate in the 1970s. I don’t like it. It’s ill fitting at the top. Oh, I love the seductive cut of it. It looks like it’s falling off. I love this version of it. I also love her because she was the only fan of my show and she always told me. (laughing) She looks really pretty, though. I like her simple makeup and I love her thick, luscious hair. Well, think about that. She was a teen pop star at first. Now, she plays all different ages on that show, but I love the top because it’s dangerous. You don’t know if there’s gonna be a nip slip. You know what I mean?
Exactly. And that’s usually not her. She didn’t do some big, chunky piece of jewelry to make herself feel safe. She said, “I’m owning these ta tas “and just letting them ride.” (audience cheering) And Lloyd, of course, Lloyd, you know I can appreciate owning your ta tas and letting it ride. I think Wendy can appreciate owning the ta tas and letting it ride.
Letting it ride. But the thing I love about this is that she started a trend. We saw so many people on the red carpet looking like it was Valentine’s Day with all that red and pink, and I really, really love this, and I agree with Robert Verdi. When she looks really grown up and she finally has found her style. So, kudos to her. Really pretty. I love it.
Really pretty. (audience applauding) I just don’t like the dress, but all right. Next, Taraji P. Henson. Another Valentine’s Day, every day it’s the 14th look. She looks like a gossamer angel. I love all the sheer, in fact, with the cape.
Too much material. But I love it because look how much fun she was having with all that material. She looked very flirty, she looked very seductive. This is a good look, and I guess, you know what I bet? I bet she stayed in that dress when she went home to that fiance and had a lot of fun. (audience oh-ing) What I really love.
Shout out to Jason Bolden.
I love, yes. It’s Jason Bolden, her stylist, who has an amazing show on Netflix with his husband, Adair Curtis. It’s fantastic. Watch Styling Hollywood. It’s great. But she really is the person you can see her as is the one who wants to be comfortable on the red carpet, and I think that this looks comfortable, but it’s a little bit too big a dress for her. It’s wearing her, she’s not wearing it. Well first of all, let’s give a shout out to that kind of retro Sherrell curly wig, that Saturday love wedge.
(laughing) I love that moment, and I love this
You are sly, Boston. That kind of Barbara Eden, I Dream of Jeannie pallet. I Dream of Jeannie, right?
Yes, you are correct. It’s that same feel.
You area correct. So, she’s ready for that sexy, fun feel. When you saw it on stage, it came to life. It was a lot on the red carpet, but I love her for having a tongue in cheek approach to the red carpet.
And I love that she wants to be comfortable. Yeah.
(audience applauding) Billy Porter, Robert, I loved! Oh, my god. Okay, look. (audience cheering) Let me start. Yes. We all have the right to be here. I don’t have the right to wear that hat. You don’t have the right to wear that hat. Nobody has the right to wear that hat. (laughing) That hat looked like the Nike swoosh to me. (audience laughing) Don’t sit in front of me in church with that hat on. (audience laughing) I love everything about Billy, and I love that the wants the attention when he’s on the red carpet.
He is wearing platform sandals. Would you look at that? It’s a lot. He likes when all eyes are on him, but I’ve been to fashion shows over the last 20 years, hundreds and hundreds of them. I’ve never seen him at one, but he loves being in fashion. He was at The Blonds! He was at The Blonds this season. You know what I’m saying?
you know what? Yeah. I love him because he is a style provocateur and this certainly shows off his flamboyant side. I love this zoot suit, I love this Michael Kors couture, I love the hat because it gives a nod to I’m gonna get you sucker meets Aretha Franklin’s inauguration hat. And let’s talk about some of the fun facts. $72,000 worth of diamonds, $130,000 worth of crystals, and over 130,000 individual crystals on that Michael Kors creation. Amazing, Lloyd.
What I love about him is he had a moment last night with RuPaul. Black, gay men had a moment last night. I thought RuPaul’s suit was fabulous! It was.
Gorgeous! He won an award. It was a great night. It was a great night.
Yeah. I like your glasses, too. Me, too.
Thank you. (laughing)
All right. Kendall Jenner. Lloyd. Kendall Jenner, this was a fail from me. I like it! Well, I’ll tell you why. Okay. This dress, and talk to me audience, if this dress was on Lady Gaga or Rihanna, or Katy Perry, they would’ve owned it with that sexy, edgy thing. She’s giving me runway, it’s loose. Latex shouldn’t be loose. It should be hot and steamy and it should be second skin.
(audience applauding) She hasn’t seen enough of the world to own this in a way. Like, those other edgy girls would’ve worn this with a sexiness. She’s plenty of tall. I think her hair looks perfect with it and I think her makeup is excellent and her eyebrows are just the bee’s knees. And you know what, here’s the thing. I think that normally we’re very bored by her, ’cause she’s a model and doesn’t have much to say. We think of her as kind of vapid and I think that this look made her far more interesting. I like the latex meets all of that outrageous cabbage rolls with that tulip ham and all of that. I love that. I think it’s a real fashion and it was fab. The dress is done by Richard Quinn, who’s an emerging designer coming out of London. He actually was presented by the British Council, presented him with an award that Queen Elizabeth presented, the first award she ever presented. She’s never gone to a fashion show in her life, and what’s interesting when you look at his collections is he actually obstructs the models’ faces. They’re always fully covered in latex or in the pattern. To my point. You’d like to see her covered. I need a dark lip. I need an edge, and I think she was coming just too pretty for latex. This girl’s kinda demure and I think that calls for somebody with some fire. Oh.
(audience applauding) So, you wanna see Wendy in it. Let’s talk about Gwendoline Christie. Oh, Jesus. Exactly. Now, she’s the Game of Thrones girl. Is this from the wardrobe of Game of Thrones? It has the vibe, right? It’s Gucci, Wendy. My aunt Connie had this statue of Jesus. Even Gucci makes a fail. Is that Gucci? Are you serious?
It’s Gucci. It is. It’s Gucci. It’s a little too costume-y and not to the Met Ball’s Costume Institute Gala from 2018. It really does a religious wardrobe. Robert. And that’s a lot of fabric. I’m sure she was quite hot and steamy underneath all those robes and everything. She’s got a really nice body though. Yeah, exactly. And she’s shrouding it in that. Oh, my gosh. Lloyd, what do you think? Well, you know, if she was gonna go Gucci, she should’ve called Dapper Dan. Do you know what I mean?
(audience laughing) If she was gonna do it, she should’ve really did it.
All right. Let’s take a look at Jenny McCarthy. Lloyd, what do you think? You know, Jenny McCarthy is a comedic host, actress-ish, so I don’t take her seriously on the red carpet and I don’t think she takes it very seriously, so when she did the chunky belt. First of all, the glam is gorgeous. She’s giving you classing Anna Nicole Smith. (audience applauding)
Neck up, gorgeous, but when you give that quirky boot, the tattered hemline, the belt, she’s not taking it seriously, so I didn’t take it seriously.
(audience gasping) She’s having fun with it.
This is Alexander McQueen. Yes, it’s Alexander McQueen, but we have to remember that she was actually a host on the red carpet, so she had to stand up for hours, which is probably why she opted for that chunky boot, ’cause it’s far more comfortable than a classic stiletto. I thought that the glam was far too sophisticated and subdued for the look. I think if she was gonna rock and roll it out, then let’s give it some tousled hair and let’s make it steamy.
Go with an Amy Winestein kinda look.
You can got Amy Weinstein. Let’s do a smudge.
Amy Winestein? Yes, darling. Let’s go for it. Let’s go for rock and roll and rugged. Got it.
And let’s do smudge mascara and the whole moment. That’s Alexander McQueen. I wanted to show you guys something, ’cause I knew that you’d appreciate it. What you got? Okay, there’s a Wendy watcher, his name is Paul George, and he went to the Joan Rivers Sotheby Auction, where I got my broach, and he bid on something that he wanted to share with me. So, Joan had, this is an Alexander McQueen cape that Joan had and he bid 13. There it is, right there on the TV. Jacket. $13,000 he paid for it, brought it back to his home, had a seamstress hook it up. He has a pillow and I have a pillow. Oh, I love that!
(audience applauding) I know, I know. Thank you! Thank you so much! I know!
That’s great. And that’s a really big deal, Wendy, because that’s actual Alexander McQueen, because you know he’s no longer with us. Right. But when Joan bought that jacket, he was very much alive, so that’s classic!
Years ago. Yep, and he bid $13,000 and chopped it up and thought about me. I love that.
You should put that on eBay. No!
(audience applauding) He sent me all the paperwork, too. It’s legit.
It has paperwork? Yes, paperwork. Credentials.
Look, all three of you, thank you so much. So good to see you again. For more information on my panelists, go to Up next, Trendy with Wendy. Don’t go far. Right? (upbeat music and audience cheering) (upbeat music and audience cheering) Yeah. Hi. It’s time for Trendy with Wendy. We do this now every Monday for the season, so get into it, okay? We’ve got fabulous products at unbelievable discounts. Say hello to our old friend, Melissa Garcia. Aw, so good to be back.
Welcome back. How fun.
Melissa. I know.
Right? So, of course, Rue Lala gives us all the stuff and because it’s our first day of fall, we’re bringing all these great things to sort of ring in fall, starting with this rug. How awesome is this? So this is the Francine Shaggy Rug. I love the texture in this. This has that Moroccan feel. This goes great in any room. It’s a nice five by eight size, it has this diamond trellis pattern on it, and comes in five different colors. I love this for fall.
It’s good in a pet room. Yes. So, retails for $190, but we’re getting 53% off, so just 89.99. Under $100. Right?
(audience cheering) I like this color. So pretty. Yeah, very pretty. Okay, so I love fresh towels. Me, too.
Right? And fall’s a great time to re-stock. So, this is from Dreamstead by Peacock Alley. They’re a six-piece luxury towel set, so you’re getting two bath towels, two hand towels, and two wash clothes. They’re Turkish cotton, super soft. I’ve been washing and drying them. They’re quality maintained.
Turkish. Great ribbing, six different colors to choose from. (laughing) They’re great. (audience laughing) So, it’s a six-piece set.
Six- piece set. Okay.
Yeah, so wait until you hear the price. So, retails for $174, (audience gasping) but we’re getting 82% off, just 29.99 for six towels.
(audience cheering) Wow!
Six towels. And they’re thick!
Right? They’re good. These are luxurious. Yes, they’re very luxurious. Okay.
Yes. What’s this?
What’s better is great, fresh, crisp sheets for fall. I love new sheets. This is 300 thread count.
Oh, wow. Three line embroidered cotton sheet set. So, you’re getting two pillow cases, a fitted and a flat sheet, comes in king and queen sizes, super soft, there’s seven different colors to choose from, and this is minimal enough, the little pattern here, the embroidery, that it goes with any decor you have already.
Yeah. So, retails for up to $149, but we’re getting 79% off. So, just 31.99 for a great set of sheets. Right?
Nice. So good.
(audience applauding) Okay. Hi, Francesca. Hi, Wendy. How are you? Are you enjoying your internship? I’m loving it. Perfect.
(audience cheering) So, what do we have here?
Yes. So, this is from Via Spiga, and it’s their belted, wool-blend coat. Again, fall is here. We love Via Spiga.
It has arrived. I didn’t even know they made clothes. Yes, they make clothes, and this is a beautiful coat.
I thought only shoes. I know. They’re know for their shoes, but now they make clothes too, and this jacket, this coat is gorgeous. It’s nice ’cause it’s wool, but it’s not too heavy. It keeps you warm. It has the beautiful faux fur collar, either the black leopard, the brown, or the black. I love the belted detail to accentuate your waist, fits every shape and body. And the pocket zips, so you can’t be pickpockets. Oh, yeah!
Slip everything in there. Yep.
Yep. (audience applauding and laughing) I love that. So, retails for $400, but we’re getting 75% off, so just 99.99.
Oh, okay. Okay, okay. Nice.
Oh, the girl in blue is very happy about that. Oh, boy.
(laughing) More hair stuff. Here we go.
More hair stuff. So, I love great hair products. So, this is from Kim Kimble, and it’s their airwave 35 millimeters curler and flat iron duo.
We know her. Yes. So, if you don’t know who she is, she’s a celebrity hair stylist to the stars, done everyone from Beyonce to Mary J., done covers of Vogue.
She’s good at what she does. She knows what she’s doing, and I love this, and I love that it’s a duo, so you’re basically getting two for one. You’re getting a flat iron and a curling wand in one, so if you travel, one less thing you have to pack in your bags. I love this, and I also love that it has a digital temperature gauge, so you can control the heat, and it’s great for every type of hair. So, this is amazing.
goes up to 450 degrees. You could really burn your cuticles. Good. You can, so be careful. (laughing) Ooh, luggage. Oh, wait. I’ve gotta tell them the price so they buy it, right?
Oh. Okay, I got it.
(laughing) Sorry. So, retails for 129.99, but we’re getting 54% off, so just 59.99. Amazing. And now, we can talk about the amazing luggage. This is good. And we always get the best luggage from Rue Lala, right? I got my color right here. Oh, so good. So, this is amazing. So, this is the Dana Point three-piece hardside luggage set with USB charging port, so this is really cool. So, not only do you get three pieces of luggage, it as the 360 degree spinner wheels, which we love, the retractable handle.
Where’s the charging? But as you can see right here, it has a USB charging port.
On the side. So, you can charge on the go. How cool is that? You charge through your suitcase. Really cool.
(audience applauding) The only thing you need is the power bank, which they sell on Rue Lala, which is sold separately, but this is amazing. You can charge wherever you go now with your luggage. How awesome is that? Comes in these four beautiful colors. Smells expensive.
(audience laughing) It does smell very expensive, but not for our Wendy Watchers. Okay, how much?
So, retails for $499. Okay. But we’re getting 70%, so just 149.99 for the set of three. Wow.
Right? Thank you, Rue Lala. Thank you Melissa Garcia. If you’d like to get in on these amazing deals, do it before they sell out. Go to Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music and audience cheering) (upbeat music and audience cheering) All right, it’s time for Ask Wendy. Everybody have a seat, except for you. Come on over. Hello. Hi, Wendy.
How you doin’? How you doin’?
Good. What’s your name? Where you from?
My name is Mary from Baltimore.
Are you having a good time? I am, thank you. I love you.
Thank you for being here. So, what do you do? I am a marketing guru.
Okay. And how can I help? Oh, my goodness. I am 49 and my ex is 20 years younger than me. (audience oohing) We actually have been on and off for six years. He’s still my trainer at the dream. (audience shrieking) And I tried to let him go, just to live his life, ’cause I know how that is for people, and I just keep making our way back to each other. He doesn’t want marriage, I don’t want marriage, we don’t want children. What should we do? Should we just go for it? (audience laughing) Yeah, but be careful. Yeah. You seem sensible. You’re a guru. Yeah. He’s gainfully employed. Yes, he is. He doesn’t want children.
He’s smart. But he’s only 29. Right. Now, that could change at any given moment. Yeah, yeah. Are you in the menopause? I was hot flashin’ outside.
(audience laughing) Yes.
One day, he might want something that you really can’t give him. Yeah. ‘Cause he is 20 years younger than you. But now, we’re going into business together. I don’t know.
Now, wait. You didn’t say that. Yeah.
What kind of business? Well, he’s a model and trying to get everything off and going, and I’m marketing. I gotta help him. We’ve been doing this for six years. Whose business is it? Yours or his?
It’s his. It’s his. I have my job.
Will he be paying you? Yes. In what? (audience shrieking)
He has money. He has money. He has money.
(audience laughing) We’re just friends, we’re good, we click. I don’t know.
Look, I like to live life on the wild side. This is one that I would not mess with, but I’m gonna tell you, I’m not trying to block your happiness, but you better be careful. You’ve been warned by all of us, right? (audience cheering) Good luck. Thank you, thank you. Race the Clock is next. (upbeat music and audience cheering) (upbeat music and audience cheering) You ready? I’m ready.
All right. Welcome back. Everybody, have a seat. We’re gonna play Race the Clock. Who is you? I is, I’m Alex from Orlando. Hi, Alex.
How you doin’? They tell me that you’ve been watching since the Six Week Sneak Peak.
Six Week Sneak Peak. Thank you.
Wendy, yes. Thank you.
I love you, Wendy. All right, we’re gonna race the clock. I’m gonna give you 30 seconds. Here’s your question, okay? Okay. Forbes just released the list of highest paid hip hop artists for 2019. Name four of them, and go. Love hip hop. Jay-Z, obviously. In the top 10, yes.
Shout out to Beyonce. Woo! Okay, Drake.
Yes. And Travis Scott. Okay, one more. Diddy. P. Diddy?
Yes! Good!
(audience cheering) Okay. And Kanye was number one. Here you go, dinner for two at American Whiskey. Thank you!
We’ll be right back. (upbeat music and audience cheering) (upbeat music and audience cheering) ♪ Come on, nickles to the beat. ♪ Okay. Monique is from Oakland, California. She’s a medical student studying feet. A podiatrist. Podiatrist, yes, yes. You’re my eye candy. I love it. Thank you. Talk about it. Yeah, so I woke up this morning, I wanted a pop of color, so I went for orange earrings.
There you go. Perfect for fall.
Eight dollars. Eight, okay. And then, I went with a jump suit. Wanted to be comfortable, as well. Nice contrast blue, $15. And nude sandals. Yes, nude sandals, little pump. I wanted to be comfortable walking over here, taking the subway. Here’s your diva fan.
$20. (audience cheering) We’ll be right back! (upbeat music and audience cheering) (upbeat music and audience cheering) ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Okay. Right after the show, I am shooting a brand new episode of the After Show. (audience cheering) Go to to check it out. There’s always more to say when the cameras go down, but come back up in my office. Tomorrow, everybody, that exclusive interview with Nicole Murphy. (audience oohing) I’ve got you with the hot topics. I love you for watching today, and I’ll see you next time on Wendy. Bye bye. (upbeat music and audience cheering) ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Nice. (dramatic music)

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