Morning Meltdown 100 Sample Workout

Hi, I’m Jericho. And this is
Morning Meltdown 100, a completely new approach
to making a fitness commitment that’s designed to help you get
your workout done every morning with the confidence that you’re truly
getting the results that you’re looking for. I’ll show you what I mean
in a second with a sneak peek. And I really hope
you’re gonna try it with me and my incredible cast. First, here’s what I want you
to think about. When was the last time
you can say you actually made a commitment
to a nutrition program and followed through
with a fitness program for 100 workouts, 100 workouts? Most people can’t say
they’ve ever done it. But that’s my goal for you. If you wanna lose weight,
get strong, or simply just take back
control of your health and well-being,
we’re in this together and it starts right here. When you purchase
Morning Meltdown 100, I’ll send you a book
that has the same image in it. And I’ll ask you to sign
under my signature because we’re in this together. But let’s stop talking
about it and take a look. A 100 workouts, a 100,
mixed live by my friend DJ Jesse Blake, who makes these
20 to 30 minutes fly by. You could just take a look. But I personally think
the best way to learn it is to just join in and start
getting some results. You know you want to. Let’s go. You ready? Here’s what you need. A good selection of weights,
water, a towel. We’ve got mats,
you don’t need one. But if you got one, awesome. We’re gonna start with a warm-up and get into some
fun blocks of work. You ready for it?
We’ve got this. Simple warm-up to start,
just soften your knees, squeeze your abs. One more thing, have fun. Are you guys ready? Easy jumping jacks
in three, two, one. Let’s go. Soft knees, feet just jump
right outside the shoulders. Now I’d also love
to introduce you to this amazing crew behind me. We’ve got Courtney
from Australia, Dustin, Cache, Pete,
we’ve got Steffanie, Dane. Whoo! Deja’s ready. Kenny in the back,
and we got Val and Siena giving you some awesome options
through the workouts. We’ve got a new move coming up,
side lunge right leg. Take the big step out.
Slow, down, down, and up. Switch sides. Push the knee in line
with the middle of the foot, chest is lifted, shoulders back. Looking good. One long straight line,
make sure the entire foot is planted on the floor. Squeeze your abs, looking good. Morning Meltdown 100 is designed
in 10 workout blocks with recovery days built in. It’s not about days or weeks
because I know you, you might even wanna do
two workouts some days. Feet wide, bend your knees,
bring your hands to the floor, shoot back to high plank,
jump in, and rise. Let’s go again.
Down, back, in, and up. Squeeze your abs. If you’re new to fitness
or getting back into shape, I got Val next to me
as a dedicated modifier to show you awesome options. You’ll see all of us modifying
from time to time as well. Everybody’s goals
are same, show up and finish all 100 workouts even if you take
some modifications along the way. Last one.
Everybody stay down here. New move, slow bolt,
jump one knee into your chest, hold, reset, flat back. Other leg. In, out. You’re gonna jump both feet off
the floor, one knee comes in towards your chest, opposite leg shoots
straight behind you. A little lightning bolt.
Keep it going. And it kind of looks like
a lightning bolt too. One leg bent, one leg straight. Morning Meltdown 100
is a solution to starting or leveling up
your fitness game. I designed Morning Meltdown 100
to be done first thing in the morning,
to get it out of the way, to kickstart your day
on the right foot. But of course, you can do it whatever time works
best for you. If you’re not a morning person,
don’t sweat it. Just Push Play, get it done. It’s a sweaty one.
Chest stays lifted. If you want a little more,
you can drop down. That’s it. Looking good.
How you feeling? – Great warm-up track, Jesse.
– Thank you. Last one, everybody.
Back to jumping jacks. Soft knees, hit it.
Beautiful. This is DJ Jesse Blake.
He’s our incredible DJ. Like a boss, he chooses music
that pushes us further and brings us together. And he keeps us entertained. New move,
around the world jacks. Turn over your right shoulder,
give me four, three, quarter turn to the back,
four, three, one more quarter turn. Say what’s up to Jesse. Turn back to the front.
Awesome job. Hold it, shake it out. We are warm. Well done. That was our cardio
meltdown warm-up. We’re gonna get into block one. Let’s begin
with cardio meltdown. This set of work is gonna
start with two exercises, and then we’re gonna mash them
together to make a combination. Jesse, you ready?
Let’s do it. All right, you’re gonna
need a little bit of space for this one. First move is called
a broad jump with a slow rise. Bend your knees,
squeeze your abs. Using your arms, you’re gonna
take a big leap forward, tap the ground,
and come up nice and slow. Chest is lifted,
knees in line with your toes. There’s a little bounce back.
Move number two, jacks. Jump in, arms come to blades,
and cross down by your sides. Are you guys ready? Move one, broad jumps,
slow rise. Four, three, two, let’s go. Now take your time coming up,
easy bounce back, side to side. Nice and light.
Four, three, two. Jump, I want you to land
nice and soft. Push the knees in line
with the toes. Chest stays lifted,
squeeze your abs. Two more. Nice work.
Chest is lifted. Getting your workout done
first thing in the morning will allow your body to tap
into the fat stores much faster, getting you the results
you want. New move, easy jacks,
in and out. We go in, out, in, out.
Check out Val. She’s got a cool option
for you if you’d like. You could just push back
and a little tap. Stay with it, guys, soft knees. Feet just jump
outside the shoulders. Cool beats, Jesse. All right, next up, you’ve got
a combination coming together. It looks like this.
We’ll add the jacks back. Four, three, jump, jump.
Land soft. Take your time, now jacks back. Four, three, two.
Let’s try that again. A big leap. Beautiful. And little jacks back. Now we’re on the beat,
listen up. But if you fall off the beat,
don’t sweat it. It’s all good. You can dance it out with Jesse. One more. Starting your day off right
with Morning Meltdown 100 is the best way
to create a healthy habit that is both sustainable
and rewarding. Nice job. Here we go. Set two, I love this next move. Rotational slam, feet wide, and like you’ve got
a big heavy medicine ball, turn the chest,
and you’re gonna throw it side to side
from the center of the chest. Now lift your heels,
pivot on the balls of your feet. Move two, rocket slam,
bend your knees, arms come over your head. It’s a big explosive job,
and a slam. Chest up, abs strong. Rotational slams,
three, two, one. On the right, and the left.
“What you want.” Turn your body,
pull the elbows back. And I want you to push through
the center of your palms, right from your chest,
forward and back. Keep it going.
Right, left. Hit it. Make sure you’re pivoting
on the balls of your feet. Turn your entire body. Guys, you got four more. Eyes up.
Next move, rocket slam. Come with me.
Go up, and down, up, and down. Notice how we lift our chest,
knees are in line with toes, your butt is sitting
down and back. If you want
to keep it low impact, you can lift your heels
off the floor only. Up, and down.
And I love this move. You really get a lot of work
into the core. Crunch your ribs
towards your hips. Are you ready
to put it together? Four of these, two of these. Here we go.
Four, three, two. Rocket slam. We got one more.
Go again. Whether you’re moving
on the beat in Cardio Meltdown or off the beat in Lit Cardio,
I know that if you commit to 100 workouts
with Morning Meltdown 100, you’re gonna burn off
tons of fat. Toe ball heel,
last one, come on. “What you want—” Are you sweating yet? Hold up. Nice job. All right, set three.
I love this one. Here’s what we got.
One burpee, two bolts. Burpee, bend your knees,
hands come down, shoot back to a high plank. Jump in, and rise.
Move two, double bolt. Come on high plank,
jump both feet off the floor, one knee comes into the chest, opposite leg shoots
straight back. You have great options for this. Start with a burpee.
Four, three, slow burpee. Hands down, shoot back,
jump in, and rise. Down, back, in, and up. One, two, three, four. Can you hear
how it’s on the beat? You got four more.
Down, back, in, and up. If you can say it,
you can do it. Down, back, in. Everyone stay down.
Last time. New move, bolt alternating. Bolt, drive one knee
into the chest. Go again. Every time— Morning Meltdown 100 is designed
in 10 categories of workouts, including cardio, resistance training
with weights, and total body conditioning,
all designed to melt away fat while building strong,
lean, athletic muscle. This workout is just a sample
of what you’re gonna get with Morning Meltdown 100. In, out. Everyone, back on your feet. Put it together, burpee bolts. Down, back, two bolts.
Give me one more. Jump your feet in,
stand tall, and do it again. Down, back, bolt, reset.
Bolt, rest. Jump in, and rise.
Two down, two to go. Squeeze your abs.
I love this move. Works your entire body. Stay strong. Last one. Jump in, and rise. Nice job. All right, listen up though,
I got good news. We’re almost finished
with Cardio Meltdown. We got a Meltdown Minute. That’s right, Meltdown Minute. Jesse, you’re gonna
drop some tempo magic— – That’s right.
– On us, yeah? We’re gonna build it up
and then build it up some more, and I do it live on the fly. I love that. Okay,
here’s what’s gonna happen. One minute of work, one move. And Jesse is gonna
help me crank the tempo. Here’s your move,
the badass jump. Feet wide, knees bent,
squeeze your abs. We’re gonna power off the floor. One big jump, heels to butt,
tap the floor, knees in line with toes,
slow rise. Are you ready?
Four, three, two, jump. Hold up, take your time,
go again. These workouts target the booty,
the back, the arms, the core, and the legs. You will lean out
from head to toe while building a powerful body that can endure
even the toughest workouts. We’re about 15 seconds in. And, Jesse, can we crank up
the tempo a little faster? – Here it goes.
– You’re gonna feel it. Whoo!
It’s gonna get a little quicker. Your job is to try
to stay with us. Thirty seconds in, thirty to go. Can you get your heels
to your butt? Are you sweating yet? Are you having fun?
Yes. Can you feel the beat? Can you feel the beat? Come on, almost there. Go, Jesse. Yeah! Awesome job.
How’d it feel? Good? Well done. Heart rates are up. Alrighty, let’s move on. Well done. Here we go. Next up is total body badass. This is
one of my personal favorites for Morning Meltdown 100. You need a very light weight
for this. Today, I’m gonna use a 5. Feel free to use five,
you can go lighter than that if you’d like. Jesse, scratch it.
Let’s do it. Pick up your light weight. Here’s your move, braveheart. You’re gonna turn your body
to a 45-degree angle to start. Now take your left leg back,
toes on the ground, put your weight
in your left hand. Just tilt your chest forward,
squeeze your abs. Here’s your move.
It’s called the braveheart. You’re gonna lead
through the elbow, dragging the dumbbell
across your chest, open up nice and strong,
keep the arm straight as you lower it down. Are you ready? Four, three, two.
We begin slow, lift. Nice and slow, open up.
Slowly release down. Square the hips, I want you
to squeeze your abs. We use weights in this program
because it’s the best way to get the quickest results. And with our workouts
being under 30 minutes, we want to maximize your results and your time
every single morning. Strong and straight. Now check this out,
we’ve got a progression. I want you to float the rear leg
and add a little speed. It’s quick and slow. Quick, slow, slow, slow. So now
we’re challenging our core, we’re challenging our balance. Same rhythm, listen to it. Quick, slow, slow, slow,
it’s quick, slow, slow. Eyes up. One more progression
coming your way. You’re gonna pulse
the supporting leg. If you can, come with me. Your bottom leg, it goes down,
up, down, up, down, up. I’ve designed
these weighted moves to be dynamic, progressive,
and fun. No overly repetitive moves
are seen over and over again and definitely no boring squats. Every move was created
to safely move your body in a way that will keep it
guessing until the very end. Weights down,
here’s your Power Move. Flying warrior,
sweep your left knee in, shoot your arms straight out. Open and close. Just 30 seconds
to spike your heart rate and then burn out
your supporting leg. In, and out. Chest is up. If you wanna keep it
low impact, that’s okay. In, out, in, out. Four, three two. Rest. Whoo! How does that feel? Awesome, guys. Listen, did you feel
the progressions? We’re gonna do exact
same thing on the other side. So just turn your body side on,
weight in your right hand, soft supporting leg. And again, weight stays
close to the body. One long line
from the top to the bottom, and controlling the way down. Three, two, one.
Slow, take your time. Four, three, two.
You got this. This is such a complete program. We’ve got 5 categories
of workouts, 10 workouts in each category. Cardio, resistance training,
core work, total body, and recovery built-in. It’s a full body workout
and it’s humbling, I promise you. All right, listen up. Are you ready
for the first progression? Say yes.
Float your right leg. Here it is.
Quick and slow, slow down. Now if you’re struggling
with balance, here’s a little tip. I want you to squeeze your abs
and find a point on the floor that’s not moving. Yeah, that’s gonna help you. It is an awesome time to take
an option if you need it. But if you don’t need it,
don’t take it. Challenge yourself. And speaking of,
here’s the next challenge. Pulse the bottom leg.
Let’s go! Down, up, down, up. A little challenge
for your balance, a little challenge
for your coordination, and a big challenge
for your shoulders and your upper back. Beautiful. Core, and your supporting leg,
can you feel the burn? All right, everybody,
weights down, bend your knees. Flying warrior,
sweep right knee in. Right knee in, open up. Nutrition is a big part of this. You can do the plan
that accompanies the program 2B Mindset
or Ultimate Portion Fix. But no matter what,
I need to know that you are doing this
in a healthy way. No starvation, no deprivation,
and no matter what, you’re getting your daily dose
of dense nutrition, that’s Shakeology. And that is the gateway
to great results. Yeah. Nice job. Your legs might feel like jello.
It’s totally normal. Total Body Badass. Next step, Upbeat Strength. We’re gonna work
on creating lean, athletic, strong upper bodies. This is just a little sample
of what to expect in a full Upbeat
Strength workout. Jesse, are you ready? – Got it.
– Let’s do it. Bend your knees,
pick your weights up. I’m gonna start with 8s. First move is gonna be
a hinge to reverse fly. So bring your heels
under your hips, lift your chest,
squeeze your abs. You’re gonna hinge at the hips,
tip the chest forward, fly the arms,
squeezing the upper back, release, and rise. Then we’ve got a hinge row,
tip forward, elbows pull straight back,
dumbbells target the mid ribs, release, and rise. Move one, hinge to reverse fly. In three, two, one. Slow down, extend
the arms straight out, leading through the elbows, squeezing through
the upper back, and rise. Let’s feel the music here. Down, down, open the arms like
you’re spreading your wings. Release, and stand tall. Two more. Same tempo. Good music, Jesse. Down. And stand tall,
chest drops forward, but keep a long flat back. Same exercise, guys. We’re gonna pick up the tempo. Three, two. Little faster. Tip and fly, and stand tall. One, two, three, four. Here’s what I like you
to focus on right now. Keep your upper body
completely still. Can you feel that? Keep it going. Four more. So you can get a little
extra squeeze at the top, weights stop shoulder-height,
no higher. Down, up, down, and up. Last one.
New move, hinge row. Slow it down, down. Lead through the elbows,
squeeze your upper back, release your arms,
and stand tall once again. We go down, down, pull, pull, release, and rise. Keep it going. The entire objective here
is 100 workouts, whether you do 1 a day
or 2 a day, I want you to commit
to doing all 100. Commit to it right now and watch
what kind of stunning results you’re gonna get. Last one.
Let’s pick up the tempo now. Looking good. Down, pull, release, and rise. I want to feel a big squeeze
in the shoulder blades right here to see
if you can lead your elbows back
just a little bit further as the dumbbells
target the ribs. Looking good.
Chin and eyes forward. We’re gonna build
a little combination. One row, one fly, one row. Let’s try it. One row.
Stay down. One reverse fly, stay down. One more row.
Stand up, and go again. Down, pull, fly.
One more row. How awesome
is that little combo? Simple moves, good beats,
good energy. A lot of sweat and big results. Stay with us. Looking good. Last row.
Stand up and hold. Nice job.
I love that workout. Bend your knees
to put your weights down. We’re gonna move on
to Downbeat Strength. This is all about
creating strong, lean, athletic lower body,
so glutes, quads, hamstrings. Jesse, he’s got us covered. He’s gonna slow the tempo down,
it’s gonna allow us to work it a little bit
of a slower BPM and get really great results
in our lower bodies. First move, landmine lunge. I’m gonna use an 8,
no, I’m gonna use a 10. I’m gonna use a 10.
You need one dumbbell here. Press it straight
above your head, heels under your hips,
squeeze your abs, stepping out to the right. You’ve got
a big long side lunge. Rack it up in line
with the shoulder, knee in line
with the middle of the foot. You switch sides. Move number two,
reverse lunge landmine. Move one, side lunge.
Three, two, one. Slow, knee in line
with middle of the foot, left leg steps out
long and strong, chest stays lifted here. Take your time.
Four, three, two, one. Push off the outside leg,
squeeze your abs. Amazing, guys. See if you can sink
your hips down and back. Looking good. Just check to make sure
the toes are forward and the knee is tracked in line
with the middle of the foot. One more slow and then
we’re gonna pick up the tempo. Three, two, one. To the right. That’s it. Here it is. It’s a big push overhead,
side to side. Leg is long,
stay strong and active, keep all four corners. Have your foot
pushing into the mat. Stay with it.
Squeeze your abs. Jesse is rocking out.
Keep it going. This is move one,
so you got this move down. We’re getting ready
to get into the second move. Reverse landmine lunge. Right leg back slow,
down, and up. Left leg back.
It’s a big stride. Here’s what we’re looking for. You need shoulders
stacked over your hips, knee is stacked
right over the ankle. We’re looking for 90 degrees. Yeah? You got it? All right, look,
we’ve got some great alignment. Here’s Deja.
Beautiful long line. She’s got 90 degrees
in the front thigh, long flat back,
chin and eyes forward. Deja, you ready to pick it up? Four, three, two.
Right leg back, and up. That’s it. Morning Meltdown 100,
we cover everything, your whole body. It gets you nice and sweaty, It gets you strong,
lean, athletic bodies. That’s what it’s all about. Keep it going. And we do it together. We’re with you
every step of the way. You’ve got lots
of great options. And we got your back.
We’re here to support you. I’m sweating.
Are you sweating? Keep it going. Listen up, last two, we’re gonna put
the moves together. Combination,
side lunge, landmine. Press down, and up. Left leg, right leg,
big step back. Beautiful. You got it.
Get it, Jesse. Right leg to the side.
Listen to that. Jesse knows exactly
what beats we need to keep driving the energy. You are gonna love this.
You got this. It should feel challenging
but doable. Last time, all the way.
Four, three. Come on, come on. Two. Last one. Bend your knees, weights down.
Great job. We’re gonna move
into a core finisher, Core Inferno, so we’re gonna
pick the tempo backup. – Yes, yes Jesse?
– Yes. Let’s do it. Lie down, you’re gonna pick up
a heavy dumbbell to start. So here’s what we got,
a weighted single-leg crunch. I’m gonna use my 12s. Go ahead and lay back,
anchor your body to the mat so your head, shoulders, hips,
and heels all anchored down ’cause it’s gonna happen. Legs extend straight out,
strong core, squeeze your abs, arms strong and straight. Crunching up,
dumbbell targets mid-shin, open the arms and legs back up
as we alternate. Three, two, one.
Let’s go. Nice and easy. Crunch up, and then
release back down. Just alternating
each knee as it bends. And crunch the ribs to hip. With Morning Meltdown 100,
you’ll be working your core in every single workout. But I wanted to kick things up
by adding a whole core workout to really hone in on shredding
fat and giving you the flat, tight, strong abs
you’ve always wanted. Squeeze your abs, you want
to keep your lower back close to the mat. Check out the rhythm change. It’s a triple pulse,
and release back. Here it comes. Dumbbell targets
the mid shin, strong core. Think about crunching
your ribs to your hips. Looking good.
One more, guys. Next up, I want you
to adjust your weight. Roll up, second move,
bent leg windshield wipers. So lie back, take support
by extending both arms, lock your body in,
knees bent to 90. You’re gonna lower
the legs to us. One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. Let’s go. Drop the knees to us,
back to the center. Other way.
Down, down, and up to center. The goal here is to keep
both shoulder blades anchoring to the floor. We’re creating a long,
strong athletic body. Squeeze your abs. These are 20 to 30-minute
concentrated workouts designed to melt off
layers of fat and burn tons of calories. All I ask is that you get up
when you said you’d get up and take
your pre-workout Energize and give it your best
for 100 workouts. I built in the recovery days
for the best results you’re gonna get to make sure you’re creating
healthy self-care habits. Last one. Hold here. You did it. Awesome job. Everybody, roll up.
Well done. – How you doing, Val?
– I’m doing great. Awesome. All right,
now we’re gonna cool down, don’t go anywhere yet. I’m excited
to show you guys Revibe. – Jesse, you ready?
– I am. Let’s do it.
Take your feet nice and wide. Sit your hips down and back,
push your knees out in line with your toes,
shoulders back and down. We’re gonna find our breath
and find a little bit of length. – You guys ready?
– Yeah. I love this song. First move, we’re just gonna
gently sweep your arms side to side. Three, two, one.
Come with us. One arm sweeps right in line
with your chest, opposite arm just sweeps
straight down toward the mat. The program is so comprehensive. We thought of everything
including a daily journal we call the Be 100 book,
it’s gonna track your progress and keep you committed. There’s also a wall tracker,
it looks just like the one we have in the studio
so you can track your workouts
right along with us. Right heel of your hand
circles up and around. Switch. Inhale. This is your yin yang kata. Both arms reach, big circle. Find your breath. Stop right in line
with the center of your chest. Awesome.
Bring the palms together, sweet. Inhale. Shift the weight
to the right leg, one long line. I want to keep your body
moving every single day. So I’ve specifically designed
the workout phases to include active recovery
and stretching workouts, Freestyle Flow and Revibe
are a mind-body check-in that are gonna keep you focused
and committed to getting to 100. We’re gonna go back
to our yin yang kata. Right hand on top,
both arms circle up and around. Find your breath. Beautiful. Fill your lungs
in every direction. Do not skip the recovery days,
they’re there for you. Committing to 100 workouts
is a big deal, and we’re with you 100 percent
every step of the way. We got a new move. One hand on top of the other,
arm sweeps around, a big push. This is your bow and arrow. The longest program
in the history of Beachbody means giving your ultimate
commitment to all 100 workouts. One more. Big circle, big sweep. Beautiful. Last one. Use your breath to find
a little bit more length. Back to the yin yang kata. Breathe in, full revolution. Let’s see if we can connect
our breath even more with the music. Now that you’ve decided
to join us, I want you to know
you get everything you need with the program. You’ll get prep workouts
as well as the Get Started guide to help you get ready
for the Meltdown week before we start, plus
there’s a simple nutrition guide so you keep planning support
your goals or, of course, you can incorporate
the 2B Mindset or Ultimate Portion Fix
nutrition plans with this program. We did it, we did it.
All right. That was your mash-up
of Morning Meltdown. We cannot wait
to share with you all the rest of the amazing
workouts in this program, you’re gonna do incredible,
we’ll see you there. Now look, there is no way
you can truly understand the amazing results
you’re gonna get with the consistency
of Morning Meltdown 100. There is just absolutely
nothing like it, and we all do it
together day by day, 100 workouts, 100. If you were going to take
100 classes with me or pay for
100 personal training sessions, you’d be paying
thousands of dollars, and that would even include
the nutrition guidelines, the peer support
that you’ll receive from a Beachbody Coach. But now I need you to step up. We’ve made our commitment,
and now it’s time to make yours. If for any reason you start it
and it turns out the timing is wrong
or maybe it’s not your thing, we have a 30-day
money back guarantee. But if you step up today,
if you make a commitment that you’ve never
made at any gym or to any trainer before,
but commit to me, commit to yourself right now
that you’ll finish these 100 workouts. I promise you’re gonna
get the results that will make you look
and feel amazing. Now it’s just up to you. Click the link you got
from your Beachbody Coach, sign up to get started, and sign the I Commit page
from the Be 100 book. We’ve got work to do. And I can’t wait to see you
every morning right here.

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