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well thank you welcome everybody to our
class today which is gonna be how you can retire your mortgage and all other debt in as little as six
to ten years on your current budget with out changing your lifestyle at all now the
concept of mortgage and debt retirement has been widely
embraced by financial experts such as Suzy Orman at Dave Ramsey for a long
time so we’re very proud and pleased to
present this to you and educate you today on how you
too can become debt-free without changing our budget or your
lifestyle at all now that may sound too good to be true but we’re gonna prove you otherwise whether americans doing at age 65 well
the second close look seventy-four percent are dependent on
their family friends or the government 23 percent are still
working and only 3 percent are actually financially free now the average person refinances every
three to five years which means it pushes us farther and
farther into debt and farther away from the American Dream which is
complete home ownership also the average homeowner pays 45 to 50 years of mortgage payments and will pay
about $1 million dollars in mortgage in interest
payments by the just that alone now what I wanna show you is how you could
pay off all other debt on your current budget so I’m
talking about your mortgage or multiple mortgages now there are a
lot of you on this call today that may be real estate investors and
you have many properties have many mortgages or you
may be the average family that has a mortgage or you may not but
we have a lot of other debt too don’t we we also have auto loans we have credit
card debts and student loans so what can we do what
kind of a financial plan can we put in place to pay off every single
bit of debt we have whether fits our business
Dept or personal debt all in this decade with no change your
lifestyle except for the better so remember
debt-free and six to ten years or less now first I’d like to introduce you to a
quote by mister albert Einstein which is interest those
who understand it earn it and those who do not are in fact doomed to pay it so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to base this
class today on a two hundred thousand dollar
mortgage amortized over a 30-year period at a six percent interest rate what
we’re looking at right now is a truth in lending disclosure statement now based on the two hundred thousand
dollar mortgage at a six percent our monthly mortgage payments can be
1100 ninety nine dollars and 10 cents now did
you realize that over the life for the loan with the freely given to the bank over
231,677 dollars in interest and that is for our two hundred thousand
dollar home so what is the real price we’re paying for home is it two hundred thousand dollars or is
it 431,000 thousand dollars over the life for the loan? very good question so am I really paying
six percent or my paying over a 100 percent interest you see
folks this is the great lie the banks they will
tell you about the six percent or the 5.5 percent interest rate they rely on the fact that you don’t know the
difference they rely on the fact that you don’t know the difference between simple interest and compound
interest and that my friends here to learn today so here is a sample low so we’re not
based the class in the same parameters two hundred thousand dollar mortgage 6
percent interest rate 30-year loan puts the mortgage payment at 1199 so I’m gonna take a sample family a case
listen to be a traditional prepayment example base on
the same mortgage so this family is going to make their
first mortgage payment they pay their 1,199 dollars in 10 cents
to the lender they just purchased now this family
chose to invest an additional five thousand dollars to
the principle that mortgage and I use the term invest on purpose because I want everyone on this call today
to see with the return is going to be now the return first of all is the fact
that we reduced the principal from 200,000 down 195,000 that means a week no longer
have to pay compound interest on that five thousand
dollars we paid on the loan. So that means two things: number one we
just saved time and we also saved a lot of money so
let’s take a closer look we reduced our mortgage right off the
bat by making that additional principal investment by
360 months down to 337 months that means we
just reduced our mortgage by almost two years so now we just saved
a tremendous amount of money let’s take a look at how much interest
we just saved the original interest paid over the life of the loan would have
been 231,677 dollars our new interest paid is 203,373 dollars that totals out to a wapping
twenty thousand dollars and change and gross savings but now if we detect our investment that means that our total
return as 23,304 dollars all for investing to five thousand
dollars in the principal for mortgage so now everyone should be aware that yes
she could pay off the mortgaget sooner the challenges especially in today’s
economy is that most of us do not have five thousand dollars to
apply to the principal up the mortgage on a regular basis this is what makes our system our
mathematical programs so powerful is that we’re able to achieve
the same results on our current budget without having to
come out of pocket now I’m gonna go over with you a
amortization schedule so this is gonna show how the lender
applies that mortgage payment month after month year after year based on that exact
200,000 mortgage at 6 percent thirty-year term so this sample family made their very
first mortgage payment now are you aware that over ninety
percent at their first mortgage payment goes straight to interest as you’ll see
here month 1 they applied a thousand dollars to
interest and only 199 dollars in change the principal now look a month to the only additional impact by your hard-earned money has
made is a dollar them into dollar less to interest a
dollar more the principal month 3 a dollar less to interest a dollar more to principal and that continues over and over again
so on the very first year we would have paid out $14,389 dollars in which the lender on the applied only $2,400 and
change toward the principal of the loan at the five year mark we would have paid
out seventy 1946. dollars in which the lenders only applied 13,000
and change toward the principal during the first
ten years we would’ve paid out $143,891 dollars worth of mortgage
payments but now why is it only 32,000 and change
is applied to the principal? you see folks thing is that we’re
dealing with the compound interest mortgage which I’m a talk a lot about here in
just a moment. Now most people do not realize it takes
twenty one years until your mortgage is halfway paid off so what you’ll see
here at the year twenty one mark is that we
finally have paid it down by a hundred thousand dollars are home is finally 50 percent paid
off but it’s taken us not fifteen years but 21 years to get to that point now if you take a look over the life of
the loan if we continue to manage our money the
way that the banks depend on us to we would’ve paid $430,677 dollars for a two hundred thousand dollar home. So that means we have freely given 230 1,677 dollars to the banks in interest without
thinking twice and why is that because we were never
talked to do anything different as the only way they were taught to
manage our money so ladies and gentlemen I’m going to share with you some of the banking secrets that the
banks don’t want you to know now here’s some interest fax for you over a hundred percent of your mortgages
interest but remember we can change that but if you shoes to
make no changes whatsoever and you continue to manage your money
the way the banks have taught us to you you’ll be paying over 100 percent
interest also 34 percent a your entire income the you’ve earned lifetime is
spent in interest alone. Haven’t you noticed month after month
it seems that we just don’t have much money left over it just seems like we can never get
ahead in life and that’s because the way that our banking systems in the banking industry here in
United States as well as Canada’s is designed is to keep us down it’s too allow banks
to get rich and they keep us right where they want
us to be now let’s dissect a mortgage a little
closer first of all is that a mortgage is a
closed end loan. Okay and a mortgage is always what I consider
financial cancer because it is compound interest it is
the worst type alone now the payment is applied only one time
per month we can pay money in but we can not
withdraw it out it is only a one way street the interest is calculated on the month
in balance and is driven by that amortization
schedule see folks what we need to do is to get out from underneath these mortgages like
I said it is complete financial cancer the most successful real estate
investors and business owners learn how to leverage credit lines may not be today but the faster the we can
eliminate or accelerate our debt the faster we
could be in a key position our life to start leveraging and I’m and use that
term over and over and over again today
leverage I want everyone to say that with me leverage because the more that you learn
how to leverage the more financially secure and stable going to come in the future now the way that you were taught to
manage your money first of all is that we deposit our income into our
checking account and that’s where the money sits and stayes until it’s time to do what we have to pay our bills right so we cut
a check and we make our mortgage payment we also
have a lot of other debts and bills and expenses we have to pay so we
pay our auto loans or credit card debts in fact most people we encounter
day-to-day do in strategy sessions can only afford to make the minimum
payments on credit cards which means that the debt never goes away it just continues to linger there we
pay our student loans we pay our healthcare we pay our utilities and then we get paid again we deposit
that income back into the checking account without money continues to remain until
it’s time to pay bills and repeat this process over again. The question I have for you is a very
important one. Where in the process of traditional money
management is your money working for you? see following this method your money is
only working for the bank are you aware that when your money
sitting here checking and savings account that the bank is investing your money the receiving a
huge return the were receiving nothing but a
lifetime with interest so is that fair absolutely not so we
need to utilize proven financial strategies mathematical
strategies to be able to guide us to becoming debt-free
two were our hard earned income is having an impact for
us and not the lender and that is all done
through financial engineering I want everyone to say that
financial engineering now they’re is away to, here’s this word again, leverage, there’s a way to leverage
credit lines some of you may have a debt that can be leveraged and you just don’t
know some of you may have all the tools you need to become debt
free no matter how bad it seems right now no matter how much the that you’re
struggling month after month believe it or not you may have the tools
that its takes the necessary tools to become debt
free and don’t realize it because once again we were not taught. So I’m going to teach you
something very important and as some teaching at this I want
everyone to realize something first of all is that you do not need a
line of credit to qualify for a program and number two is you do not need to have credit for this to work for you but I’m gonna
share with you a very powerful technique there’s a way to utilize a line of
credit here benefit now a line of credit is the opposite have a mortgage it is
simple interest and not compound interest so it is a open end loan the lender will apply the money to loan
balance whatever they receive it the lender will adjust the principal
dour balance daily we can pay money in and we can withdraw
money out it is a two way street it works just like a checking account
now a lot of this may not make sense to yep it’s going to come and give you some
examples in some excellent visual sir the interest is also calculated on the
average daily balance not the mentor month and balance so like
I said this is the opposite of a mortgage in fact this is how I do my investing as
I will leverage the bank’s money I leverage credit line
so I use the banks money to cancel the bank’s profit
I use the bank’s money to treat my family wealth you see so let me give you an example here. Here is a sample family that has a line of credit let’s just say that they have a hundred
thousand dollar line of credit and they owe eighty thousand dollars to
that line of credit so it’s pretty close to being maxed out remember this is simple answers credit
line well what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
change the way that we manage our money so we’re still gonna work ring depositor
intimate or checking account but then what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna transfer funds over into the line of credit let me explain
why and how this is beneficial because you know traditionally we have a
payment that we have to make to this line of credit each month because we owe money to it but since were gonna
change the way that we manage our money we’re going to deposit our incomes into the line of
credit and it has to readjust daily so it’s going to readjust that balance owed. So let’s take a look
here now that I readjusted that now that debt is still the seventy percent but
our entire amount as income is still liquid the
money is still there to turn around and make your mortgage payment to pay your
bills credit cards to pay for utilities and go grocery shopping. The money is still liquid it’s just in
your new account an account that a lot of you may already
have but let me repeat myself here you do not have to have a line of
credit for our program to work for you. I’m just sharing with you something that you could change today so
I wanna make sure that all you’re walking away from this on webinar today with some important
information that could change your life. There’s ways
that we can leverage off those credit lines. So by depositing your income in the line of
credit paying our bills expenses out of it we no longer have to make a payment to
this line of credit because the lender looks at our entire cash flow as a payment. So what does that mean to
us? that means that our money is working
hard for us 24/7 it is canceling interest and it’s
absorbing that debt like a sponge but is still accessible and it also
freed up more part of discretionary cash flow each
month since we’re no longer having to make a payment to the step so now what that action is discretionary
cash flow how can we utilize that to our benefit how can we utilize that the power down
slow further debt now here’s where the financial relief
acceleration system comes into play is that it will
mathematically tell us when to use the bank’s money to cancel the bank’s
interest in profit so for instance the software will tell us today that we’re
gonna transfer 3,675 dollars and 77 cents and whose money are we going to use? You’re right we’er going to use the banks money
So we’re going to pull that money out of the home equity line and apply it
toward the principal only of the mortgage and so by pulling that money out and
investing in the principal the mortgage that just saved ourselves seventeen
thousand two hundred and forty nine dollars and 48 cents in compound interest and
so our traditionally our out of pocket because
we’re still gonna pay simple interest on the money that we borrow that the
credit line traditionally would have been sixty eight dollars in 13 cents well first of all before I move forward
if you were to give me sixty eight dollars and I in turn gave you seventeen thousand
how many times did you wanna make the transaction with me today well I’m assuming over and over and over
but here’s where it gets even better because we’re gonna manage all of our income
into and out of the credit line were no longer even having to pay the
$68 dollars and 13 cents for the simple interest for borrowing that
money. See this the most brilliant way that you could change the way that you manage your money to where your funds have a positive impact
24/7 even when you’re sleeping and remember all those funds are still
accessible to continue to pay your bills and expenses for just an a different account now when I was going over with you right
now is a screenshot have a current client that have been
following our programs for a few months what you’re gonna see here is that they
have over 1.5 million dollars in debt and I i chose this one here this is the
worst case scenario. So this family here is paying off 1.5
mil in 8.54 years saving a minimum of six hundred and thirty
thousand dollars in compound interest so we’re talking about a mass amount of
debt. So we’ll see here in the right hand side
on my computer screen they have an american express they over $8,100 dollars to, a
student loan with a balance of over forty one hundred
dollars a city AA card over twenty two thousand dollars they also have an auto loan that they owe over
twenty four thousand dollars to another auto loan, a Toyota which they
21,000 on you see so there is a tremendous amount
of debt and you’ll see that this mathematical systems even showing us precisely when every single
debts to be paid off in full and how much interest we are seeing on
each debt particulars that means entirely the
entire plan is saving this family 630,000 paying off every single peace of debt every student loan every auto loan every
credit card and their mortgage and this is without any financial coaching which comes up
arts program this is without any other strategies just by following
our mathematical system they’re paying off less than nine years now would you consider that and excellent investment of time you
seek to follow our financial GPS system we’re talking about a time management I
love 15 to 20 minutes a month to save over 633 thousand dollars not to mention well over 20 years off the debt so this family got a debt nineteen years
faster so all this red ink stands for time and
stands for money saved all that reading that is the mall now first of all is here’s what our
program is not our program is not a refinance or biweekly it is so much more powerful we do not handle your money we never ever need your account numbers or your
social security number you will be in 100 percent complete
control your finances for once and once again there’s no home equity line of credit required to follow
our system now here’s what your debt management
system will do for you first of all how many of you on this call today have ever
lost sleep at night stressing and worrying about finances
worried about how are we gonna pair property tax or income tax or how are we gonna be able
to afford to go on vacation this summer take our children out you see financial
stress and hardship that amount of burden has the negative
impact on every aspect of our lives it affects our relationships our
friendships our work environment it affects every single aspect and even
more importantly our health and so by having a financial plan in
place to where you are no longer stressed it your whole life changes the whole
paradigm shift to the way that we look the way that we talked with that we feel
about ourselves the way that we present ourselves so when you follow your debt management
system anytime that a bill or an expense is due throughout the entire
year the money is automatically pre-planned made available and you’ll receive a text message right
to your cell phone and or email reminders reminding you that
this bills due tomorrow guess what here’s the muddy all you have
to do is pay it so that way your 0 change to lifestyle. That will give you real and I mean true financial security. You will get payoff dates on all of your debts
you know exactly where you’re headed financially guiding you step-by-step
24/7 to financial freedom on a live financial
platform now I mentioned earlier a financial GPS that’s exactly what this system is for
those of you that have a GPS your car you know that when you get in your car
you enter in where your destination is where it is you would like to
go and it’s going to mathematically calculate a roadmap guiding you to that destination saving
you what on saving the most gas saving the most
mileage etc and then if we make the wrong turn life
happens right we make the wrong turn its gonna
mathematically generate a new roadmap guiding your final destination ok so
that way you’re still saving the most time the most money this system
does the same thing for you financially because we all know that life happens
things come up for those you the real estate investors you know
there may be some repairs for new paint new carpet for those of you who are families who want to get out of debt sometimes it may be a loss employment other me a health issue this
system what automatically recreate or generate
a new plan guiding your final destination turn by
turn 24/7 always savings time and money so that way
you always know where you’re gonna end up you know for a fact background that re
you’re gonna be in five or 10 years from now what a positive change to our lifestyle
what a positive change now here’s what else your debt
management system will do for you is it includes 1 on 1 wealth coaching where I
will work with you guiding you step by step not only and
any eliminating heard at the fastest way possible and also on credit line leverage
but also different types or different strategies to increase
your net worth to increase the cash flow that’s coming in each
month see the main thing is working harder or, excuse me, didn’t I get
that one wrong working smarter not harder working
smarter we’re so used to thinking that if you
want to create more cash flow we have to go get a second job everyone is stuck in this train of
thought there’s many ways to bring and other sources of income streams with out working harder like I said working smarter basing it on what mathematics following our program it will not affect
your credit score except for the better will work with you getting your credit
score to the very highest the possibly achieve okay so will work
with your credit score work with you on building wealth and that
way to start enjoying the lifestyle that you designed
the lifestyle you deserve okay because remember if we can pay off
our home in lets just say seven years and for those of you that have small
children just like the doors that open when it comes to an education for your
children once they’re reach the age of 18 so now that we have hundreds of
thousands of dollars at our disposal on equity there’s college education there is the
funds that we need the tools that we need for building wealth. Okay many doors open up once we start to achieve equity in our home and we
start to eliminate our bad debt and freeing up cash flow becauase
remember working smarter not harder. Now also our average client saves over to
hundred thousand dollars in interest. I also wanted to share with you some
testimonials I have from some of our students and this is coming from Dave dave says incredible in the program on the couple weeks I’ve
already saved $5,207 dollars and three cents on pace to save $618,428
dollars and 63 cents while knocking nineteen years off my
mortgage everyone meet this program now. That’s from dave
rosansky from California Also we have Lori Barone from florida it has completely changed how and when
we spend our money without having to make any financial
sacrifices this program works so well I’ve even gotten
clients other family members using it who are all having outstanding results as well. Meaning
she’s getting her clients involved in the program the reason why
is that Lori brown is a series six and 63 tax preparer and last but not least we have sandy
hardwick from Texas. Done with the program in under four years
and we’re saving 99,653 dollars and 58 cents in total do I need to say
anything else? Actually I do the professionalism and
integrity your company has exhibited has been a second to none so thank you sandy. so now folks here’s a few things that
you’re gonna need okay first falsely the book a financial
strategy session you’re gonna meet with myself or
whatever other staff members on the other consultants um which is a traditionally a three
hundred dollar value ons will be able to meet with you treat
the financial plan for you free of charge and are you a thoroughly
understand all the nuts and bolts for the program exactly what it is and they have a lot
of questions are expected to but what a better way to those questions
answered an individual basis so i watch as the book a personal
financial strategy session are so is you need to um still in print
out a financial strategy for which is remember we don’t need an account number
social security numbers this is gonna be a form that you’re gonna fill out a
worksheet with all your financials on its that
where know exactly what we’re working with between assets your dats your expenses
eg center you also need high-speed internet for
appointment because our appointment are 11 together is going to
be on the phone and over the Internet so it’s
gonna be on a private personal one-on-one weapon are setting please allow at least one hour for the
call and also ask you to give us a twenty minute window so if you book a
10 o’clock Am pacific time appointment with us I ask you to please
give us a 20 minute when don’t kiss from a previous call and it’s very important to have your
significant other present on the call so as for you to
please do everything you can possible to have your significant other
in the college you okay also as you do need to have income so to
qualify for our program you will have to have debt and you’ll
have to have income any kind of income wages commissions alimony Social
Security and employment inheritance investment successor so your next step is to book a free
financial strategy session okay Bruce is going to tell you how in just a
second and everyone please grab a pen and paper
because you’re going to need to write down a special promotion code you have to
enter a specific code indoor calendar system
to get your appointment a case a person gets you in just one
second but before he does that I wanna show you how to book the
appointment Bruce is gonna tell you where to go but once you’re in a the booking system
this is what you’re gonna see at the very bottom here to see that’s
something the state’s aft are a that’s frank Rachel Adam s stance for financial
relief accelerator complimentary one-on-one session all say
click here to schedule your free 10 min strategy session with financial relief accelerator you
must have your special code to schedule disappointment once you click on that will take you to
the screen and you have two options you can choose Shane Jackman free to choose Shane and staff a case
that way if you cannot find a specific day and time they are looking for under Shane Jack
been to any classes say Shane and staff click on that I’ll take
you into the calendar now may open up some other time spots are available an all-time spots are in fact a.m.
Pacific time zone soma do something when passes for Bruce
bruising go ahead and give everyone there a special promotion code tell me how to book at a point as far as
where to go and then folks will see all my calendar
so thanks for inviting me to this call Bruce and pass it over to you

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