100 thoughts on “(Movie) The Diary Of A Street Fighter Starring UFC’s Jorge Masvidal

  1. Bruh who the fuck is clicking on this video n then going outa there way to dislike it? I'll never understand how u could be that big of a lil pussy hater. I see the nate diaz dickriders in full force. Dont get me wrong I love nate 1 of my favorite fightets but if ur truly an actual fan of nate u would also be respect Jorge just like nate does. For you to project hate towards masvidal because of the doctor stoppage then ur not really a diaz fan at all. If your dislike has nothing to do with the diaz stoppage that's almost even worse. I could almost see being misguided with ur emotions because of that but wtf man how can u be a fan of fighting and not absolutely live masvidal. I've always been a fan n I'm super happy hes had his resurgence he def deserves it.

  2. I ain’t going to say I’ve been watching you but I do remember the underground fights because of kimbo and I remember watching your underground fight during high school days and it’s amazing what you’ve become an amazing warrior, role model, from rags to riches. God bless and I do hope you fight canelos bitch ass.

  3. A true champ and a bad mf.Even better than khabib the 🐍 snake.
    Khabib calls himself "The eagle" but that mf has no legs always a snake and boring to watch.

  4. Hope to see you try and "baptize" Nate or Nick lol your fun to watch fight man i am rooting for the Diaz brothers though I think Nick gonna give you a problem you can't solve

  5. I'm a big Masvidal fan. I really am. I have to be honest though. If he respected Nate like he said he did, why did he end up talking shit about him? Yeah he won every round but he didn't beat him. It's never over until Big John is hovering over someone waving his arms.

    Diaz gave Masvidal all the respect he could possibly give from day one and that's saying a lot because he doesn't respect 99% of the fighters out there. In my opinion, you respect a man until he doesn't deserve it. Nate deserves a lot more that he got.

  6. Can anyone help me with that amazing beat on the beginning of the movie?? It is sooo sooo brilliant👌please please please🙌✌ i would like to listen this all the time😬
    As well i love Jorge Masvidal i was watching him street fighting back in days from small forgotten town which is MIEDZYRZECZ IN POLAND at that time RUFUS from BOOMFIGHT was more famous😉
    Just joking of course
    Delta out happy people have a good weekend
    Delta out✌😬

  7. How can his manager stand around trying to look serious and mean when he's got such lovely cute chubby hamster cheeks all squeezable

  8. so no Lie I just realized you were the pony tail dude that fought ray in the backyard.. Man I remember watching that shit and being like this dude is a straight up warrior after getting knock down and back up to win.. always wondered if that dude every made it and hear u are on top. fucking awesome!!!!!!!! I was a Nate fan but after this and finding out that was you in the backyard. Once miss another scrap you are in.. Much Respect from Chicago bro!!! keep being that dog


  10. Its good to see a muthafucker like JM doin good and gettin the recognition he's worked so hard to get!! 🍻 brother enjoy it and love your life!

  11. Bro, pleeeease give us a release on YouTube of the soundtrack. Bro your shit is so cinematic, and sometimes I need the good vibes of your mixed music to listen to in the car. Hell, you can even put it on your page, but how can we find tracks to your masterpiece! Specifically the song in the beginning, and the one @16:09

  12. I Always Used To Think Jon Bones Could Beat Any Man On This Planet. Now My Mind Has Been Changed. Jorge 100. It's What Have You Done For Me Lately.

  13. Idk If Your Read Your Comments But Dont Ever Cut The Hair Off Again Bruh. When You Baptise A Mofo. Gotta Be Lookin Like That Street Jesus LOL

  14. That was one of the most gangster ass quote I’ve heard. You gotta beat the sun if you wanna beat someone ass in the ring lol

  15. It’s sad to hear masvidal say I got 3 or 4 more years before I end my career hopefully he gots 7-8 more years in the fight game

  16. Jorge … I'm a fighter…

    I wanna call you out but with conditions..

    We fight in a backyard…

    You have both hands tied behind your back

    I get the first 10 punches..

    And the first 5 kicks…

    But why do I have a terrible feeling in my stomach you will still win 🙁 ?

  17. Jorge … soy un luchador …

    Quiero llamarte pero con condiciones …

    Peleamos en un patio trasero …

    Tienes las dos manos atadas a la espalda

    Recibo los primeros 10 golpes …

    Y las primeras 5 patadas …

    Pero, ¿por qué tengo una sensación terrible en el estómago que aún ganarás :(?

  18. You are such an inspiration to me Jorge.
    Thank you for posting this video!

    I'd buy you and your editing team a beer any day amigo

  19. Jorge is the best example in the UFC of having the ability to be a Character and have fun while still have a tremendous amount of Character..oh yeah, and inside the cage,,he's a fucking Killer…a rare commodity.

  20. yo i remember way back in 2004 or 5 when i was like 14 or 15 and i first saw kimbo and masvidal fight, buddy showed me this shit and i took alil off what i saw jorge do…and imagined fighting him one day ahahhah so dumb lmao….sadly can't train no more due to bad injuries but god-damn he rose up like a fucken true G" nothing but love for the BMF alive……sorry nate but jorge is one bad ass motherfucka

  21. This is awesome! Best MMA series I've seen. Jorge is the absolute man and the music chosen along with the editing is fantastic!

  22. Question? Ok this might be a stupid question but I am new fan and learning about the rules. will jorge masvidal fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov? What needs to happen to see this ?

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