Muay Thai Clinch Techniques : Muay Thai Clinch: Fighting With an Underhook

OK, now I’m going to show even closer range
in the tie clinch, OK. So, I’ve been showing you here, her hands around my head, this is
one range, OK. An even closer range is here, chest to chest right here, OK. I’m going to
have what’s called an underhook, OK. From this side, under her arm pit, this left arm,
OK. My other arm is on top of her shoulder, OK. Now I’m going to grip with my right palm
up and my right, left palm down, OK, over my thumb right here, I’m going to suck her
in like this to keep her nice and tight, OK. I do this for safety reasons so I don’t have
to face her straight knees. Maybe she’s got really good, straight knees, but now I keep
her tight so now she can’t use straight knees, there’s no room, OK. So from here, I can use
my hook knees now, just like that, there’s my hook knee, OK. Look at this, she can’t
put a block here with her arm because my left arm is under her, my right arm is under her
left arm blocking her from bringing that arm down, OK. So I’ll there by, I’m exposing all
her side here, her ribs and her kidney. Just like that, OK. Other side would be here, left
underhook, right hand on top. Hook knee, OK, hook knee. The path of a hook, the trajectory
right here, check this out. Trajectory of a hook. Look how I wind up on it. I don’t
do this, you see that a lot, there’s no power in that. I put my wait in to her, OK, put
all my upper body weight. I’m going to give my hips back, open my leg up, there’s my knee.
OK, the whole time I’m keeping her nice and close, OK, chest to chest. This is the tie
up, this is chest to chest clinch. OK, a different type of tie clinch, very close proximity,
chest to chest.

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