Muay Thai is an Art

Muay Thai is a volcanic eruption. Muay Thai is a tornado that blows off everything
on its way. Muay Thai is an avalanche of snow that descends
from the heights of the mountains. Muai Thai is an art. The fear before the battle always exists, there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t be afraid
when they step on the ring. Fear is a controllable feeling but the control
comes only with the experience. The fear helps you in battle, it helps you
to feel and sense if your actions are right or not. The fear can be both your enemy and your friend.
And your primary task is to make it your friend out of the enemy. Once I had a formidable opponent at the final
of a competition. He was very titled, very eminent. And I asked the coach: What am I supposed
to do? And the coach answered me: If you can’t
be the first, then become the best! If you wanna fight, then fight on the ring.

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