100 thoughts on “Muay Thai Kids KO – Full Fight !

  1. They're just more scared for the beating from the parents or trainer, than the beating from their similar sized opponent. Sad stuff.

  2. The kid is not knocked out, it's probably the low glucose in his blood, just too tired to keep on. Just seeing black in front his eyes. keeping a tradition alive is okay, but if it involves money than it is a whole different mentality in my opinion.

  3. ref should of stopped the fight. The kid that went down would of learnt more from the fight being stopped. Ridiculous judgement by adults and the gambling ring associated with it. in fact no gambling should be associated with under 18 fights.

  4. Pauvres gosses, c'est lamentable, les traumatismes qu'ils encourent peuvent être très graves, et dire que des adultes cautionnement ça et gagnent du fric sur leur dos ça me dégoute !!!!

  5. この子達精神的、肉体的に凄く強いけど相手を殺すつもりで殴れとしか教えられてないな

  6. Xh ngày càng cảm thấy mất đi tình cảm hết r. Trẻ con như thế mà rèn cho tụi nó đi đánh nhau. Mất đi sự ngây thơ hòa đồng. Không còn là đứa trẻ hồn nhiên vô tư như ngày nào.bé màu xanh đau quá dường như muốn khóc hiện rõ lên khuôn mặt …. Trong khi người lớn thì đừng xem. Có khi còn cá cược với nhau nữa. Thật bất công cho những đứa trẻ

  7. LGBT country have crazy tradition when little kid hurting each other and adult people just watching and support that. Imagine when little kid grow up and have brain damage or grow become strong and bad people. Crazy thailand tradition

  8. Ini ga cocok jadi tontonan, ini membunuh namanya. Seharus ada aturan umur dalam pertandingan. Not good 👎👎👎👎

  9. 子供のうちは防具つけてクリーンヒットあったら終わりでいいと思う。ガチャガチャした攻防とか実力のあるタイ人選手誰もやってないし。

  10. que isso mano! vendo que o menino nao queria mais, tava ate com cara de choro. covardia…mas cada lugar com sua cultura…se é meu filho eu jogava logo a toalha.

  11. so little to endure so much pain. i dont care if they liked the sport but hey, they're just kids. they need to feel how to be a kid and enjoy life instead of accumulating damages in their body while they're young.

  12. разный уровень подготовки. нельзя так. в красном на 3 уровня выше подготовка чем в белом. я себя увидел в белом шортах. тоже также было не успевал за ним. он 3 года занимался я 3 дня. это реально так. и почки отбил. оказался в больничке.

  13. Đa số nghèo nên mún đổi đời. 1 số rất ít leo lên đỉnh cao. Còn lại trả giá bằng chấn thương tật nguyền, vóc dáng teo tóp. Đây ko thể bào chữa bằng đam mê nhé.

  14. Its fine for these kid to fight but there has to be regulations in place. Espicially with Kids up until the Age of 18

    – Head gaurds for kids at all times(Protect the developing brain)
    – Moulded Gum Guards by an approved dentist
    – Kids should not be categorized by Age but by weight or a combination of both.
    – A professional body/organization should be in place where all these kids need to registered to inorder to track the health of these kids (By an organization official at all tournament being held)
    – And the most important, Kids are not allowed to do water cuts to make weight. Its a disgusting practice even in all combat sports and ages.

    Please NOTE, Im not saying these things are not implemented in Thailand as I would not know but more of and idea of how South Africa does Rugby.

  15. Poor kid gets Ko'd like that. He needs a little more cardio. Some more running will help & work on jabbing & keeping his hands up.

  16. That kid that lost is a gamer. That will to win, even Mike Tyson didn’t have that gameness. That can’t be taught. Win or lose he’s a champ in my book. Take him over a skill fighter with no heart any day! With the right traininer that’s a future champion!

  17. ตัวเล็กเตะก้านคอตัวใหฯ่

  18. the kid in the red shorts is a very good fighter. he was working the ribs of the white shorts kids thats why white shorts went down when he got the kick to his ear messing up his equilibrium. very nice fight.

  19. นี่คือหนึ่งเหตุผลที่มวยไทยเก่งและแข็งแกร่งที่สุดในโลก

  20. Good fight. Very entertaining. These kids are not wimps, they realy try to win and not just put on a show. Very impressive. I love watching kid fights. Very entertaining! Thanks for the upload!

  21. What an asset to have video of bouts to review. I wish it were there way back when I was that age nd in Vin Tsun Mirrors are good but to see full video wow.. lucky kids. Warriors all

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