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Muay Thai – Learn the Fighting Stance

Muay Thai – Learn the Fighting Stance

Keep your elbows high and stand on the balls of your feet. Both heels are elevated. The heel of the back leg should be a bit higher than the heel of the front leg. Your toes should point pretty straight forward. Don’t twist the back leg out too much. When you look at the muay thai fighting stance from the front, your legs should be about 1 shoulder width apart. When you look at the stance from the side, your legs should be between 1.5 and 2 shoulder widths apart Bend your knees slightly. Your thumbs should be slightly over your eyes. Keep your forearms almost parallel. Visit for more
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13 thoughts on “Muay Thai – Learn the Fighting Stance

  1. No, it depends if you are a lefty or a righty… If your strong arm and leg are the left then usually you will fight as a southpaw (right leg forward)… Most of the people are rightys so the common stance is left foot forward but both stances are valid and the principles are the same in each stance.

  2. Usually yes… But sometimes it is a choice that fighters take for different reasons… The ideal thing is to master both stances, for example if your left leg is wounded then fighting as a soutpaw will provide better defense for your injury, it all depends on the situation that you face in combat.

  3. I love real traditional techniques those bamboos splitted shafts will make any man stand in a proper stance. try that on most guys nowadays in U.S they wont ever come back to your gym..

  4. I'm headed to santai in a few months ,I can't wait until they clean up my technique!!! But dang that stance looks uncomfortable and not relaxed enough…I wonder how long will it take to get used to…???

  5. Wait – I thought the front foot was supposed to be lifted and the rear was planted with more weight on the rear and some in the front. At least – that's what I've read.

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