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My Favorite Top 10 Success Rules of 2016

My Favorite Top 10 Success Rules of 2016

– Hello, Believe Nation. We put out a ton of top 10
rules for success this year. It’s been an amazing year, tons of fun, tons of motivation and inspiration. I thought what a cool idea it
might be to end off this year, is to share some of my favorite
top 10 rules for success, that were all produced in 2016, to give you guys one last clip to watch, one last jump of inspiration
to go into 2017 strong. I hope you enjoy. – My assistant’s got a
great thing now and it’s … Once in every four months,
somebody sends an email saying, “I’ve got a huge startup
that I want you to invest in, but you’ve got to sign this NDA,” right, which literally every
time gets an email back that says, “F**k you.” The reason is, I’m a humongous
believer that ideas are s**t and that execution is the game. We’ve all got ideas. Everybody’s got ideas. Do you know how many f**king
ideas we all have here? We could probably sit here
for the next two hours, draw them all out, record them, and predict the next 78 great startups over the next nine years. And… I think the thing that is
another theme in entrepreneurship is there is way too much
fodder brought to the idea … Uber was Magic Cab three years earlier. Uber’s not an idea. Uber existed. It was called Magic Cab, but the guys that executed
it, sucked, so they lost. I think, if there’s any level
of romance left in this room about your idea, I’d like to suffocate it, because I think the actual situation is what you actually do with it. – I talk to so many smart,
fantastic, ambitious, idealistic, hard-working kids and
they’re right out of college in their entry level
jobs and I’ll ask them, “How’s it going?” They’ll say, “I think I’m going to quit.” I’m like, “Why?” They say to me, “I’m
not making an impact.” I’m like, “You know you’ve
been here eight months, right?” (laughter) They treat the sense of
fulfillment, or even love, like it’s a scavenger hunt, like it’s something you look for. My millennial friends, they’ve
gone through so many jobs. They’re either getting
fired, I mean, it was mutual. (laughter) Or they’re quitting because
they’re not making an impact or they’re not finding the
thing they’re looking for. They’re not feeling fulfilled. As if it’s a scavenger hunt. Love, a job you find joy from, is not something you discover. It’s not like I found love. Here it is. I found a job I love. That’s not how it works. Both of those things require hard work. You are in love because you work very hard every single day of your
life to stay in love. You find a job that
brings you ultimate joy because you work hard every single day to serve those around you
and you maintain that joy. It’s not a discovery. The problem is the sense of impatience. It’s as if an entire
generation is standing at the foot of a mountain. They know exactly what they want. They can see the summit. What they can’t see is the mountain, this large, immovable object. That doesn’t mean you
have to do your time. That’s not what I’m talking about. Take a helicopter, climb, I don’t care. There’s still a mountain. Life, career fulfillment,
relationships, are journeys. The problem is, this entire generation has an institutionalized
sense of impatience. Do they have the patience
to go on the journey to maintain love, to feel fulfilled, or do they just quit and on to the next, dump and on to the next, ghost and on to the next? – When I was about eight years old, I grew up in the church and I was going to one
of those women’s day … You know how we have church all day long. I’d been to Sunday School
and we were going to … Then afternoon, they were
having a women’s tea, from the Women’s Board. They were having a tea and the
little girl that was supposed to be there to do
recitation had gotten ill. They said to my stepmother,
“We need a little girl. Can Oprah come back and do a
recitation this afternoon?” My stepmother said, “Yeah, I’ll have her back here this afternoon.” You know church ain’t over ’til 1:30. By four o’clock, I had
gone home and learned to recite Invictus by
William Ernest Henley. Now, it starts out, “Out of
the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be, For my unconquerable soul.” I was reciting it and doing
the pit from pole to pole. I didn’t know what I was saying. At the end of the poem, there
is the stanza that says, “It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishment the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” Now my little eight year
old brain didn’t really fully understand the power
and depth of those words, but they sounded good enough
for me to write them down and put them on my mirror. Those words, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul,”
became a mantra for me. What it said is I am responsible for the choices that I make in my life. I am responsible. I am responsible. Obviously, I grew up and was better able to articulate what
those words really mean. I discovered in physics class … Those of you who remember physics … The third law of motion, do
you remember what that is? The third law of motion in physics says, “For every action … It’s called Newton’s Law, and
it says, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” What does that mean? That means everything
that you are putting out into the world, every action, bam, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It means no matter what you
do, the energy of what you do, what you say, and most important,
the energy of who you are, is going out into the
world, into your home, into your relationships, and that energy is always
coming back to you. You are responsible for the
energy that you are putting out into the world, ‘cuz
that very energy, bam, is coming right back to
you, every single time, whether you believe it
or not, ‘cuz it is law. It is law. It is law that what you put out into the world is coming back. – If you’re good at what you
do, people will recognize that. I really believe it. I really believe that going
out and playing good songs, live, as a great live band,
will make you successful. I really think it will. It doesn’t matter if you’re at
the s**thole down the street or you’re on the side stage at Bonnaroo, or you’re headlining Lollapalooza. If you’re a great band with great songs, people will notice it. That’s it. That’s all it is. It’s that simple. F**k product placement
and labels and A&R people and all that bulls**t. It doesn’t f**king matter. I swear to God. It doesn’t matter. If you back that up with the idea that just playing those great
songs in your great live band is enough reward for you,
then you’re f**king set. But you’ve got to be bad ass. You just have to be really good. It’s the other things that make up for your musical inability. You know? I mean, as a drummer, I never felt like I’m going to be on the cover
of Modern Drummer magazine, because I’m the best f**king
drummer in the world. I just knew that if you put me on stage, without a f**king PA or floor
monitors, in a small club, that I would beat the
f**king s**t out of my drums so much that people would go, “God damn, did you see that
f**king drummer? Whoa.” And I’d walk away from every
show like there you go. I just beat the f**king
piss out of those things and people saw it. – People took notice, for sure. – And that was great. So, at the end of the show,
I was a successful musician, because I had achieved
what I wanted to achieve. I honestly believe … I mean, I know lots of
musicians that went down to South by Southwest and said, “Well, it’s easy for you to say.” I’m like, “Man, I was in
the same f**king position you are in, 24 years ago.” That was it. I worked in a f**king furniture warehouse and I wanted people to like my music, so I played out as much
as I could, you know? If you really, honestly, like I said, if you’re passionate and driven
and focused in what you do, if you’re really f**king good at it, people will take notice. That’s basically it. I don’t understand the industry. I don’t understand where music is headed. I don’t really understand technology. I just know that when you walk into a club and you see a band that blows you away, you are going to follow that band. You’re going to either buy their CD, or you’re going to find them online, or you’re going to see them the
next time they come to play. That’s what it takes. You don’t have to stand in
line at the song contest on TV to become a f**king popular musician, to stand in front of some judge that doesn’t even f**king
play an instrument on their own God damn records. Tell you, no, you’re not good enough. – [Interviewer] Right.
– F**k that. Go blow people away in their face. I honestly believe it’s that simple. – I got a … I started working at this video store, is pretty much what you’re
talking about, around that time, and it was great at first. I’d always hated day jobs and stuff. I got a day job and it
ended up being pretty good. Admittedly, I was there for five years. At a certain point it was
a narcotic, all right? I didn’t have to keep pursuing my dreams. You know, it’s not what I want to do, but it’s sort of, kind of close. If I didn’t have an
artist’s soul burning in me, I could have made myself happy with that. If I didn’t have an artist’s
soul burning to get out, I could have walked
backwards a couple steps and just done that, and it
would have been a fulfilling, well to anybody else it would
have been a fulfilling life. It wouldn’t have been for me, because I would have known
I had something to say that I didn’t get a chance to say. But it did put me to sleep for a while. I’ve always just thought … What really got everything
kind of truly going for me … You could point out a
lot of different things, but the bottom line is
the fact that I realized that even the group of
people I hung around with, they were all great fellas and great gals, but it was easy for me to
think that I was doing a lot because I was doing more to try to move myself forward than they were. That’s not … Okay, I’m a big fish in a puddle. So what? They’re not doing anything. Yeah, I’m doing more than them. I realized that actually
I need to get my ass out to Hollywood and meet other
people who are in my category or working a little higher. I should be the weakest link in my chain that I have and that’ll
make me be stronger. It’ll make me run faster. I mean, like an analogy
I’ve always used is if you run the hundred yard dash, with people that can’t run as fast as you, yeah, you’ll win, hands down. You know that. But if you run with people
much faster than you, you might come in last, every single time, but your time will be better, because they’re making
you run all the faster. They’re making you dig down
just a little bit more. It doesn’t matter that you won. Your time is faster. That’s what I knew I had to do. I had to get out of Loserville and throw myself into a place where, this is what folks do for a living. – [Interviewer] Did you ever have, let’s call it a normal
job, Conor, a nine to five? – Yeah, ‘cuz the Irish thing is to get into a trade straight away. I was no different. Soon as I finished school, I was always getting pestered, “What are you doing with your
life? Doing this, doing that.” They didn’t know what it was. They didn’t know what MMA was. They didn’t know what none of this. They didn’t know I could
make a career out of it. As far as they were
concerned, me ma and da, I’m talking about, as far
as they were concerned, I was just getting into a cage and fighting with some other guy. They didn’t know nothing about it. No one did, really. But I knew. I knew. And then I ended up getting a trade, just to keep them quiet. ‘Cuz I always used to have a
lot of fights with me da, a … – [Interviewer] What trade did you get? – I ended up getting a trade as a plumber. Literally up in the back roads an hour, up in the Wicklow Mountains. I feel like that sight was one of the biggest sights in Europe. Kilternan is right at
that skiing place, Ewich, and now it’s just abandoned. Now it’s just deserted. I used to go up there, six o’clock, five o’clock in the
morning, I was on the M50. I used to have to walk to the M4, about half an hour from me house and wait for some Limerick
guy that I didn’t even know. He drove on the M4 and
I had to flag him down. Nightmare. You have two hours down on
the M50, two hours back. Usually 14 hour days and
I was the first year, so I was the … I had to go and do everything. I had to go up to the shop. I had to go and get this and get that. I always had trouble
with that and I was like, “This isn’t for me. This is not for me.” – [Interviewer] How long did you last? – I lasted 18 months still. But it was tough. It wasn’t the life for
me, you know what I mean? Then John said, ‘cuz I
was training with John, as well, at the time. Then John got on twitch
and says, “I have a show. I’m running the show. Would you like to fight in it?” Then that was it. I just packed it in, didn’t show up. Me da used to come in and
punch the hell out of me, like try to drag me out of
bed and I just wouldn’t go. Then I had operal for a good
few years, when I’m overable. That was it. I just packed it in, quit,
and then focused on training. I knew what was going to happen. I knew I was going to get here. They didn’t. It was was a lot of stressful years, you know what I mean,
a lot of tough times. I proved them wrong. I proved myself right. – The only thing that
stops you from getting what you want in life is the bulls** story you tell yourself of
why you can’t have it. You get that? What stops you back is the story, ‘cuz the story stops
you from getting honest. If you can’t get honest with yourself, there’s nowhere you can go. Imagine like this,
success in sales and life, it’s like a roadmap, right? You know where you want to go and you have this perfect strategy, the straight line, to get there. It’s a perfect strategy. It’s going to get you
there every single time. If you don’t know your starting point, if you’re not getting honest
with where you actually are, it doesn’t matter how
powerful the strategy is and it doesn’t matter how
powerful your goal is. I’m going to ask you to set
a goal today, a 60 day goal. Let’s say you really set this goal. I’ll show you how to do
it in a brilliant way, so it’s visceral, so it
makes you really feel it and you see it, you sense
it, you smell the goal. That’s step one. I’m going to teach you the straight line, which is your strategy
to get to your goal. If you’re not honest with
where you are right now, your starting point, the map is worthless. There’s three things that you
need to know: where you are, where you want to go, and how
you’re going to get there. Those are the three things you must have to take advantage of any opportunity. I’m going to give you the strategy. I’m going to ask you to tell me exactly where you want to go, for yourself. You got to get honest. Don’t blame the boss. Don’t blame the leagues. Don’t blame your job. Don’t blame the industry
you’re in, just get honest. If you don’t like your
industry, find another one. – You don’t have to compromise yourself. If it’s something that
you don’t feel good about, then don’t do it. The most important choices
I’ve made, was to say no, and I said no many a time
to films that I just didn’t, especially early on, I just
didn’t feel comfortable with. There was one script that was
brought to me, I called it, The Nigger They Couldn’t Kill. (laughter) (laughter drowns out words) He was accused of raping
this white woman, in the 40s, and they tried to hang
him, but he didn’t die, and then they tried to electrocute him. They were like, “It’s a comedy.” I’m like, “It ain’t funny to me.” (laughter) It ain’t funny to me. I actually called Sidney Poitier, who I was fortunate at that time, and still, to be able to call. I said, “This movie, I’m sick, and they offered me $600,000 to play the nigger they couldn’t kill.” That’s what I call it. (laughter drowns out words) He said to me, and I’ll
say this to you, he said, “The first two or three or four films you make in this industry, Denzel, will determine how you’re received.” He said, “I’m not going
to tell you what to do, but remember that the first three or four, five films you make will
determine how you’re received.” I turned it down. I turned the money down. I needed the money. I turned it down. Six months later I got Cry of Freedom. (cheering and applause) So, stick to your guns. If you don’t feel like you
should do it, then don’t do it. You don’t want to be, you don’t want to be a
negative energy on the set. That’s how I feel sometimes. You know, I ain’t doing this because I’m going to slap
somebody on the second day. (laughter) So I just, you know, I think the most important
decisions you can make as an actor, actress, is
saying no, is saying no. You don’t have to take your clothes off. If you don’t want to, then don’t do it. – I love me. The day that you decide to stop loving me, I’m not going to love myself any less. I believe in me. If you stop believing in me, I’m not going to believe
in myself any less. If you believe that I’m irrelevant, that no one is checking for me, and that I don’t mean
anything to the world, because you think or
believe that about me, it doesn’t mean that I’m going
to believe it about myself. See, the day that you
start living your life according to everybody else’s opinion is the beginning of the end. Most of you all, and it’s
f**ked up, I see it every day, all day, most of you guys don’t actually know your self worth. You don’t know your self value. You’re like a vulnerable
little child and you’re shaking and it’s like everybody loves me this week so I love me this week. Next week it drops. Now you’re running around insecure, feeling self-conscious,
and not loving yourself, sad and depressed, based on the feedback, the responses, and the energy that the rest of the world is giving you. I wrote about this in my
new book, which is coming. It’s called Black Rose. It hasn’t been released
yet, but it’s coming. I talk about the fact
that fame is an addiction. Fame is one of the most
unspoken addictions out there. So many celebrities and entertainers, athletes and public figures, they base their self
worth on their relevancy, based on everybody in the
world checking for them. As soon as people stop checking for them, then they stop checking for theirself. You all don’t love me no more? I’m not selling records? I’m not number one in
the box office no more? I’m not making as much
money as I used to make? Oh s**t. Ain’t nobody checking for me. Guess what? I’m not checking for myself. No one sees the value in me anymore, so I don’t see the value in me anymore. Every time I go on Twitter, Facebook, they say I’m irrelevant, so
I’m irrelevant to myself now. I ain’t s**t because you
think that I ain’t s**t. No one loves me. Because you said no one
loves me, I don’t love me. The day that you allow the
opinions of the outside world to dictate the way you
feel about yourself, it is the beginning of the end of you living a blessed and
self-loving, secure life. I can tell you all right
now that it is not the car that I drive or any of
the jewelry that I own or the size of my house
that defines my self-worth. M*F*, I’m hot. I’m hot. I’m hot when you don’t think I’m hot. I’m amazing when you
don’t think I’m amazing. I love me even if you stop loving me. You can say the nastiest, meanest, evilest s**t you could ever conjure up. It will never change the
way I feel about myself. I’m telling you, that’s
the way I live my life. That’s how I feel about me. Most of you all are on Twitter,
you’re desperate for likes. You’re desperate for the
egotistical feeding frenzy. Feed my ego. Feed, feed, feed, like me, like
me, because I don’t like me. I’m telling you all right now. The day that you allow
the opinions of everybody on the outside world to
define your day to day, month to month, and year to year, it’s the beginning of the end. Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Believe in yourself, independent of the validation of the world. Have opinions and feelings about yourself, independent of the feedback. Why you got to have somebody
calling you beautiful everyday, in order for you to feel beautiful? Do you believe that you’re beautiful, or do you only believe you’re beautiful when other people say
that you’re beautiful? I’m just asking. Self-love is the cure to self-hate. If you make it to the end of this video I want you to write, self-love
is the cure to self-hate. These are the type of qualities that I’m going and have been
instilling in my daughter. There is no man that you
could ever meet, Shayla, that can make you feel more amazing than what you’re supposed
to feel about yourself. Nobody wants to be alone,
but if you show up empty, as an empty shell, and
you’re expecting this man to fulfill you and fill
you up with all of the love that doesn’t exist, you’re
going to be f**ked up, because as soon as he leaves,
you’re depleted, you’re empty, and you have nothing
left for yourself, again. Never rely or depend on
anybody to fulfill your heart. If you don’t believe in
the Lord Jesus Christ, you’d better get to know him, because that’s also a part
of the process of self-love. You’re supposed to love
yourself independent of any feedback, comments, likes, shares and any and all of this
other social media s**t. Some of you all are social media whores. What does that mean? I ain’t s**t until people
on my timeline tell me that I’m the s**t. I love me independent of anything that anybody could ever say. It has nothing to do with
being arrogant or egotistical. It’s just a matter of knowing
and being aware of self-worth. I love you. If you make it to the end of this video, I want you to write, self-love
is the cure to self-hate. Self-love is the cure to self-hate. I hope you share this video
because I want this video to spread all over the world. Send it to WorldStarHipHop. Send it to all of the
blogs and the websites. Self-love is the cure to self-hate. This is your man Tyrese,
spreading love always. Share, share, share. Click that share button. Spread love. Love circle. I love you, always. – It’s hard changing your life. It was hard when just
over three years ago, in the Penobscot building,
in Detroit, Michigan, where I was operating my business, and I fell on some hard times and I was sleeping in my office. It was hard coming into the
lobby and the security said, “Excuse me, Mr. Brown. Can
we see you for a moment?” I said yes and I walked up to the counter and he gave me an envelope and he said, “Would you mind reading it here?” I opened the envelope and the
envelope was from management, that said, “This is an office tower. It’s not a hotel. Please do not sleep in your office.” I said, “Excuse me, sir. I just work long hours
in creating my business. I’m an entrepreneur. Right now things are bad for me, but they’re not going
to be this way always. I just ask for the opportunity to continue to operate like I’m doing. I’m not trying to make this my home.” It was hard coming through the lobby. Sometimes they would laugh, “There’s the guy talking
about becoming successful and look at him. He’s bathing in the bathroom
upstairs on the 21st floor. He sleeps on the floor, him and
two other dreamers up there. Look at him.” It was hard, ladies and gentlemen, coming to speak to people and I was facing financial
difficulties in my own life. I was behind on my bills and my dreams and I’m saying to them,
“You can live your dream.” It was hard, ladies and gentlemen. It was very difficult to
pick myself up, each day, believing that I could do it. There were times that I doubted myself. I said, “God, why is
this happening to me?” I’m just trying to take care
of my children and my mother. I’m not trying to steal
or rob from anybody. Why did this have to happen to me? It was very hard. Here’s what I want to say to you. For those of you that have
experienced some hardships, don’t give up on your dream. No one could have
convinced me by holding on, by continuing to push forward, by continuing to run toward my dream, that one day I would
have my own talk show. It’s a long shot, ladies and gentlemen, from Liberty City and an
abandoned building, on the floor, never knowing my mother or father. It’s a long shot, being here
with you today in this dome, in Atlanta, it’s a long shot. No college training, labeled
ineducable, mentally retarded, but I kept running toward my dream. (cheering) Don’t stop. (cheering) Don’t stop. (cheering) Don’t stop running toward your dream. – Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed. I’m really curious to find out, which one did you guys like the best. Who was your favorite speaker? What was your favorite rule? Please leave it in the comments below. I’m going to join in the discussion. Finally, I want to give a
quick shout out to Berthony. Thank you so much for
picking up a copy of my book, Your One Word. It really, really means a lot to me and I hope that you find your one word. Thank you guys again for watching. I believe in you. I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one word is. Much love. I’ll see you soon.

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