Who’s ready for the The Thinning 2? Got one I got one. Who’s got their merch, baby? loganpaul.com/shops who alright , who is subscribed to Jake Paul? (loser) Jake I love you, bro. Okay, yo you guys know the being of vlogger being an actor combining the two sort of difficult. I gotta spice up these vlogs. I just asked all the extras if they have the merch? They said they did They know it’s the hottest merch in the game bro. Hey so yesterday, as you guys know, we brought a real live mom for my pregnant assistant. Lydia, to teach her how to give birth. So good stuff good stuff funny, you know. She doesn’t think she’s pregnant. This… yep guys I’m pregnant….denial is the first stage of pregnancy? WOAH, denial is the first stage of pregnancy? It’s such a big surprise, I don’t know if i can do this. yo he just I’m like. Andy, bro. I’m on set. First off Manager Jeff! Yo, my boy got here. Andy: I’ve never met manager Jeff! wait ,what? oh! Andy: I need a, I need a high five! Jeff just got here he has to leave he’s got to go build the Maverick enterprise and so Andy everyday is like yo Let me bring this to set let me do that let me let me help make your vlogs amazing spice it up That’s thing and he’s the perfect guy so today. He says he has a surprise. I don’t know what it is, but its Andy so its gonna be epic 500! 500! 500! ( Cinquecento ) So Andy says he has to go get the surprise one other thing He told me I could get fired from the movie for this, but here’s how I look at it, right, I’m the lead of the film if they fire me. I don’t know what they’re gonna. Do bro, you can’t replace me. I’m a Maverick! I’m one of a kind you can’t replace me! We’re gonna wait here until Andy brings his surprise. (music) Let’s just cut to the surprise oh my God, Andyyy. Yo, you brought f*cking camels? You brought camels! You brought camels! Andyyyy. Andy why don’t just bring the table I bring the camel ready? We’ve got threehumps! Oh! vlog life bro What have you done? They got humps bro He’s coming closer, he’s coming closer. I’m like on the phone. I need a camel, 3 O’clock. That’s it, it’s just okay?. It’s just the camel lady dude camel lady, bro. You don’t know. Logan: What’s up dude? Other guy: I’m gonna be the party pooper, again. I knew it. Camels store water in their humps, which is the water is a beverage? They could store beer, they can store the beer factory, You’re right. We’re gonna go right camels, over there. Watch out, there’s camel in the road! Once again, I’m sure my producers are like “Really, whose idea was it to put this f**ing vlogger in the movie?! Don’t forget guys. I wasn’t vlogging when I did the first thing. I could see my friend from here! Have fun! Lydia this camel reminds me of your baby . I’m not gonna lie, okay. Not gonna lie, Logang, We sit like this for so long The front is drop my penis is just hating me right now then again my penis normally hates me. I put it to work Oh God, I’m Disgusting This is the greatest day of my life!! Really though who’s doing it? I don’t see Leonardo DiCaprio bringing camels to set. I don’t see Brad Pitt doing it. I don’t see Michael Phelps doing it Michael Phelps is a swimmer yeah And not once did he bring a camel to the Olympics Brendan use your brain?! I love you. You are so cool Take this Maverick merch and prosper, young camel *loganpaul.com/shop* My boy looks good! Camels urinating which reminds me, I gotta go get back to set. Right Jenna? She don’t want to talk to me right now, alright time to go get acting. Did you guys see the camel outside? No, me either. Idk what you’re talking about. No camel here bro, no no need to kick me off the movie. Huh, what camels are you talking about, bro? I don’t even know what you’re talking about, Micheal. why would i bring camels to the set bro i am an actor Not a camel guy all right, it’s time to get serious guys Blake is coming back. You know what’s funny about this movie I haven’t brought up it so the first Thinning had this shirtless scene, and I wanted to be like crazy ripped for it Here’s a picture of me guys I lost like 20 pounds like I could barely walk like that’s how weak I was, but I look so good bro! its a little different this year, I didn’t didn’t work out haven’t worked out in two months. Brendan: I’d call it four. Logan: Four months? F*ck. So being shirtless, it’s like, like I mean. I’ll do what I get I’ve just been busy vlogging boy but anyways I think with some oil And I shaved my chest I think I’ll be good. Like just to make sure, let’s get into good old workout montage! Wardrobe, I got bad news. Lady: How much bad news? Logan: Extra shirt You’re out, you’re getting yo, man. You fell wants to get you some water. Hey we gotta iron. This is fine , This will work Brendon: Why would you do that?
Logan: Cause i am a vlogger, bro. We could warm it with this hair straightener Oh hold up, wait pause. Did this just turn into a photoshoot? Brendan: That was gross. Logan: Brendan I don’t care enough of this sh*t guys. I gotta go beat people up and sir my dominance. Oh that montage word, bro. I am feeling rock It is oil my mom cooked with this oil All right its time to beat some… Ughhh, Ughh. Hi Kong, hi. Your dad was just out winning an Oscar. Alright, well, we’ll see you later. Just like every girl in my life Anyway, guys. It was a twelve hour day on set. Also, I forgot to mention- What are you doing, bro? Literally just wanted the camera time and bounce yo. Respect. Cuz, guys, I forgot to say. I haven’t eaten all day cuz I wanted to look skinny and ripped for the scene But I realized not eating doesn’t make you look ripped, working out makes you look ripped! So I’m starvvingggg! Andy: This will give you the abs, abs of steel. Right there. Logan: Andy is perfect, bro. Andy: Also, I smuggled this out of the Team 10 house. Logan: That’s what I like to hear, bro! This is so amazing. I’m gonna eat this and also, I got two lit things for you, Logang And they’re both boxes guys for doing a little unboxing to conclude the vlog. But yo, not just any unboxing. My unboxings are lit now! Andy!! I Know this was a big deal, this was sent to my by, By my friend Mac. I actually have two friends named Mac. This one is @Mac on Instagram. Ahh another custom one of one Maverick jacket! This is my first time seeing this, oh my gosh! Mavericks down the sleeve, the United States of America flag, the “top” emojis wait. What oh? Yo, this is so lit. Mac, thank you bro You know we are here doing it different. That’s what we do, we Mavericks!. Oh, it matches that red merch, baby. Let’s go! I feel so out here, bro more than I already am. Honeyy, Oh snap, bro. Did this just turn into a photo shoot? loganpaul.com/shop It’s super lit. And then this one. Andy: Bro, why’d you stab it? Logan: I’m a Maverick So this is from a girl named Claire, Claire Highlands. I haven’t looked at it yet I bet it’s amazing. She’s stuff before, you know yeah. She made this painting guys. She’s really good Brendon: What am I looking at? Logan: I don’t know bro, but I see a Maverick! I see a blue tiger and I see Maverick spelled out on top. Claire Highlands, homie. You’ve done it again! Thank you for being in the Logang. I appreciate it by the way guys If you’re not part of the Logang, you suck, but this good news. You can unsuck are you subscribe right now? So it’s very clear the Maverick movement is growing every single day More people join more people get to rep their merch in the streets and look absolutely Savage well It is the hottest merch in the game, look at all that cop shop. I think it’s just cash. Okay sounds good anyways Love ya. I love you, and I’ll see you tomorrow cuz I’m tired

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