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my REAL school morning routine – VLOG

my REAL school morning routine – VLOG

alexa set an alarm for 6:20am so I have a million alarms and then when I get up I’ll chug some water, really wakes you up and I’m gonna light some candles and then go in the bathroom to get ready, I can barely talk Why does this thing keep going off? pretty proud. curtains up because we gotta let that sunlight in baby I’m cold wait so here’s the thing, my room is like 50 degrees right now and my mom won’t let me have a heater in it because she think’s I’m gonna like burn my room down I’m 17 years old. I don’t know how that would happen. So I just, am very tired right now um.. . Sorry, if it looks like I’m really struggling I mean kind of what’s going on here I don’t normally get up this this early. Although it’s very realistic um.. . i..don’t get up at 6:30. I get up at like 6:45 so it’s like 15 minutes earlier and it’s really affecting me. I only got up about 15 minutes earlier to film this video. yEa? Because that’s a laundry basket to go upstairs. And that’s Ella’s. I need it all picked up and put away and I’m putting on moisturizer and self-tanner. it’s not self-tanner. It’s just like a little tinter. yEa toby! can i see tobes? toBy come here!! *gasp come here come here no come here ok those are for upstairs those are for like good will go ahead I don’t know why but like I’m actually breaking out a little bit. So I’m like here here I normally like don’t really break out break out like I get pimples but like… don’t know why this is happening to me?? Thought I already went through the acne phase I use men’s deodorant if you’re curious. I feel like it works a lot better. So I’m gonna put in my dry shampoo wOaH Sorry if I don’t like sound like myself I just am a completely different person before my coffee But it’s kind of true, or before I like wake up at least We’re just gonna dab a little bit in this makeup I’m waking up a little bit more which is really nice so a bit right here, yeah right here, here hey hey I’m gonna get my Beauty Blender wet. I also wear my jewelry every single day so just in case you didn’t assume that here I am to tell you I do and if you didn’t know I design jewelry and They come in these boxes I’m still not done Releasing all of the sets that I’ve made but basically I’m putting on the moon one today The lightning bolt just came out I definitely go check that out in the description And then next I have a light bulb and the Sun coming out which are probably my two Favorites and that’s why I saved them for last. So those are coming out very soon So stay updated on my Instagram its @hannahmeloche if you want details on when they’re gonna launch and such But anyway, so I’ve launched the wave the moon and the lightning bolt so far You can still buy the earrings and the ring for the moon lightning bolt has not sold out yet. It just got put up So definitely go check that out. And I really love the meaning behind the lightning bolt super positive I was gonna wear mine today, but I didn’t feel like finding it So we’re gonna work with what we got here, you know a little bit of BB Creams down here My under eye bags are so bad right now, its actually ridiculous I’ll blend it in. I’m just setting the powder. I just really hope it doesn’t turn out completely awful. We’re gonna put on some bronzer I’m supposed to be eating breakfast and such right now. Sometimes I literally wear no makeup to school, but I thought it’d be more interesting to like do my light makeup stuff for you guys I’m just another looking more gross than I did when I woke up. Lip stuff and highlight, we’re gonna set all this Even though I just I’m not a fan of how this looks right now But we’re gonna go with it. Blow my candles out. By the way I always or normally like Most of the time I always have my outfits picked out just because it’s so much easier to just wake up late and put your outfit On and go so here we have some options but basically all of this like this is like there’s some cute stuff in here But we’re gonna go with the easiest option today because we don’t feel like doing anything else right now, and that’s okay Okay, so this is my fit when it gets too hot which it won’t get too hot. I’ll be freezing So I’m throwing a crewneck over this. Okay. So here we are. This is my fit This is my OOTD You have our nice boots because it’s freezing now, by the way, I hope you guys know that the same day you’re watching this It’s the same day filmed it. So if you’re watching it on the day, it came out, I just Dude all leaves are gone We got a nice little braiding bar over here going on, what are we doing today ladies? French braiding? I love it. I Love it you are? Maybe Hey guys, so if you stayed to this point in the video, this is just your extra bonus I just wanted to add in some like class part just cuz I really like my first two hours I don’t know if you could tell but I was building a longboard and we had to go surfing wakeboarding etc In that class it’s just a really fun time for me So hopefully you enjoyed that as well because I called it a morning routine But it was like low-key a day in my life just a little bit. I don’t like when people say low-key I’m sorry for saying that but anyways, I just got home from school I’m gonna finish out in this video upload it if you want to see me more often follow me on my social Medias because I post a couple times a week on my Instagram Twitter snapchat and I post once a week on this channel Which is Monday and then I post once a week on my vlog channel linked down below. That’s it for day I hope you guys have a great rest of your day. Remember that you can control your happiness and you control your every move So make today a good day make someone smile something for someone else cuz that’ll make you feel good And I hope that this makes you guys feel good power to do whatever you want. Remember that. Ok. Bye guys. Love you Not really two shoes? yeah you literally just slip them on I just went here to put on Christmas music. Okay. That’s it. That’s it. Are you kidding me? No, that was like overnight though Yeah, it was it was overnight. All these leaves were here

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90 thoughts on “my REAL school morning routine – VLOG

  1. My Morning routine:
    1)My mum wakes me up
    2) i have 4 min to look what i want to wear
    3) goes to the bathroom and starts putting concealer on
    4)my mums call me
    5) eats breakfast
    6) goes back to the bathroom and cleans theeth and powders the conealer.
    7) my mum calls me again and I need to go and she always ALWAYS says that I am too late
    8) we drive to school and i look like a mess

    i swear the whole morning thing last only 20 min i do not have much more time…


  2. Yoo everyone here be waking up around 6:30ish am while over here w/me we have to be at school by 6:30 since it starts at 7 ..meaning some of us wake up at 4 or 5 am … yalll lucky as hell ⁰~⁰

  3. Am I the only one who doesn’t make their bed just after getting up. I open the windows and let my bed just a mess as I take a shower and THEN after it is aired I make it.

    Also, I take a shower every morning… my friends say I’m weird

  4. My Morning routine
    1. Wake up 10 minutes before my alarm goes off because its actually SO LOUD outside.
    2. Wait for my alarm to go off.
    3. Get up.
    4. Brush teeth
    5. Change into something
    6. Wear light makeup because why not
    7. Do hair
    8. Eat
    9. pack lunch
    10. Watch T.V for like 30 minutes
    11. Go to school.

  5. •8 am: Wake up
    Uniform, brush teeth, food, ( who cares about makeup)
    •9 am: School, thank god we finished school early during senior year)
    3 pm: Home
    4 pm: extra lesson N 1( math or English depends on the day)
    …..30 minutes in between to get from one teacher to another)
    7 pm extra lesson N2 ( literature or biology, depends on the day )
    9 pm home
    10 pm school homework and homework which extra tutors give till I pass out

    On weekends I usually had all 4 extra teachers for all 4 exams I have to pass to get to university. The funniest thing everyone I know did the exact same thing. Our education system sucks so much that we are required to pass subject for uni that we don’t even study at school. Exams are way too hard to study for them on your own so everyone who want somewhat normal grades usually has an extra tutor. I was lucky since I knew English well enough ( English exam is super easy ), therefore, I only had to take 2-3 month of lessons just to understand how the test works. Despite the fact that it is super easy it still has weird rules.

  6. What kinda school does she go to? It looks amazing and if my teacher let me blast music and stuff like that, I would… like school again😂

  7. My soon gonna be morning routine:
    Wake up at 5:30
    Do makeup AMAZINGLY
    Get dressed super cute
    Impress EVERYONE

    ok so here what will really happy:
    Sleep in till 6:00
    Barely do makeup
    Wear an ugly outfit
    I loose all my friends

    Now that’s more realistic

  8. Does anyone else wake up in the morning some minutes before you have to get up and just freak out, because school is starting again? I hate school lol🤯🤯🤯🤷‍♀️😆😂

  9. bruh a normal singapore student wakes up at 5.30 everyday and school starts at around 7.20 to 7.30 bruh and your just over there exaggerating bruh lol

  10. Morning routine check:
    -Mom closes the AC ( I can’t sleep without the AC on) ✅
    -Wake up✅
    -goes back to sleep ✅
    – mom LITERALLY pulls me off the bed ✅
    – FINALLY wakes up✅
    – stares into space for a good 30 minutes ✅
    – does all the feminine hygiene ✅
    – barely eats breakfast ✅
    – almost misses the bus✅
    – sleeps in almost all the classes ✅

  11. I dunno if I see her the same after everything that happened with summer and I forgive her and like her but.. I just don’t see her the same anymor

  12. i always forget how much younger some of the youtubers i watch today are.

    I just graduated college????

    p.s. small youtuber here! please watch and subscribe!

  13. … well now that I started making youtube videos I understand why people say "nEw yoUtubEr" but like im new and made a video trying on ALL my new back to school clothes… check me out?

  14. I love how Hannah is acc interested in what people have to say and always includes ppl. Unlike some youtubers out there.

  15. Me:
    wakes up at 5:45
    Does hair
    Eats breakfast
    Leaves to go to my friends house at 6:55
    Leaves for school at 7:20

  16. my 7th grade morning tutorial (didn’t start school yet starts september 5)

    1. wake up at 5:00
    2. press snooze button 30 times
    3. looks at ceiling for 10 mins
    4. goes in bathroom to sit on the toilet for 5mins
    5. brushes teeth and takes shower
    6. moisturizer and put on deordarent
    7. put on uniform
    8. put socks and shoes on
    9. pet perfume on
    10. put bookbag on
    11. waits for Q18 for about 20 mins
    12. gets on bus


  17. My school morning routine
    My alarm wake up me when he starts on 6:30
    Go and brush my teeth
    Eat breakfast
    Put my clothes on
    Brush my hair
    Grab backpack and jacket and walk to school

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  19. Her dog looks like the dog from my cousin. And she looks like my cousin. This is frightening me I've found her Doppelganger xD

  20. My routine wake up 7 am and wear the same clothes which is pants and black jacket all the year and go to the school and then go back home by walking about 3 km under the sun ray and there's more to

  21. She wakes up early for no reason because she does. Ore stuff when she could wake up at 7:00 and not do her makeup

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