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[Music] the car I think is burning check it out [Music] [Music] hey I’m here beautiful among Jordan today we will be at the World Economic Forum which is a very important conference I wanted to participate so I’ve been invited let’s check it out together and I’ll take you home [Music] guys look at how beautiful in this year absolutely we’re here at the World Economic Forum what can you say to give us more based on the apt and it was totally worth it I was just here for a day but I got to know some very important people for business so it’s actually great and now we’re going for dinner and then I’ll head back to the bike so yeah see you there hey guys I’m back and Dubai still looking suited up this is a different suit those I have been wearing the same one because today we’re going to have something wait because today we’re going to have a special photo shoot with my friend oh good mr. Billy net ha ha ha we are here boys we are here so today basically to celebrate my 1 billion dollar contract with mo blogs entertainment guys we’re going for a photo shoot that is we’re actually going to do a photo shoot inside the pool with suits on yeah guys we just arrived it’s beautiful place wow this is insane we have the full view of everything so yeah there’s going to be the pool okay guys that you can please hiking in the water right now he’s doing a solo photo shoot yeah kid it’s lagging you got it show them the moves show them this is like a nice two-tone suit yeah amazing thank you how did you like your first photo shoot they are the experience they are all right guys we’re done with the photo shoot and now back to the office and again I will be traveling so I see you there Oh guys I’m here on the Autobahn of the Autobahn which is the highway in Germany stuck in traffic because the car I think is burning great check it out I hope no one got injured what is burning heavily hey guys today I’m actually with one of my friends he is probably most successful rapper from Germany his name is cool Salish and I’m now with them I’m gonna watch his show and yes there’s a lot of people outside already so yeah just come and see it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] hey guys so yeah you’ve seen it it was great and I’m here with my friend I’m going to switch to German to tell us like magnify come with here 900 rpm start right here in Bremen in Lima tango fun hat on the the my client was like somebody’s nice whose pocket revealed – my finger here that’s line client intimacy pop ding live honest the hip-hop co2 analysis and Sunnah during reading kids naturally sure of neighboring when that’s most morado mantra causes and a comfort zone of in decline our own stratum again or in fire so I figure Zack assertions that a bitch tightened up by Zuppa a fortress which does native of the past just Agravaine I see those penises climb to impeach the person would give is because I work in that powers the super together when we breathe again anyways I see a ton of private jet but there is no way of actually getting to them guys I there’s one behind that fence over there so yeah I just kind of have to wait for sigan until he comes with the keys [Music] [Music] alright guys I’ve just made it to London with a good friend of mommy’s gonna go on in school and yeah we’re here Oh guys check this out yo this is actually a nicer jet than the last one guys I’ll go be agreed if this vlog is ugly in life let’s go a million likes million views that movie bruises bro Harbhajan I don’t yourself agribusiness no that’s my blog oh you below half a million Cyrus has million views we’ll do a degree [Music] okay okay okay so check it out your Dino boys always rolling out in the Cadillacs all right guys we made it to New York so as I always said I love this city might know or not I used to live here I used to actually spend a lot of time here [Music] storia Queens you need to look fresh this is a place bananas all right guys we made it to our first stop actually got the first of the first Kappa so – its Nika so what do you think I chose nine to five all right and this one which is sometimes you wear it like it’s all black and you know some rich guys she copied me when they come to this red one as you did covered no those are fire I have tonight so yeah we here in New York first thing you do we sneak us off [Music] I like that they’ll wait on a limo New Yorkers always live we have to represent you know then I already know how to your mastery from love before you from divine and shout out to legs my best friend in New York they say this is the city that never sleeps so we don’t heat up look at this in the gym 1:00 a.m. all right okay what I love about New York is walk everywhere it’s not worth taking two cars Oh literally Oh in fact everywhere so at the same time it makes you and keeps you healthy so we walk the whole day see everything and at night we work out with our personal trainer and mmo-champion an MMA fighter and champion surprise we are an art gallery check it out [Music] no others made up so the go oh no way oh my god crazy here you know you always hear it in the radio and now you’re like I am where the top lid this is where hip-hop lives yeah anyways right now are heading over to a to list even hi boys right now we’re heading over to camilo station city is listening what’s going on what’s going on yo what is on my man every my brother get high 97 you don’t say New York City we hear any point just like you she get on a scent man thanks I assist right a whole city’s Lizbeth yeah all serve you sir it’s crazy condition I want the biggest radio stations and all the scammers people come here like me this is legendary you know who came here okay Jason here everyone every single celebrity who has something to do with hip-hop and R&B with general music industry we all commercial of course on Magette because I got 40 when I play the fool amorphous well like a chance of money to pay attention [Music] you saw most awe-inspiring ejaculation says using hot 97 Camila stop alright guys so it is the month of Ramadan so we thought we’ll do something nice so today myself and Moe we’re going to help the unfortunate the homeless people here with some soul food so we actually have Lexus restaurants the live all the food into the oldest people here lefty economy [Music] guys are doing our first music read we’re kind of excited and happy very excited great there’s a lot of people coming in now and yeah we’re gonna be seeing I was gonna go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] we should outside with us how many ice ages like hi guys so I don’t know how many people there outside looks like a lot thank you so much guys one of the offices I want to do a hundred more being result don t a thousand for my man is a Rolex over here you want to sign no you’re gonna just devalue it right now I’m gonna try guys this is the most signing a row neck are you sure you want him to do that hi okay cool limited-edition limited-edition Rolex right here guys we wheelie down frankly no now it’s priceless a sub bro I’m tired good day guys honestly America has been so good to us we’re definitely going to come back right now it’s time to board this plane so let’s go [Music] [Music] are you like this that’s the version okay guys so I’m not sure if you remember this sigan actually bought these yesterday but I accidentally left mine with our friends guys so they need to shoot me the shoes [Music] you know I was telling my mom sligon hates me off for this trip guys everyday I’ll say we need to go out again another please another loose lovable yeah let’s go you look very tired guys I think it’s the first time I can say my sleep was worth 100 grand because that’s how much we’ve raised it [Music] you [Music]

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100 thoughts on “MY SOCIAL LIFE AS A CEO

  1. Over and enough From now my another dream is to meet saygin and mo but i dont know when my dream will come true!!

  2. How are you Mr Saygin and Mo_Vlogs, Am charles KE from Nairobi Kenya (Africa). Am Fun and follower of you guys with your friends such as LAna, You always inspire people like me and my friends. Your lifestyle is awesome and a lesson, God always bless the work of your hands.
    I hope one day you could visit Kenya which has unique Tourism destinations and also some features which will amaze you. Am willing to assist if possible soon when you decide. God bless you always (FUN OF YOU)

    CONTACT: +254711993590
    INSTAGRAM: Charles_Kiarie_Shavinski

  3. Du bist erfolgreich Du hast viele autos häuser gelder achtung ehre ,aber was fehlt dir noch für totall glück sein?

  4. U told a good thing of Ramadan love u bro nd also as islam said even if ur a billionaire ur simplicity nd politeness r a ideal for a muslim live long bro nd keep doing charity

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  6. Bro eh Syi. You like carryin manz round you for what. I guess every king needs klowns laughing at every silly joke. What do your custies think about that.

    Then again . What do you do when you meet someone that cant be bought or negotiated with. Lolol Do you become batman?

    Grow up before you grow fungus

  7. Helal olsun Sana…..
    Yasa hayatini eli acik olani Allah herzaman korur süpersin berlinden seni herzaman takip ediyorum caliskanligina ve karakterine hayranim.
    Seni seviyorum kardesim.
    Hersey gönlünce devam etsin insallah.
    Berlinden selamlar

  8. Saygin I have been watching your video and one thing strike me when you two give food to the poor…..that was owsome man….watching all the here in Fiji

  9. He is successful because his heart is so big. That is my inspiration. Thank you man…

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