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– Yeah. He’s gonna kill me. He’s gonna kill me. – No, he’ll kill me. – Alright. (laughs) (motivational rap music) – [Instructor] Lean back. Lean back. Good morning all. 6th of March, 2018. I’m back on Soi Taied
a.k.a. Fighter Street here in Phuket, Thailand, about to start a beginner Muay Thai class with Tiger Muay Thai. Here we go. (drumming) (singing in Thai) Look at these muscles. Look at these muscles. Round two. – Round two. – With this guy over here. – Yes. – Alright, just finished
the beginner Muay Thai class here at Tiger Muay Thai. The eight til ten morning class. Two hours, feel pretty amazing. – Hi. – How ya doing? And I feel pretty good and I think it costs 500
baht to drop into sessions, I’m only doing the one session here. I’ve got a private session this afternoon with one of the other trainers here. And a really really good,
great way to start the day. And we did clinching today,
which is not my favourite, but nevertheless, we did it,
so you’ll see footage of that. We got in the ring, doing more
clinching, more clinching, basic techniques. And right now the
privates are starting now, so they’re jogging around in a circle, which is the traditional way
of starting a class here. And otherwise awesome. People from all around
the world train here. Great session. And they run an afternoon
beginner and intermediate class as well from three til five p.m. as well. So I definitely will come back
around here, check it out, and do my private class at five p.m. So stay tuned for that. Alright, so as mentioned, I finished a beginner Muay Thai class here at Tiger Muay Thai, right here. And it’s about 10 o’clock in the morning, I’m about to get a protein shake, and I might even get that
protein shake from Tiger Grill, which is an extension of
the training academy here, where you can get really
cheap protein shakes and healthy meals. So, let’s go and check that out right now. The chocolate banana protein shake. – [Waitress] With milk? Soy milk? – [Brad] Uh, with just water, thanks. Yeah.

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  1. You seem like a cool dude, good vibes. Tip.. Pivot on your standing leg with the roundhouse, a bit awkward at first but you'll see massive difference and will reduce likely hood of knee injury. But good job! training in Thailand takes balls

  2. Awesome video! It's much appreciated, I'm looking into their camp now! Do you know if they're set up for the individual to just drop in on whichever classes he wishes for as many days as he likes; or is there a like "week-long camp" package? I'm planning to stay on campus, do their meal plan, etc., and train Muay Thai every day for at least 5 days; I'm not sure though whether they have a definitive package for that or if it's decidedly discrete intervals of training you purchase? Thanks so much!

    – Dave

  3. I'm actually planning on booking a month for September to October, I can't decide on what classes I want to do or if I want to do daily Drop in rates… I'm wondering if I could book and pre pay for my Deluxe room but arrange my training and everything once I get their

  4. Would you recommend for me to bring anything specific, I'm thinking a few of my own supplements. And Buying fresh Muy Thai gear at the camp … I think I want to do time at tiger and phuket top team

  5. Did you have any accommodation preference. And according to my understanding difference between standard and Deluxe is a pool outside the room. But I would imagine a beach is very close and there's other accesses to pools besides at Room

  6. Savage man. I vlogged my trip to Tiger Muay Thai and got some cool footage of the beginner classes too! Nice to see someone else enjoying their time here🙏🤙

  7. You need to work on pivoting your foot when your kicking to generate more power from your hips but your in the right place to learn that, great work man planning a trip over there soon.

  8. Im going there soon and staying fore a month, Do yo have to stay in the begginers class all the time even if you performance gets better, and do you get the coching you need when the classes are that big? I am new to the sport and i want to get as good as possible in the short time im visiting thailand /greetings from sweden !

  9. Hi, great videos! Did you booked previously the classes, or once you get there? I'm looking forward to go on january 19. Thank you! Best regards

  10. I just started Muay Thai recently and am very very addicted! After watching your videos, I am now 100% going there for 1 month to train MT and BJJ (and do their morning yoga!) most likely around May or June this year! I did some budgeting already and it's actually not too bad! My BJJ coach is there annually and TMT had actually asked him to train BJJ there but he can't leave his family here in Canada! I'm watching more of your videos and going to look through the PDF you spoke about in your previous video to get a better idea of what to expect in terms of expenses! Thank you for making these! Hope I can meet you one day!

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