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Napa Valley Winemaker Michael Trujillo | Trujillo Wines

Napa Valley Winemaker Michael Trujillo | Trujillo Wines

from the Colorado Rockies to the Napa
Valley this talented winemaker has been wrangling amazing wine since the 80s and
now he’s launched his own brand meet Trujillo wines yes well we’re so excited to be here
today so to start with let’s let’s go way back and I understand that you
actually first fell in love with wine and the Napa Valley on spring break it
was a spring break I grew up in Colorado after high school I went to school in
northwestern Colorado and you know being a farm boy and I wasn’t destined to
become a doctor or brain surgeon or anything so I left building I love
creating I love building with my hands so engineering engineering was kind of a
shoo-in for me I was sort of dreaming that I’d be the guy that built that next
skyscraper in Denver some bridge or something like that
I was whiz in school hey luckily I have a mathematical brain where architectural
and engineering all sort of we’d be gather I love to draw my junior year
almost done with my with my journey of you know architectural degree I took off
on a road trip with a bunch of buddies headed west for no other reason than to
hit the ocean and honestly you know probably check out the girls on the
beach and stuff like that but you know you get a bunch of farm boys that show
up and you know Huntington Beach LA it’s it was quite overwhelming so we pull
into Sequoia Grove this is in 1981 so here we are you know I was a junior in
college you know them Bay’s big hair flannel shirts and we pile out GML and
welcomed us with open arms and didn’t farm kids we all jumped out and helped
Jim establish and build and work in the winery we work like auxes that evening
his wife had put together this beautiful spread out and under the stars out on
the lawn and it just as sort of what you see on TV this Napa Valley life and so I
call it my mother and I said you know Mom
I’m going to I promise I’m just gonna take one semester off I just want to
take a take a little more dose of this California thing I like it I Jim Allen
and the family doing treat me well well 37 years I’m still taking that
semester off well I think you did okay for yourself so that’s all right so that
that basically kind of launched you into a world of winemaking now that’s
stretching almost to four decades 37 years yes yes however I didn’t grow
up with a wine culture I mean Colorado where we we grew a lot
of barley for Coors beer my dad farmed about 3,000 acres I grew up on a beer
whiskey sort of culture and why fine wine wasn’t into my veins
through help of Jim Allen my first job in California was actually established
in a vineyard which is today domaine carneros really in EM days back in the
early eighties that was all pasture all cattle all pasture so my first couple
years was actually in the vineyard the most key person in my life and my mentor
is a gentleman named Andre cello Jeff and I started working with him in the
vineyard before I start working with him with wine so it was amazing you know
fast forward a year or two you know more of those dinners under the stars
you’re now enthralled in an appetite lifestyle you’re drinking wine you’re
trying wine and then I just got bit I think I was one of the first winemakers
to take a combination of rutherford valley floor fruit and sort of combine
it with that sort of spice or more intense mountain fruit came known as the
cult wine without the cold price so now you’ve got to the point now your lunch
well you have launched about four years ago you said the trujillo your own label
tell me about kind of the culmination of what that feels like to finally launch
something under your own family name and what that means to you
super exciting you know looking back and mentioning what we just heard about car
Laurens car Lords was a very very fun project very fun run I learned a lot I
met a lot of people in this industry under the time with Carl arts and
Sequoia Grove I probably have made wine from every square mile within Napa
Valley so when it was time for me to go out on my own I had a vision I had an
idea I had a dream of exactly what I wanted to do I wanted I knew which
vineyards I wanted to continue working with and the key word is continue
I knew my style you know in the 90s I knew I’m unique my sells unique I’m very
varietal expressive I have with this oftentime called a little bit more
polished wine rather than a very I mean I’m not over opulent they don’t do that
on purpose I do that on purpose very focused very varietal very fruit forward
texture is rich but not aggressive and uh it’s my style and I’m very proud of
it and I know in my heart that it works cheers to Trujillo line and thank you so
much for sharing with us today oh my pleasure – thank you we have been
following michael Trujillo’s decorated winemaking career for years and so when
we found out he was launching his own wine brand we absolutely knew we wanted
to feature him we are so excited to bring you this opportunity so be sure to
order today and thank you for your support you you

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