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chamatkar sandhu asked dana white a question
about you and i wanna play you this 20 second clip and then get your reaction to it okay? Yeah let’s hear it here’s the clip the
clip july of 2014 dublin ireland here we go that kid makes good money that kid makes really
good money you know and the unfortunate part is he’s not a needle mover his brother is
needle mover. he’s not/ oh that’s cold / that’s cold dana.Ain’t nobody
bad as us, why you mad at us. While we’re smoking cannabis, I could never
have enough. That’s why we stay blunted and keep it a hundred. And don’t tell me shit, I done been there
and done it. You say I’m mean mugging, that’s my stare
down. Take you out at any cost, I really don’t care
how. I could give a fuck less about your reputation. Going against me it’s a different situation. I’ll beat you at your own game with your own
strategy. When the hand goes up, We’ll know who’s the
baddest see. No need to run our mouth, we just walk the
walk. We’ll know who’s the man, if the fight gets
stopped. Everytime I knuckle up, I never doubt none. Always go hard, regardless of the outcome. West to the East Coast, I’m sticking to the
G code. Every muthafuckin round I’m always in beast
mode. On top of my game, there’s nothing I lack
now. Just keep making stacks now, I never will
back down. (Hook) The baddest muthafucka just got crowned. The best pound for pound, every muthafuckin
round. We can take it to the ground or the stand
up, I don’t give a fuck. Catch a 209 slap, with my middle finger up. hook repeat dana white 2019 he’s a need mover now ha ha ha pretty tough to deny

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66 thoughts on “NATE DIAZ | BMF |MIDDLE 🖕 TO THE UFC |

  1. I do not know Nate Diaz personally, however I have followed him and have been a big fan for a few years now. I think a lot of you can agree with me and say that Nate Diaz is not the type of fighter that would be dumb/desperate enough to take any sort of banned substance to give him a competitive edge over Masvidal. Hell even Masvidal put out a tweet saying that himself. Much respect to Masvidal do coming out and say that, he could have talked shit and kicked him while he was down just like the rest of the haters in there division.

    I hope this gets resolved ASAP, if not then I guess that’s the first UFC PPV that I miss this year. Well that and also because I lost my job 😐

    If you guys could help me out with a donation to my cash app me and my 4 yr old boy would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT! My boy (little Nate yes after Nate Diaz lol) has epilepsy and the coolest things is that he has yet to have a seizure while watching a UFC fight! He gets a different kind of excitement but calming feeling.

    Thx for reading guys!

    Cash app $UFCKIDD

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