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New chinese fighting movie with eng subtitle

New chinese fighting movie with eng subtitle

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contact today I saw your CV Your experience is very rich – But the teaching experience…
– actually never taught our school has many problem students
I need an experienced teacher I don’t think it’s suitable for you I can write recommendations for you
you can try it in another school sorry, please wait Fang’s headmaster there is no bonus home hours not settled more salary 2OOO
from the restaurant waiter consider it the cleaning part at the same time I do it at 8 start teaching don’t be late teacher Chen why come here to be a teacher See you later no sleep playing this game
it’s late, let’s change clothes Do not disturb me return it are you serious hey still angry you already Uncle Long, concert tickets replace money what are you doing again show ID card what are you trying to open the bag I want to be late sir already gone hey you pulled over – Breakfast
– No, want to go to school Take snacks yourself
Don’t take it wrong many have younger siblings – Why more siblings
– boy, boy – He will use more
– play favor Grandma, I go to school
I have patched it up already said no need, restaurant
yesterday payday, I can buy again today pay rent the boarding house will be angry again ready – morning students
– morning teacher Liang well, 14 people are in
accordance with the provisions just open one class new semester starts
I have prepared this remember, new semester
just one of your targets good DSE exam
(mandarin HK certificate) home hours 3: 3O the teacher at 3:15 prepares to go home keep the time for you important morning 6B graders good morning Good morning – Already use a packet of MSG
– G what? You know, every season
contains 1OOO-2OOO of sodium this has exceeded the standard
the human body can accept it most sodium will be high blood pressure I suggest 1/3 of the package
after eating, this is saved Who is he? You set new G to A Do .. Perfect – This is good stuff
– You understand the car this car is great top speed 3O7km but the limit is in Hong Kong
it is permitted 11km police ticket for
this year alone is over 1O thousand someday you get SIM must be careful – It’s finished playing
– Don’t bother, townhall wants to break you know, the cellphone is O.27
O.58 radiation level I have attached anti-radiation what’s the use of one side, everything if
no, every 15 minutes take a short break get up Good morning starting today, I’m homeroom
you and your general knowledge teacher my name is Henry Chan I have lived in the USA
my mandarin’s name is Chen Xia Chen who is dust? Certainly not, clan Chen hey he’s got a tattoo – Chen Xia
– This is my cellphone number too long outside
just write country is difficult this is my number, nothing
it’s important not to look for me where is she from? Hello Chen Xia, when you go home why are you this all students welcome to my class new teacher today
what is his name, arrogant First day looking for trouble
Lucky my cellphone is waterproof look dead, bother me to sell breakfast this is not the solution
think about how to finish calm down, he will disappear in a week test this time, you guys
not master well this went home at 1O time remember, everything, recurring notes Next
time you will remember it, let’s share it Meizhen this time the best value so, study with him
don’t understand, ask him hey, look at Zhen she’s
the prettiest in school deserve not to concentrate on him beautiful woman give it this rotten what smell is this – Certainly foul, lots of garbage
– Tell me what students who have bad
grades of great pressure so smoke here lighten up
pressure, how do teachers help – iya, report their teacher
– good value, that’s why You dare report Huang Junjie – Feibo, catch the ball
– good Hey, you’re on purpose
You play football or people want to fight? Not afraid of being fired later don’t tarnish basketball let’s practice let’s last hey your girl hey run away, you walk leisurely need brother advising playing ball doesn’t use eyes aren’t you pretentious isn’t it great, seen
your fans, shame fell him Li Weicong 5 of you go to the office
school rules 1O times on what basis How about this? correctly recorded?
A lot of this I don’t want to have to work later what way is there the teacher has been alone 2O times are finished OK, hurry home bro worm for you – no more overtime
– we’re going thank you Huang’s boss
to school give an assessment we are compared to TakChi High School
well-known schools are losing but our history is long if the education bureau can provide
help, it can certainly be fixed old history, said
others are left behind miss will be removed right? Hey he has come who thinks of a way
This stupid teacher works don’t like my class first question, do you know What is the
chemical composition of the cigarette? Nicotine – You don’t raise your hand
– nicotine – What else
– tar what’s more Carbon monoxide nice You can go are you serious – Of course
– I am right away just go you learn bye I want to go.. I want to go.. I want to go.. I want to go.. I want to go.. I want to go.. I want to go.. I want to go.. I want to go.. I want to go.. Class then remember back on time want to like him? continue boss, let’s go to the room
meeting continue again second question can anyone tell me, one
cigarettes in what form I know Guan Qi… Cheng Paper tobacco pieces
burnt and filter correct The cigarette is formed with 3 parts Paper tobacco pieces
burnt and filter filters are in particular? Definitely made of cotton nonsense The filter is empty
half-hearted made from tobacco paper the filter has a strange hole why weird found it according to wikipedia This filter hole can enter fresh air can reduce most suction
nicotine and harmful substances here it’s not written weird just lie to us I’m not lying but
cigarette businessmen lie to you Li Weicong, try practicing
how to smoke for them Is it true? Enough can sit Li Weicong was practicing with that
finger clamping this little hole This pin can handle the incoming air then the nicotine you suck is different
with the one described in the package you will be addicted addicted, you will buy again buy it anyway, why you know, the whole world
6 big cigarette businessmen annual turnover of USD 35O million – Is it true?
– This is a lot numbers here tell us
every cigarette you suction lift short 14 minutes of your life those who smoke don’t fear death dead doesn’t matter all will die the bad thing, dead is unclear, right? Teacher once discussed science,
later economics, later philosophy really don’t understand this teacher teaches what teach us until everything
doesn’t understand not all don’t understand but tell you not to
everyone doesn’t understand must use brain analysis
don’t be lied to the more there is knowledge
increasingly empowered to judge this knowledge is strength knowledge is power I don’t want to
you understand everything I want you guys
there is power to judge It’s really amazing, you are a few years
old this is almost no successful college 2 years ago, you were very students
less, total not up to 5O the education bureau thinks
your condition next year, students if not enough we decide to stop for help namely the school seal Huang’s boss can be an education bureau
give our school this relief Good luck well, lunch time goes home but the cigarettes I shared
You must return it return, go away you smoke outside me
don’t care, but here is school I hope you respect
I confiscated this cigarette boss – will come again
– hei come here like cola huh this bottle is easy to fall Caution playing games doesn’t use eyes What is this, what does that mean
I was beaten up – Why, want to fight
– ayo Do not be noisy when a child is old, parents don’t teach
don’t fight in a public place oh yeah forget, you even
some don’t have parents Tell me what want to fight I fight the police again you’re looking for dead headmaster no need to say, to your 5 graders
those involved in a fight will be fired don’t hit again don’t hit again don’t hit again step aside don’t hit again stop it stop, don’t move he laughed at me no mother indeed laughing you don’t have a mother say again don’t hit again quiet no matter who is right who is wrong,
the point is to fight it is not true what’s the point of saying this 2 of our classes have a fight only 5 of us were fired Why? Because this world is not fair already completed? Are you emotional? You’re great if you think this world is unfair From now on,
this school in this class be your true self,
prove it to all, you can teacher Liang here are 5 books of repentance this is the last chance
your school thinks for yourself I put it here all students return to study again not tired of standing up
so long, let’s go let.. Fast back to study, fast teacher Liang, eat instant noodles
not good for health thank you teacher Chen, I think you will be used (Teacher teaching) thank you (Note 6B class students) my name is Xiang Zufa,
the name is Fayaz Ahan hometown in pakistan, Karachi I was born in Hong Kong
so I’m a Hong Kong citizen since I was a kid I love to sing but every on stage
just started laughing when you are young with pleasure
I stand on the stage just started singing all laughed it turns out they were laughed at
my mandarin is very fitting because of skin color,
all look at me this is weird even think we are skin
black is a criminal actually, the time of my grandfather
this has come to Hong Kong already entered your culture I hope I can become a singer when I sing no one laughs at me my name is Wang Denan at birth, my father said no
problem, my woman still dear later it will be born again after 5 years my sister was born say the two are dear
obviously clearly likes men so since childhood, me
hate myself this woman long time ago my hair
already cut short humans want to move the planet
but my family is like an ancient family I always don’t like it
have ever really paid attention to me I think I like playing Barbie I actually like the car the most I hope someday I can
be a great driver my name is Guan Qixian I remember when I was little, my mother went
there who uses a gold watch standing in front do you not come back again you two don’t bother me since that day I lost the house but I found a more interesting place this place, if you lose
it can be repeated again not as cruel as the real world actually do things
anything will mean even in this place
can be number 1 in this world My name is Guan Qicheng
I’m twin with my sister don’t sleep at home
there is no more beer I help buy it I am born with less focus often lose focus plus my father each
drunk and craze day just have a problem
how do I study let’s just play the game I’m lucky to find a meal
can I focus again – When learning is useful
– Don’t play anymore, eat help me buy beer I am determined to learn
good want to be a big boss get a lot of money
and wing it out no need to rely on this drunk dad Li Weicong and children
it’s a fight, it’s wrong but that doesn’t mean we have to give up as a teacher if you give up, isn’t it
they give up more on him education bureau every year
from the value of getting results and determine the level of our school if you don’t want it to be sealed, then rely
on it Huang Junjie, this superior student when a general exam can
get good grades if in Hong Kong only
there are 2O% students can go to college then what other 8O% give up? This 8O% is forming this 2O% we said this education
not teach students how to test want to provide guidelines for
can choose their own way but this age is getting
high grades and good school so students have pressure
I also have pressure the atmosphere of the community is not good
does not mean we must follow it in my opinion, we are in the field
education must have faith everything can be taught can all be useful this is the mission of our school late again it doesn’t say it will be on time fast work where is our drink give this table first Zhang’s boss is really great Luo, the king of boxers Welcome Hello, all sit boss Zhang did not become a boxer in vain Zhang boss is great Mr. Luo is good at talking Simon see this land is good, there is a time
ahead, luxury homes can be built here is a TakChi school – Where is that
– know this school to the end
this year will be sealed after being sealed, we can
buy and get back up but here are many small shop stores this is the number of letters
obviously you know what to do boss likes, of course it doesn’t matter cheers hey another bottle advanced… win win You won a lot of boss Zhang – You can get a degree again
– Of course, I can hey slowly softly, bro remember boss Zhang, tomorrow
9 o’clock practice boxing bye bye, until tomorrow borrow matches tell you to steal? Wake up, my boss stuff you dare steal beat you dead you dare beat me – Your mother doesn’t teach you
– If it hits me You are fierce too what is your name what is your business for you Li Weicong, TakChi school don’t study with
well why be a waiter if you want to make money come along
I want this, buy it myself Brother Long, count your concert ticket Hello I want to find your Xiang Zufa his mother yes I’m the teacher – Is it true
– Where is he – I thought he was outside
– I’m looking for it – Nice to meet you
– nice to meet also the teacher – not a sheet
– sheets – hei you took it out
– You are why what is not What is this I want to watch watch, you know what one ticket Long brother, help me chase him rancid boy do not run teacher Chen – I am looking for you
– please they are crowded Sorry teacher Chen why Lend this later, give it back
Teacher Chen is fast, they come – Why do you take this
– stand behind What happen.. What’s wrong say slowly what’s wrong say slowly what’s wrong hey boy, are you looking
outsiders against your father sorry, apparently misunderstood – You for one ticket
– I want to hear the song, then steal it ever thought about going on stage singing I hate going on stage – afraid?
– Iya my song is better
from the singer – Seriously
– correct How could it be
really not afraid then sing here – in this
– iya Is it true? – Already
– For example, I used to if I can you can buddy, let me sing thank you 321, start I can just wait let’s turn to you, let’s my beer runs out who is buying buy it yourself Tell me what you buy – I do not want
– I work hard for you guys just don’t work a little a week you work 2 days when you don’t get drunk buy or not don’t see me for homework don’t buy then don’t work again if great don’t come back again Mr. Guan, Mr. Guan I am the homeroom teacher
of your two children Why? something is not understood you can? The answer to this problem is 27X-Y=36 why am I stupid you’re smart, you teach me don’t know you when school
what are you doing this one X 35=29 dare dude me stupid please father why bother your sister studying – you
– What? Grooming tools You don’t know, this woman
must be grooming respect tomorrow afternoon my friend eats eat what you need to groom boss Zhu wants to introduce
his child to you young people, many friends are not good consider accompanying your
father just doing business I don’t want this to be very ancient since when did you make it
my decision has been promised already husband, he will go not emotion don’t know what his mind is learning is not good do you know You graduated from school, you can
get married and be a casual mistress many women don’t want to
can you still not leave brother might still want to go to school there is a university willing to accept him you don’t take care of your brother
you study well Overcoming the next semester exam if you can study at
boston I’ve calmed down study brother, you can really dress up can’t study Your brother is back again your count can be 1OO
next time I am sure I can get another one sure What happened to you brother said study teacher Chen Wang Denan, finally found you what are you doing I brought my father’s car
just go around in parking, can you? First, you break the law second, you don’t have a license
third, I don’t think your dad knows correct? – I really want to drive
– good do you want to drive? OK are you ready? your turn of course, you don’t play with me there are people but not me who you? I fight with you if you win, later
do what I don’t care about if you lose, you must
good learning and marriage not a lot of business I definitely can’t get married start you win keep promises what promise you think you’re great You just turn it around you steal my steering wheel
I have not yet calculated if you can drive out
then discuss with me good hey kid, you’re satisfied playing yet I know that driving is very serious not for play You told me to drive
I’ve heard you this can’t you know, this is very dangerous finally you pay attention to me I pay attention to this car
broken must replace a lot later don’t care about me hey stop father boy where are you not want to upset you I love you worried about you You think I am angry I’m not I love you, bro do not be angry daddy will listen to you hear not kid answer me don’t blame daddy get out quickly crying so sad for whom You’re not good at it why, you’re fine – sick
– You were worse off very dangerous why don’t you see it first really makes me worried I’m fine as bad as this all right fine actually who wins
Who is the loser? Son’s father too yes, lose, don’t blame me you don’t care about you dangerous things happen
this is just the test Is it true? this is just an exam
You have to change this car You take my card to help swipe thank you teacher Chen
leave dad to you I go first bye, you go home by taxi hey kid, stop you’re fine chasing Wait Guan Qicheng, he went up already already late Wait for me fast teacher Chen play us? School plan only
we are a rehabilitation center Hello, we are from TakChi School TakChi school teacher Chen has arranged all students in that, Mr. Guan he joined the stop drinking program
we, you can talk to him Please – morning, Mr. Guan
– morning Mr. Guan, there is anyone in your house there are 2 wives divorced is it related to you drinking first drink because the wife is another man drink this for drunk drunk don’t want to wake up I never thought, once
this drunk for decades decades? then your child – they don’t care about me
– You don’t care about them or they don’t care about you, Mr. Guan – I do not know
– Do not know how to be a father I know if I don’t stop
I will regret it for life I’ve lost a lot I don’t want to end up
my two children just don’t exist then you want to say
what on your two children we have no communication I do not understand
communication with them I planned after that
they grow up explain to them why mom left now they are adults but
we have no topic to speak if there is a chance I want to say Daddy really loves you very much father is guilty of you guilty in children really sorry Selling Gut Acrylic AC 80,90,100 CM
Pangkalpinang, Bangka WA 0896-6023-3702 finished coffee, take it yourself boss again wait fast Ying’s brother your coffee Ying’s brother not sick, again delicious one more song good Chopin Nocturne coffee whichever you are I’m not used to drinking coffee aren’t you used to it? Okay when you are this big I just fart correct until I understand one theory only then what do you do this? Fist must be hard let These Caucasians are my invited boxing king he is famous people bet he wins I receive I said don’t win he pretends to me You are smart. You know what to do take it this can die I don’t want to be jailed this object was used by
Caucasians during the war called Mydocalm eat the most seizures for a while even say don’t understand take
try at home, it won’t matter this is up, a lot of money for you There are people? Let – Who are you looking for
– I am the homeroom teacher, Li Weoicong you are her grandmother yes, what is your family Chen’s price Teacher Chen let’s go sit down .. Teacher Chen doesn’t mind sitting in bed
No, no grandmother again for what just a little work this is a white orchid flower this is enough to spend time I can’t do anything this helps reduce home expenses long stay here with Weicong yes It’s been a long time, subsidized house
the government has yet to turn Cong 5 years to Hong Kong the year was an accident his parents died the rest of us but Cong is smart and kind You know, he’s every day at
school gets praise from the teacher look at it His friend is usually not much just look at the photo alone after school usually
he goes to work side lately there? Every day he works in a restaurant later it seems to change
to the boxing practice area he doesn’t want me to be difficult my health is not good I worry about him What’s up today is looking for me
Is there a problem in school? Yes What happened today comes .. Help school get it
Weicong scholarship to you Cong is very kind and smart thank you teacher Chen
have educated well don’t thank Cong this is great Yes, he is great – There’s this grandchild, I’m happy
– I help – You teacher, you don’t have to
– I am also great does this not? Yes it looks like you tonight
already prepared Champagne to celebrate toast, in 3 rounds first round I help you profit a lot stronger, let’s How does it feel hello king boxing just joke thank you for your water scared, son What is this? Shut up what do you say shut up it’s not your turn to talk drink you take me out shut up everyone, let’s prepare for war let’s get money easily can the first round finish? This one should be easy sorry for disturbing I am looking for my student young man, Li Weicong’s name
this high, 16 years old this is all here You don’t have to be here if I am you
turned away immediately hey, I’m not looking for a problem I am looking for my student
and bring it home this thing is expensive almost my wear
and my partner is missing millions teacher Chen, save me teacher Chen you just go home anyone calling an ambulance? No problem do you hurt? Like the game right? First round I told you the first round call an ambulance police officers, those who told me
to put drugs. I – You said not you really not me Who is it, then this child and the teacher who did it you’re right teacher yes Your wound is like that bullet hole just being a teacher is so dangerous police lord, he told me
I put medicine, not me he opened the betting market don’t be careless where can I put medicine I am the biggest loss this dressing room already
how much compensation want to find this problem, come back
to the police station with me well, I told you overtime tonight no.. I’m losing, you’re busy
he wants to go to school I don’t worry can we go? Can buddy, return his ID card Thank you, Mr. Police, let’s go right he forced me to do it Street You are not yet 18 years old
someone must guarantee you police officer, my house
there is only a grandmother I can’t let him know I guarantee him who are you I am the homeroom teacher no problem You want your grandmother to be happy learn good, who
the hardest is parents teacher Chen, I’m new
change now whether it’s late class at 8 am don’t be late already know exactly on time oh yeah, why are you great I’m where your great grandmother is great – I can’t push, help him
– I walked first grandmother, I help why are you here? Why are you accidentally fell You are not careful last night a high school teacher with
dare to break through the boxing room and already in series
with the MMA Boxing king this teacher used to be a member
from the USA navy great isn’t it still not enough when he was young, he was
students from TakChi school he is teacher Chen Xia teacher Chen, right teacher Chen it deserves to be so great
turns out to be an army The army taught this for the first time and is our elder brother who knows teacher Chen when
what school is like uncle certainly remembered always skipping, if
his school must be troublesome see the nose of the head carving
the school is ruined him that year, he was already
broken all graduation ceremony events who Chen Xia, why are you Chen Xia, you dare to be troubled do not run Chen Xia Chen Xia meet me to the office my hand Chen Xia, you’re making trouble again teacher, you remember me
he’s the most naughty in school there is a moment lost, it turns out
the headmaster was released sorry Mrs. Chen Chen
Xia was taken out of school Headmaster he can’t be taught my poor brother died
his young father also ran away I am the aunt
can not care about him my husband and I will soon
bring him immigration to the USA hey you see what you want to try you’re just the source of the problem this is the army letter
I wrote for military school I recommend Chen Xia to
USA study at military school if a day he can’t learn the rules a day he won’t
on the right track consider it lucky the principal advised not
report the police, just get you out if not, don’t
please go to USA with me get there, you take care of yourself
no time to care about you let arrive in the USA be a good child you can do it I heard him on a recommendation
and has become a soldier be a soldier anytime
can lose lives why doesn’t he become a soldier again and return to TakChi teaching some say war for peace let generation
then you can grow healthy but I see just lose your mind
healthy that continues to damage Street Street my daughter is gone where he is he is on the battlefield go first I look for him Selling Gut Acrylic AC 80,90,100 CM
Pangkalpinang, Bangka WA 0896-6023-3702 something for the sake of trying life but the cruel is
how much you work will still see the number
casualties actually what is the meaning in this life I decided on time
leave it for yourself back again to recognize this world long life adventure I’m from the west
this world goes east all the way I guess
there is an eagle following me I see the eagle, how much
far he flies and high he will return to his original place
and expand let the new generation at this time I understand apparently what I want to go from the
initial place is not telling me to give up I want to find my own way TakChi school is the beginning of you I hope you return to teach good good keeping
seperguruanmu’s younger brother morning teacher Chen morning the principal morning teacher Chen morning teacher Chen let’s take a photo handsome huh Morning Bin teacher – Teacher
Chen, don’t think you’re a fighter my breakfast is treat
the afternoon you treat enter learning ready a few days no meet let’s learn brother and sister good morning already let’s sit studying who gave me an apple you work the teacher is there poison Teacher Chen I treat this apple again, bye why, the teacher can’t eat apples Who knows I know, here 6.3OO.OOO wrong, last chance – you
– 7.34O.OOO correct the next question – I haven’t asked
– not a teacher, I want to pee Go, hurry let’s continue Li Weicong soon the final exam will be
how to prepare if there is no understanding
whenever I can ask he is often broken teacher Chen too strong your strength
add another bottle for you I want to borrow your way
teach this for coffee photos – I treat food most of the time
– I don’t have a definite answer no need, actually I want to recognize students more when teaching will be more interesting – What do you think you want to eat
– good See you tomorrow bye bye – bye bye
– Hurry home do you think, if you succeed in the exam
incoming filter, what are you going to take of course my engineering part
want to fix all famous cars need to ask? I certainly take music for the sake of making a game
by myself I want to take lT what are you laughing at
Why are you silent – I want to be a teacher
– What I want to be a teacher – You can’t
– I’m not as good as you I want to enter a business university good
at doing business and making lots of money this is difficult DSE must have at least 2 full values we are 5 added
value is not enough why not, you think I am like you what do you say say one more time good four of you I want smart medicine smart medicine? Ritalin there is a doctor’s prescription no Other times don’t forget to bring it
thank you All students, the test begins actually this is an experimental test
results are not important the important thing is later
all must keep trying teacher Chen, why is my grade 49
you add 1 to me Li Weicong got a score of 49
I add 1 more value one of the questions is regarding the manuscript from Mr.
Yin Haiguang what is the meaning in life ABCD he did not choose he added one option E grow in making mistakes his answer is very praiseworthy great tozz brother, how much are you almost the same as you guys – almost how much that is
– iya, it’s so mysterious how many times almost the same look at this mine
how to answer it no good business value starting today, after
go home I help you learn Okay thank you teacher Chen you really don’t go to school I’m not healthy, help me get permission well I’m going bye Xian Why – Why
– No, school bye bye (sorry, I’ve tried) doctor the patient has passed a critical period because he consumes drugs
Ritalin’s excessive soul so while you can’t realize yourself we want to watch him a few more moments later a child who committed
suicide occurred sorry Ma directors the director should not because the media has
enlarge the problem already quickly make a decision want to change schools is also not
now it can be done this accident can’t
blamed to the teacher, Madame He… I am against all the teachers in
the teaching process is very sure I hope the media can provide
our school is a little space let us handle this the number of children suicidal is getting higher
related parties have accused him of going to school many comment on
education in Hong Kong in fact.. We continue to receive input
and will continue to improve this time the case was killed
yourself from TakChi school I think this is a personal case us after checking
this is finding facts how to educate them from their homeroom
teacher maybe related to this case we will hold a
questioning this teacher hope to find it
the reason for this problem teacher Chen, this time the goal is to test
Are you still entitled to become a teacher you often don’t teach
according to subjects this way of educating you has a difference
very large with our education bureau the media now has news, you
have participated in a fight As a teacher, you don’t even
can take care of your life – how to teach students
– You have only been teaching for a year there have been students killed
yourself how do you explain no, I have no explanation I don’t think you need to spend time
discuss whether I can be a teacher or not Is it true? 2O1419 cases 2O15 33 cases 2O16, there were 33 cases
in the previous 8 months Hong Kong every year
student who committed suicide what do you think is the problem
this appears from the student .. Or from parents or from teachers or the way we educate ourselves do we have to spend
time to discuss how to avoid things
same again happened again try opening page 3O this third question
can be more easily understood teacher Chen is back teacher Chen where are you step aside .. Teacher Chen where is teacher Chen where is teacher Chen teacher Chen Sudha leaves this big case can indeed stay teacher Chen teacher Chen teacher Chen don’t go teacher Chen teacher Chen teacher Chen fast back to learning do not go don’t go teacher Chen don’t go teacher Chen remember, you can do it I can’t let him go fast teacher Chen .. This monkey can be taught finally made himself
loss of a job how good do it do
useless, for what sake teacher Chen .. Try to think of what ways the teacher can
Chen can be our homeroom teacher again now the public actually says teacher Chen
are evil teachers, bad effects on you then you must leave the public
know that teacher Chen is a good teacher so whatever the DSE exam is
this year must get good grades problems in school teachers can handle you don’t worry
enough good learning there is a problem remember to ask me your parents calm down calm down first listen to me listen to me I don’t expect a parent meeting
today can change your thinking but I have the right to request a
fair answer for TakChi school no need to say backwards don’t go parents, bro
TakChi can reach this day As a principal I must be responsible
the biggest answer but I beg you
spend a little time listen to our teacher’s opinion
towards teaching teaching processes after hearing you still don’t
there is confidence in the TakChi school I am Lin Guoqiang willing to leave
forever from the world of education now parents can see this diagram this is the direction of teaching
from our TakChi school we are at the center
results from students as the motto in this field will encourage them in the subject will give
they are the right way in order to be a good student if we are as teachers
give up on students students will not increase
surrender to him we are in education
this must have faith everything can be taught
so everything is useful this is the mission of our school you in subjects
Britain has a problem, just ask there is a problem also do not ask
You are in the field of sports I teach sports because
I like the time back today I am more
likes to help your lessons I used to be a major major
England, help you face DSE this one is grammar wrong this is “the” not “a” let’s change – Sorry
– Let’s read together “to be or not to be,
that is the question” “to be or not to be,
that is the question” “Bravity is Soul of We Tea” “Bravity is Soul of We Tea” if TakChi school students take the exam
DSE can get good grades seems to get it
greater attention they will successfully pass this problem hear no our project can no longer be withdrawn boss how I calmly handle it this is what you say TakChi school, you don’t
said I would handle it too help me get Chen Xia’s number you just came see gru Chen no He said at 1 where is it no, the whole school no one don’t know where Teacher Chen is where else in the classroom – the bottom isn’t there either
– Wait in class how, have found no, not found How or we don’t test first
I am afraid that I did not have time we just walk first wait 5 more minutes Yes, teacher Chen is on time
we send another message for him yes, only 5 minutes my message sent students all today you don’t need an exam anymore way, why is it so slow hey don’t smoke in school Street the cellphone is handed over fast leave it careful heart broken get us out we want the exam hey don’t let go of us report the police police report, there are still cellphones What solution do you have, boss – Can how else
– wait until when the exam is about to begin wait for me to fight with them you are right joke schools cannot smoke it’s teacher Chen all of you how OK, be careful behind now teach you class
last time protect yourself let’s go forward up there great you don’t test again fast Hurry up Hurry up Weicong exam card die me you why are you here You also want to break my hand like breaking my right hand I don’t owe you Chen Xia my hand Luo Jianying’s student
who won taekwondo main champion student Chen Xia student Chen Xia Luo’s students besides being able to
2nd place from Taekwondo he is also the first champion
in piano competition don’t often practice piano
boxing practice more often now so embarrassed see what else the hands have broken still want to join the road competition Luo Jianying TakChi school is not you decide You used to damage my dream here now whatever you don’t expect Selling Gut Acrylic AC 80,90,100 CM
Pangkalpinang, Bangka WA 0896-6023-3702 you like to teach now I teach you this world only talks about money
power, and who is more cruel actually I always want to find you I know I’m in debt
one word to you Sorry I really like playing piano hearing test starts immediately now immediately turn Yin Haiguang life must have dreams if not, this life
isn’t it very poor now we have dreams but after being in the community
maybe different at that moment, all chase
each dream all pressure and exams will cause your big dreams
saved again this is reality
who gave us the test our dream us to reality, goodness
and beauty will disappear anywhere in the world can we survive is on this key now is the time to test us grandmother grandmother grandmother grandmother why is it so tired What (notification of home turn) we can move correct new house he stopped Police, I don’t know anything I want to ask, when you have a new song we all like listening to you sing well, I immediately recorded hurry up What is this yours (application for SLM exam) What are you looking at finished breakfast we submit the request your car after a new license is allowed to drive Thank you dad don’t play my face becomes oily sister later you will list the exam
work father can’t go you eat this full for me my father promised me next year
can successfully enter the filter screen you say yes Huang’s boss long awaited no.. Does the education bureau decide
school aid funds have not changed Sorry the education firm decided
cancel your request I think school can do anything so that
the education bureau can change this… the education bureau has decided to
consider school requests next year you are still
add 2O% extra funds again and also and the toilet and AC were repaired
every time a sweat comes hurry up, month 9
it’s been a new school year well understand yes morning students all morning teacher Liang want to give a trial test we already have this is extra curricular exit registration the teacher hopes you go to school besides the
exam want to know also you guys really like what there must be a lot of
activities outside of know morning teacher Bin starting today, call me teacher’s boss if it’s not good it will
there is a severe punishment the principal here announces,
Your room’s AC has been repaired so when school wear sweaters
do not get cold or get sick all students welcome to my classWwW.ZoCine.CoM
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